Difference Between Yorkie Terrier and Silky Terrier

Pet is kept primarily for a company of person or entertainment. There are several options available for animals to keep as a pet such as birds, dogs, cats, etc. Among dogs, the terrier is quite popular among people due to their charming playfulness and friendly personalities.   


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Terriers come in a range of sizes, temperaments, and shapes. Some of the terrier examples are Airedale, Bedlington, Boston, Cesky, etc. It is better to research before concluding on a terrier breed as a pet. In this article difference between Yorkie Terrier and Silky Terrier is highlighted. 

Yorkie Terrier and Silky Terrier 

The difference between the Yorkie terrier and the silky terrier is their origin. Yorkie Terrier is originated in England. On the other hand, silky terriers are originated in Australia. Yorkie Terrier is found in steel blue, and tan color, whereas silky terrier can be found in many colors such as black, black and tan, and silver, and grey.  

Yorkie Terrier and Silky Terrier

Among the terrier type, the Yorkie Terrier is one of the smallest dog breeds. During the 19th century, they developed in Yorkshire, England. They are generally energetic and playful dogs. When they are left alone, they exhibit separation anxiety, and that’s why some owners keep two of them.  

The other name for silky terrier is Australian silky terrier. In the early to mid-1800s, the silky terrier was first developed in Australia by pairing the Australian terrier and Yorkshire terrier. In Sydney, Australia, these first pairings happened, and this newly developed breed was dubbed the Sydney silky. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonYorkie TerrierSilky Terrier
Grooming High Low to moderate
Average weight4-6 lb8-11 lb
Average height8-9 inches9-10 inches

What is Yorkie Terrier? 

In the region of Lincolnshire and the Yorkshire of England, the breed Yorkshire Terrier developed. During the 1800s, from Scotland to England people started immigrating to find work in the many wool and cotton mills. They brought along a range of small terrier dogs such as the paisley terrier, Skye terrier, and Clydesdale terrier, or it can be said that these different breeds were generally dubbed ‘Scottish terriers.’  

Over time, those dogs were bred to the terrier of English waterside, and some of them also extend to the Maltese. Over the years, color was predictable with black and tan, and consistent appearance was started appearing. They were placed into a breed class known as Broken-haired Scotch, Rough and Broken-coated, and Yorkshire terriers.  

Yorkie terriers were known for being chased after vermin in mines and mills. They also took on hunts to chase down forest animals smaller in sizes, such as foxes and Badgers. With time, they started breeding with less outside breeds’ influence.  

At the end of the 1800s, the status stops Yorkie terrier was switched from ratting and hunting dog to companion dog. In 1872, Yorkie terriers started appearing in the US. In 1885, AKC officially recognized the Yorkie terrier breed. They have a bite set of scissor bite or level bite. 

What is Silky Terrier? 

Silky terriers were originated in Australia, but the ancestral breeds and types were from Great Britain. In North America, this breed is known as the silky terrier, but in the origin country and rest of the world, it is called as Australian Silky Terrier.  

They are compact and small, short-legged terriers. All aspects and proportions of the head and the body as well as desirable shades of white and grey and marking placements are extensively described in the standard of the breed.   

The coat of silky terrier requires quite a lot of regular shampooing and grooming to retain its silkiness. They should be slightly longer compared to taller. In historic times, the silky terrier was used for killing and hunting snakes and rodents, so the body of the silky terrier have enough material to fit this role.  

Silky terriers love to be being given chances to play and run but must have a yard with a tight fence. They also enjoy playing ball and risk falls. They are active indoor breed too and also do well in an apartment. It is necessary to discourage boredom by keeping busy and social. 

Main Differences Between Yorkie Terrier and Silky Terrier 

  1. Yorkie Terrier is available in only one color, namely steel blue, and tan, whereas silky terrier can be found in many colors such as black, silver, and grey, and black and tan.  
  2. The eyes of the Yorkie terrier are not too prominent but have a medium in size, dark in color, and also sparking with a sharp intelligent expression. But the eyes of silky terriers are dark, small, and almond-shaped with dark rims.  
  3. Yorkie terriers can give birth to up to 5 puppies at the same time. On the flip side, a silky terrier at the same time can give birth to 3-5 puppies.  
  4. When it comes to coat, the Yorkie terrier has smooth, shiny, long, silky, and straight hair. On the other hand, a silky terrier has a silky, long, shiny, and smooth coat.  
  5. The ears of the Yorkie terrier are V-shaped, carried erect, small, and set not too far apart. But the ears of silky terrier are set high, V-shaped, small and carried erect without propensity obliquely flare off the skull. 
Difference Between Yorkie Terrier and Silky Terrier


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