Difference Between Aided and Unaided Colleges

The education system has evolved a lot from what it was in the initial stages. Numerous educational systems have arisen in recent times. The introduction of globalization has also impacted our education system and brought in several different educational organizations in front of us.

Two such college options are aided and unaided colleges. Aided colleges are completely supported or aided by the government whereas in the case of unaided colleges there is no involvement of the government.

In aided colleges the remuneration of the teachers and other professionals are taken are by the government whereas in unaided colleges the management had to look after all of these matters

Aided vs Unaided Colleges

The difference between aided and unaided colleges is that the admission criteria are set by the government and it is majorly based on merit whereas in the case of unaided colleges the admission is looked after by the management and they set the criteria’s and often the admission process is not fair and based on merit.

Aided vs Unaided colleges

Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonAided CollegesUnaided Colleges
FundsThey receive government fundThey do not receive any fund from the government
FeesReasonableHigher and often unreasonable
FacilitiesFewer facilitiesMore facilities
RemunerationProvided by the governmentNot provided by the government
CriteriaThe criteria are set by the government for both  admission and recruitmentThe criteria’s for admission, as well as recruitment, is set by the management
ProtectionTeachers and other professionals are protectedTeachers and other professionals are not protected
AutonomyThey are not autonomousThey are autonomous

What are Aided Colleges?

A college that is government-aided or supported by the government is known as an aided college. Aided colleges get financial as well as external support from the government. These colleges get government funds to facilitate their colleges.

These colleges receive a certain amount of grants from the government on a monthly or yearly basis to facilitate various aspects of the college such as infrastructure development and academic activity.

Government-aided colleges are bound to take fees that have been stipulated by the government. Usually, the fee structures of the aided colleges are reasonable compared to unaided colleges as they charge a heavy amount of fees.

The professors and the other professionals working in government-aided colleges their entire remuneration is paid for and managed by the government. Also, the teachers and other professionals working in an aided college have protection and job security provided by the government.

In a government-aided college, the officials do not have complete authority as they are majorly managed and taken care of by the government authority under the rules laid down by the government.

The admission process of most of the students in an aided college is through merit. Also, the standard qualification required for each professor and professional is set by the government.

aided colleges

What are Unaided Colleges?

Unaided colleges are those which are not aided nor do not receive any support from the government. They are oftentimes linked with private firms or organizations for external help.

They raise their fund via these firms and organizations and facilitate their college infrastructure development and academic activities. They do not receive any sort of help on any occasion from the government, unlike the aided colleges.

The fee structures of the unaided colleges are most of the times not within reasonable boundaries and pretty high. As these colleges are not within any restrictions or boundaries by the government they charge according to themselves.

Although the facilities provided in an unaided college is pretty more than what is provided in an aided college. In an unaided college, the remuneration of the teachers and other professionals are paid by the management. They also take care of the recruitment process and set the criteria.

The unaided colleges are autonomous, as they do not have any liability hence they can act freely and are not answerable to anyone. The admission process of an unaided college is certain times based on merit even though few cases of unfairness or biasedness have been often noticed.

unaided colleges

Main Differences Between Aided and Unaided Colleges

  1. In aided colleges, they receive government funds and support whereas for unaided colleges they do not receive any kind of support or fund from the government.
  2. The fees in the aided colleges are set by the government hence they are within reasonable boundaries but the fees in the unaided colleges are not looked after by the government hence they are very high and unreasonable.
  3. The facilities provided by the unaided colleges are more than that provided by the aided colleges.
  4. In the aided colleges the remuneration of the professors and other professionals is looked after by the government whereas, in the case of unaided colleges, the remuneration of the professors and other professionals is looked after by the college management.
  5. The criteria for the recruitment of the professors or other professionals are set by the government whereas the criteria for recruitment are set by the management.
  6. The criteria for admission are set by the government and are majorly merit-based. However, for unaided colleges, the criteria are set and bent by the management. Often time’s admission does not happen based on merit.
  7. The professors and other professional working receive protection and job security from the government but in the case of unaided colleges, they do not receive any sort of privilege.
  8. Aided colleges are managed by government and government officials whereas unaided colleges are autonomous.


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