Difference Between Air Beds and Camping Beds

Camping is one of the most adventurous vacations in everybody’s life. Ensuring a good night sleep is quite essential for gaining the best experience.

If you don’t want any body ache or stress and want to wake up energetic, then choosing a perfect camp bedding is a crucial choice.

Campers need to make the best choice out of all the available camp bedding options in the market. According to their comfort zones, which would allow the campers to get a good sleep outdoors.

Although various types of bed are available in the market, first have a look at two main bed options available. These options are easily available and feasible as well.

Air Beds vs Camping Beds

The difference between air beds and camping beds is that air beds require constant air pump inflation, whereas camping beds do not need any such methods or external factors for their sustenance.

The use of Air beds is dynamic and available in various sizes. Camping beds come only in a single size and can not be customised as per the requirements.

Air Beds vs Camping Beds

Air beds can be customised and come for a bunch of people in various sizes like King-size, double, single. The beds should be lightweight to make them travel friendly.

This is where Air beds surpass Camping beds. Air beds have less weight and they can be carried as a backpack. On contrary, camping beds are bulky and are most suitable for camping in cars only.

Both air beds and camping beds are raised off from the earth surface. Thus, they are not that warm as they do not undergo insulation. Air beds are placed closest to the earth.

On the other side, camping beds are placed at a height of 50-60 cms above the ground. Thus, the in-and-out of the camping beds is trouble-free.

Comparison Table

Parameters of comparisonAir BedsCamping Beds
Weight And CustomizationLight weight and can be carried easily, can be customisedHeavy weight, suitable for car camping, can’t be customised
Variabiliy Available in various sizes according to preferenceOnly one-size is available
TextureSoft and cosy feeling like sleeping on airStrong and sturdy, not suitable for everyone
Price RangeInexpensive and budget friendlyBit pricey
Comfort LevelHighly comfortable for body achesCan affect and make sleep uncomfortable

What are Air Beds?

Survey says that among campers, Air Beds are a common choice. Air beds are budget-friendly and are available in an inexpensive price range.

They are extremely comfortable, which increases their demand in the market. Air Beds are generally known as an air mattress because it feels like sleeping on air.

The mattress with the force exerted by air supports the weight lying on it. This feature makes it different from other available coil or foam systems available in the market.

A supportive air pump is needed to fill up the air into the inflatable mattress. It is very travel-friendly, as after deflation when folded, it turns into a small compact size. Air beds are available in king-size, double and single sizes too.

The various size available makes less hectic while travelling with family or friends. Built-in pillow and blanket are also available which can be carried and transported easily after deflation.

Air beds have some loopholes too. They are prone to little holes and puncture. These tiny holes deflate the mattress slowly while sleeping.

While sleeping, the air beds give you a bouncy feeling, because of the transforming of the air pressure. However, the air bed can be customised as per the requirements.

Based on the sleeping preferences, the beds are made soft, firm, tight or plush.

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What are Camping Beds?

Camping beds are often called camping stretchers. They are featured as fold-out designs. To support the body weight, other fabrics and especially durable canvas are stretched tightly across the aluminium frame.

The frame is raised just 18-22 inches above the ground, moving from the bed easily accessible.

They are not capable of providing “not so” comfortable sleep, as they are sturdy and strong. Campers generally prefer camping beds as a table or for sitting purposes.

They are not the best beds to have a good sleep. Along with being sturdy and strong, they are a little bit bulky and heavy too.

They are almost soundproof and provides space underneath for storage purposes. Bags or several camping gears can be kept beneath. It can easily be folded and carried to the campsite in your vehicle.

The use of camping beds is versatile.

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Main Differences Between Air Beds and Camping Beds

  1. Air Beds can be customised according to individuals preference, however Camping beds can’t be customised.
  2. Air beds are light weight and are travel friendly, whereas Camping beds can be too hectic to carry due to heavy weight.
  3. Air beds are available in various sizes as per people’s requirements, unlike Camping beds, which are available in one size.
  4. Air Beds are budget friendly, whereas camping beds can be a bit costly.
  5. Camping Beds are suitable only for Car camping, but Air beds are suitable for any kind of camping.
Difference Between Air Beds and Camping Beds


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