Difference Between Plush and Firm Mattress

It is usual for people to prioritize comfort above everything else when it comes to sleeping. Any person would want their ideal mattress to be comfy and provide a peaceful and stress-free sleeping experience. The comfort factor while sleeping splits the opinions of the people between the plush and firm mattresses.

Plush vs Firm Mattress

The main difference between plush and firm mattresses is that the plush mattress is a softer mattress than the firm mattress. The plush mattress allows one to sleep over the soft and sinkable mattress. Meanwhile, the firm mattress is sturdier or firmer and does not provide the feeling of a sinkable mattress.

Plush vs Firm Mattress

As the name suggests, plush is used as a synonym for the terms soft and comfortable. The plush mattress provides such comfort of being plush and soft for anyone who tries to sleep on it. The sinkable factor of the plush mattress attracts a lot of customers who are willing to pay for such expensive mattresses.

The term firm clears the doubts regarding the mattress. The firm mattress provides a flat and sturdy surface for one to sleep. The firm mattress is not as soft as the plush mattress and is surely not sinkable too. According to experts, the hard surface of the mattress is good for one’s healthy being.

Comparison Table Between Plush and Firm Mattress

Parameters of ComparisonPlush MattressFirm Mattress
SurfaceThe surface of the plush mattress is soft, sinkable, and comfortable. The plush mattress has a bouncy and cushiony surface on top.The surface of the firm mattress is harder than the plush mattress. The firm mattress has a sturdy, rigid, and firm surface on top.
Softness levelThe softness level of the plush mattress is likely around 1 to 6 on a scale of 1 to 10.The softness level of the firm mattress is likely around 6 to 10 on a scale of 1 to 10.
Sleeping positionPeople who sleep on their sides can opt for plush mattresses. This plush mattress relieves the pressure points of the shoulders and hips.People who sleep on their back or their stomachs can opt for a firm mattress. It provides a rigid and even surface to a sleepover.
WeightPeople who are under the regular weight category can opt for plush mattresses. The sinkable surface is perfect for such bodies.People who are heavy or overweight can opt for firm mattresses. The firm surface acts as a perfect sinkable mattress for overweight people.
SinkableThe surface of the plush mattress is cushiony and sinkable. Anyone who sleeps on a plush mattress sinks a little bit into the surface with comfort.The surface of the firm mattress is rigid and sturdy. Anyone who sleeps on a firm mattress does not sink into the bed, as the surface is even.

 What is Plush Mattress?

The term plush is used to denote the soft, comfortable, and cushiony feel of the mattress. The plush mattress provides the customer with a soft layer on the bed. Sleeping on such plush mattresses provides an important factor of comfort. These plush mattresses are also expensive due to their comfort and popularity factors.

Most importantly, the plush mattress is very well known and used because it is very sinkable. The term sinkable refers to the plush mattresses’ capacity to sink while someone attempts to sleep. The mattress sinks in a little bit into the bed and provides the person sleeping with a comfy feel. The sinkable plush mattress is made up of memory foam.

This sinkable factor attracts families, as the kids would love to jump and play on top of a sinkable mattress. Plush mattresses are the best pain relievers for people who sleep on their sides. It relieves the pressure points of the shoulders and hips as the mattress sinks and allows the person to sink into the mattress.

Plush mattresses are also helpful for elderly people and people with muscle or joint pain. A person sleeping on the plush mattress sinks into the bed, and there is no pressure applied to joints and muscles. The softness of the plush mattresses is made possible by paddings with different levels of thickness.

What is Firm Mattress?

The term ‘firm’ is very much self-explanatory. It is used to denote the mattresses which are firm and sturdy. Firm mattresses have a hard surface over which a person can rest and sleep. Some people do prefer firm mattresses over plush mattresses, as the former has a hard surface and is recommended by experts.

The softness level is measured on a scale of 1 to 10, and the firm mattresses rank above 6 on the scale. The sturdy surface of the bed provides strong support to one’s body, but it is different from the feeling of sleeping on the floor. The surface might become problematic for some people as it applies pressure on the pressure points.

People who do not cradle too much on the beds can opt for firm mattresses. A firm mattress is ideal for people who are overweight. The firm mattresses would support the heavy bodies with ease and provide the required comfort.

The surface of the firm mattress would be comfortable for people who sleep on their backs or their stomachs. The bed would not allow the person’s body to sink too much and provides a comfortable sleeping experience. The rigid surface of the bed is healthy for the body to rest on.

Main Differences Between Plush and Firm Mattress

  1. The plush mattress has a soft and comfortable surface. The firm mattress has a rigid and strong surface.
  2. The plush mattress is sinkable. It allows the user to sink and stay comfortable. The firm mattress is not sinkable. The user cannot sink into the even and firm surface of the mattress.
  3. The plush mattress is ideal for pressure relief. It relieves the pressure points of the side sleepers. The firm mattress increases the pain on the pressure points.
  4. The plush mattress suits people of regular weight. The users can sink and remain comfortable. Overweight people can use the firm mattress, as it would act the same way for them.
  5. The plush mattress is comfortable to sleep on but is not healthy. Experts recommend using a firm mattress as the body can rest on an even surface.


There are different preferences when it comes to mattresses, and plush or firm mattresses are one of the frequently asked questions before choosing a mattress. The choice of choosing a mattress depends on different factors and people’s individual opinions. Some people may prefer a comfortable sleeping experience over a healthy sleeping experience.

The plush mattress allows the user to sleep with high comfort on a soft and cushiony surface. They are also helpful in relieving the pressure points. The plush mattresses are expensive due to their soft and comfortable beds. The firm mattresses allow the user to sleep on a rigid and sturdy surface. The even and rigid surface is generally healthy to sleep on.


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