Gaslighting vs Lying: Difference and Comparison

Moral values and principles determine a person’s character. This is something that a person develops from his environment and family members. Sometimes few negative habits and values lead to negative characteristics development.

Examples of such habits are gaslighting and lying. Both of them are considered bad habits, and Detroit is the person’s image and personality. Both of them have negative effects not only on the individual but also on the person around him/her. This habit is not taught or learned. It develops when a person cannot face or tell the truth due to any reason under various circumstances.

Key Takeaways

  1. Gaslighting is a form of emotional abuse in which a person manipulates someone else’s perception of reality to make them doubt their memory or perception, whereas lying involves intentionally making a false statement.
  2. Gaslighting can cause a person to question their sanity, whereas lying can cause mistrust or disbelief in the liar.
  3. Gaslighting is often a tactic used by abusers to maintain power and control over their victims, whereas lying can be used for a variety of reasons, such as to avoid punishment or gain an advantage.

Gaslighting vs Lying 

The difference between Gaslighting and Lying is that in Gaslighting, a person tries to manipulate others with an agenda of making them feel guilty about the mistake or activity he has done, he does this by manipulating and gaining power over them, whereas in Lying, a person tells a lie to rush off a situation or anything.

Gaslighting vs Lying

Gaslighting is a type of abuse. The main agenda of a person is to twist situations in his favour so that he can escape from responsibility. This is torture for some people on an emotional level as it leads to manipulation and gaining of power by force. It can be cured with the help of a therapist.


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Lying is considered a bad habit where a person is unable or intentionally hides the truth. The reason behind this could be anything, but mostly it is due to fear or irresponsible behaviour. It does not cause any lethal harm but can lead to a certain unhealthy situation. Lying can be easily avoided.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonGaslightingLying
MeaningTrying to hold someone else for their action.Not stating the facts.
AgendaTo twist the situationTo hide the truth
ResponsibilityTo make someone else responsibleTo avoid or hide the responsibility
ManipulationIt includes manipulationIt does not include manipulation.
Gaining powerIt includes gaining powerIt does not include this.

What is Gaslighting?

It is a type of emotional abuse where the culprit tries to manipulate and make another person feel guilty about some action or thing he has not done. It is due to the defensive nature where an individual finds himself in a situation where he has to defend himself by creating fake scenarios in which mostly the opposite person is the culprit.

It is not very difficult to know if you are a target of Gaslighting. Certain signs are there which specify if there is such a situation or not, for example:

  1. If a person constantly mocks you or makes you feel guilty about something you have not done.
  2. If a person is constantly trying to bring you down or insult you in any way.
  3. If you are not feeling yourself around any person as he/she always twists things.
  4. If you are feeling isolated from your loved ones.
  5. If you are constantly making excuses for your partner or friend’s behaviour.

Except for all the above, there can be more signs. The basic thing is if you are not feeling yourself or unhappy for a long time.

Proper treatment by seeing a therapist must be taken in such a situation as this can lead to a huge mess, and the victim can suffer problems such as depression and other mental health issues.


What is Lying?

It is a situation when a person lies (states the false or hides the truth). It is quite difficult to know whether a person is lying unless the truth comes out. Most of the time, it depends on the person’s institution and what he feels about the statement (whether it’s a lie or not).

There are many types of lies, such as:

  1. Error: in this person lying is not aware of the lie. He states what he thinks is true but is not. Therefore in this type of lie guilt level is very less, and most person is not habitual of lying.
  2. Omission: it is when by mistake, an individual leaves out a specific detail. It can be due to any reason.
  3. Restructuring: it is when a person changes a few things about an incident, for e.g., Characters. This is not always intentional; sometimes, in excitement also, people forget to state the details as it is.
  4. Denial: it is the state in which an individual refuses to accept the truth and lives with the lie. This situation arises when a person finds living with a lie easier than facing the bitter and harsh truth.
  5. Minimization is when a person tries to reduce the effects of a mistake.
  6. Fabrication: intentionally making a fake scenario. This is always intentional.

Main Differences Between Gaslighting and Lying

  1. Gaslighting is more hideous than lying as in Gaslighting, and the main agenda is to twist the situation in the favour to make the opposite person guilty and the culprit, whereas in Lying, a person lies to hide the truth or reality out of fear or any other reason.
  2. In Gaslighting person tries to make someone else responsible for their action or activity by blaming or falsifying information, whereas, in Lying, the person only avoids taking responsibility by lying.
  3. The person who uses Gaslighting is called a gaslighter, and the person who is lying is called a liar.
  4. In Gaslighting individual tries to manipulate the situation in his favour so that he can make the whole situation according to him, while no such manipulation is done in Lying.
  5. Gaslighter tries to gain power while confrontation by twisting the facts and blaming the opposite person making him upset or guilty, while a liar states the opposite of the truth.
  6. A Gaslighter, most of the time, is also a liar, while it is not always that a liar is also a gaslighter.
Difference Between Gaslighting and Lying

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