Futon vs Mattress: Difference and Comparison

The futon and mattress are known for our comfort. While the futon is introduced in Japan and this is mainly used by them and is new for us. The bed is very common and is so comfortable in sleeping as it contains coiled springs.

Key Takeaways

  1. Futons are versatile, serving as seating and sleeping surfaces, making them ideal for small spaces.
  2. Mattresses provide greater comfort and support for long-term sleep, promoting better rest and overall health.
  3. Futons are more affordable and easier to transport than traditional mattresses, offering cost and convenience advantages.

Futon vs Mattress

The difference between a futon and a mattress is that a futon was introduced in Japan, and it can be rolled, and it can be converted into a sofa in the daytime and easily converted into a bed at the night while a mattress has permanent space and is used for sleeping only.

Futon vs Mattress

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The futon is a thin mattress unrolled on the floor and used as a bed. This is on the floor as there is no risk of falling from it at night.

And there is no storage under it as this is on the floor. These are available in standard sizes and king sizes too.

The mattress is defined as a thick futon with permanent space, and a risk of falling from the mattress. This is established at some height.

It has under-bed storage so that we can store some stuff there. These are available in standard sizes and king sizes too.

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison FutonMattress  
Components It consists of natural cotton, feathers, or wool.It can be rolled and moulded easily 
Breathability These are highly breathable and are made of cottonThese have breathability issues.
Flexibility It can be rolled and molded easily It has a permanent structure that can not be rolled
Back supportIt has less back support as the thickness is less It has good back support as this is thick 
Bounce These are laid on the floor because there is no bounce.This has bounciness in it because they have coiled springs filling.

What is Futon?

The futon is known as the thin mattress that is unrolled on the floor and used as a bed. It is also called bedroll. And this is mainly seen in Japanese movies. It is also used as a sofa that can be converted into a bed.

Americans also use this as they know the use of this. They use bunk beds which have a bottom bunk known as a futon. This is mainly seen as a sofa-to-bed converter, and is available in many sizes. 

The futon is flexible and versatile and is found very useful to people. These were introduced in the 19th century in Japan.

These are designed to roll and store easily during day and back to the standard form at night to be used for sleeping. Japanese people use this futon for a long time while this is a new thing for us.

The futons are filled with feathers or wool as we use feathers and wool for stuffing because they can be easily rolled into a small form factor. The outer part of the futon is made of cotton.

And the interior part also has that, which makes it breathable. The material is used is breathable because if it is not, then we may experience sweaty or itchy sleep which would not be a good experience.


What is Mattress?

The mattress is filled with materials like cotton, and foam, or there can be an arrangement of springs and coil. These mattresses are widely used for sleeping. Futon and mattress are not synonyms of each other.

As this can not be rolled or can be folded. It is only made for sleeping and has a permanent space for it. However, mattresses are not used as a futon.

The mattress is thicker than a futon and is available in different forms according to our needs and what we seek. This has a long time capability.

These were introduced in the 1600s, while the spring mattress was not introduced earlier. The spring technology was introduced in beds to give a better experience in sleeping.

And now, with the mattress, we include pillows, memory foam, innerspring, and other more comfortable things, as we love our comfort when it comes to sleeping. Therefore the quality of the mattress is improving day by day.

Before 2000 the mattress was stuffed with staws, the hair of horses, and other things so that the comfort level increases. So the innerspring mattress was introduced, which gives great comfort to people.

full mattress

Main Differences Between Futon and Mattress

  1. Futon consists of natural cotton, feathers, or wool, whereas the mattress consists of foam, coiled springs, or a combination of foam and spring.
  2. The futon is highly breathable and made of cotton, whereas mattresses have breathability issues.
  3. The futon can be rolled and moulded easily, whereas the mattress has a permanent structure that can not be rolled.
  4. Futon has less back support as its thickness is less, whereas the mattress has good back support as this is thick.
  5. The futon is laid on the floor with no bounce, whereas mattresses are bouncy as they have coiled springs filling.
Difference Between the Futon and Mattress
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Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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