Camping Stretcher vs Air Mattress: Difference and Comparison

Campers find it difficult to sleep at night. This is mainly because of the lack of the right sleeping mattress. Of course, the tents are comfortable to fit you in and also offer warmth. But an appropriate bed-like structure will be of immense help.

There are two types available in the market. One is the Camping stretcher, and the other is the Air Mattress. The purpose of both is the same. However, they are a lot different in terms of preference and functionality.

Key Takeaways

  1. Camping stretchers are elevated, portable beds with sturdy frames and fabric surfaces.
  2. Air mattresses are inflatable sleeping surfaces made of PVC or similar materials.
  3. Camping stretchers provide more support and stability, while air mattresses offer greater comfort and insulation.

Camping Stretcher vs Air Mattress

A camping stretcher is a cot-like platform that can be folded and expanded, made with a canvas supported by metal frames on all sides and elevated from the ground with legs. An air mattress is a sleeping aid made from rubber that requires to be pumped before use and can be placed on the ground.

Camping Stretcher vs Air Mattress

A Camping stretcher is a cot-like structure that can be expanded from its folded and packed version. The entire unit is made from high-quality canvas, and it is supported by metal frames on all four sides. Also, these camping stretchers are elevated from the ground due to the presence of legs.

An Air Mattress is a sleeping aid that can be placed on the ground. It can fit easily fit inside a small tent as well. Ideally, they are made from rubber. You can fill the air using a mouth or hand/foot electrical pump. A few varieties of air mattresses come with air prefilled.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonCamping StretcherAir Mattress
Height from GroundCamping Stretchers are well above the ground, 2 to 3 feet.Air Mattresses are just above the ground.
Materials UsedCamping Stretcher is made from canvas and metal railings.Air Mattress is a simple sleeping aid made out of plastic or even rubber.
Cushion EffectCamping Stretcher comes with padding options.You can inflate the air mattress with more or less air which in turn makes the cushion experience.
PortabilityIt is easy to carry, however not as easy as the Air Mattress.Air Mattress is very comfortable for trekking purposes.
Storage SpaceMoreLess

What is Camping Stretcher?

If you are planning for an undisturbed sleep during your adventure tour, a camping stretcher is the best option. It comfortably elevates you from the rocky ground and allows you to sleep peacefully. Moreover, the elevated design of the stretcher makes it easy for anyone to get in and get out.

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There are different types of camping stretchers. They all differ in sleeping comfort. But the material used to make these structures are similar. While the camping stretcher is originally made flat with a canvas sheet fixed to the metal rods on the 4 sides, you may find different stretchers these days.

The narrow, flat canvas bed part is replaced by a padded, cushioned, and sturdy base. The sleeping base is widened too. The best camping stretcher must be a combination of

  1. Portability
  2. Comfortable to sleep

Some stretchers can also be used to sit. The terrain that you may place the cot might be irregular. Getting a camping stretcher with adjustable legs is highly advised. The best part is that modern-day stretchers have a different modification that suits people’s requirements.

The material that was used before is also replaced with water-resistant material. Polyester bedding comfort offers a great night’s sleep too. Modern manufacturers have made the life of campers a bit easy.

You may also find such stretchers with carrying bags. This shall enable you to fold and place it inside the bag, making it very easy to carry as well.

camping stretcher

What is Air Mattress?

This is a very good sleeping aid during your trekking holiday. The inflatable Air Mattress can be filled with air to make it an expanded bed for you to sleep during the night. It is packed inside the backpack. You can inflate it as and when you require sleep or rest.

The Air Mattress lies just above the ground. That means to say, there is not much protection from the irregular terrain. The air mattresses are made from a high-quality material that withstands a rough environment too.

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It is relatively very easy to carry as it can be folded into a size of a handkerchief too. The high-end mattresses come with a hand pump that helps inflate the mattress. It is also replaced with electrical pumps these days. This lessens your effort even to blow air inside the Air Mattress.

You may also find varieties of such sleeping aids. Air Mattresses come in varied sizes. You may also come across such mattresses with pillows attached.

The most important factor that makes people purchase Air Mattresses is the price. Yes, it is relatively less expensive than other sleeping aids like Self-inflatable mattresses or even the camping stretcher.

air mattress

Main Differences Between Camping Stretcher and Air Mattress

  1. The main difference between Camping Stretcher and Air mattresses is the material with which they are made. The Camping stretcher is more or less flexible, as well as a rigid structure that is made from polyester, and a metal railing is used in the corners. Air Mattress is made out of plastic or rubber.
  2. The storage space occupied by the Camping stretcher is more as compared to Air Mattresses.
  3. The cushioning is made as you purchase padded camping stretchers. In contrast, Air Mattresses can be filled with appropriate air to create cushion comfort.
  4. The camping stretcher is well elevated from the ground, while Air Mattresses are just above the ground.
  5. The Camping stretcher is highly durable when compared to Air Mattresses.
Difference Between Camping Stretcher and Air Mattress

Last Updated : 17 July, 2023

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