Difference Between AKC and UKC

There are many popular clubs for registering dogs are available around the globe. Such as kennel clubs or breed clubs with different services, competitions, and pedigrees.


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Of which, the kennel clubs were becoming remarkably famous since the middle of the 19th century. The association that regulates the canine events for different breeds of dogs concerning itself with their pedigree, appearance, and various shows. 

Widely known kennel clubs are American Kennel Club, Canadian Kennel Club, The Kennel Club, and United Kennel Club offering special training programs, events, registration services, and unique care.


The difference Between AKC and UKC is that the former is NPO and the latter is not. Apart from this, they also have other differences. ‘American Kennel Club’ and ‘United Kennel Club’ both maintain their distinct breed standard.


They keep records of breedings, perform trials, and present dog conformation shows. Even, serves as the list of registries of adult purebred dogs and puppies that are born to pure breed parents.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonAKCUKC
Full FormsThe full form of AKC is an American Kennel Club.The full form of UKC is a United Kennel Club.
MeaningAmerican Kennel Club (AKC) is in the United States, that undertakes the registration of pure breeds of dog pedigrees.Another registry in the United States is the United Kennel Club (UKC). It undertakes the different breeds of dog pedigrees.
HistoryIn the year 1884, it was founded by J. M. Taylor and Elliot Smith. And its headquarter is in New York City.In the year 1898, it was founded by Chauncey Z. Bennett. And its headquarter is in Kalamazoo, Michigan. 
Geographic SegmentationOnly national breeds of dogs are registered under an American Kennel Club.International breeds of dogs are registered under the United Kennel Club.
OrganizationIt is a Non-profit Organization (NPO).It is not an NPO. In fact, it is a Corporation that makes a profit.
BreedsIt recognizes and registers fewer breeds of dogs than UKC.It recognizes and registers more breeds of dogs than AKC.
RegistrationThe registration process is strict, and it depends on the parentage of the dog.The registration process is less strict, and it works mostly for all types of breeds.
ChampionshipsIt imposes AKC National Championship every year.Every year, it imposes UKC Championship.
PopularityAn AKC is more popular and influential than UKC.The UKC is less popular and strict than AKC.
MembersNo individual members are allowed to register; it only has club members.It allows both clubs and individual members to register.
WebsitesThe website interface is stunned with sweet, cute, and family-based graphics. Its extension is ‘.org’ for the organization.The website interface is fascinated with more practical, natural, and formal but detailed and focused at the same time. Its extension is ‘.com’ as it is a commercial firm.

What is AKC? 

American Kennel Club is in the United States who undertakes the registration of pure breeds of dog pedigrees. Its abbreviation is ‘AKC.’ The headquarter is in New York City. AKC was founded by J. M. Taylor and Elliot Smith in the year 1884.

It is a Non-profit Organization. The 13 independent clubs came together to form it.

This kennel recognizes and registers nearly 193 breeds of dogs. It only registers national breeds. Only purebreds get registration here depending on the parentage of the dogs. It is more popular and influential than any other kennel clubs.

Every year, programs like AKC national championship,  Conformation shows, Companion events, and Performance events are held by AKC. The downside is it does not register individuals; it allows clubs with only selective pedigree.


What is UKC? 

United Kennel Club is another registry in the United States that undertakes the breeds of dog pedigrees. The abbreviation is ‘UKC.’  Chauncey Z. Bennett was dissatisfied with other registries available at the time, so he founded UKC.

The corporation was established in the year 1898. Its headquarter is in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  

The kennel recognizes and registers nearly 300 breeds of dogs. It registers clubs as well as individuals that are also with providing more wide options. It serves internationally, more than 25 countries in the world. It accepts registrations in almost all types of breeds.

Programs like Hunting programs, field events, Bully breeds, and the UKC championship are held by this kennel club every year. Unlike AKC, it is a profit-making corporation.


Main Differences Between AKC and UKC

  1. AKC only registers national breeds of dogs, whereas UKC also registers international pedigrees.
  2. The registry process depends on the parentage of the dog in the American kennel club. On the other hand, the United kennel club registers less strictly and all breeds.
  3. The former club is a non-profit organization. Conversely, the latter is a corporation that raises profit.
  4. The AKC recognizes fewer breeds as compared to the UKC.
  5. The first one is the more popular and influential kennel than the second one.
  6. Akc does not register individual members; it only allows the clubs. On the contrary, Ukc registers both the individuals and clubs.


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