Difference Between Honda Accord and VW Jetta

In the United States, many companies from other countries export their vehicles and also import them to other countries. Honda Accord and VW Jetta are the two most selling cars in the United States.


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Both are available in manual and automatic versions. However, there is a difference in engine, capacity, and powerhouse.

Honda Accord vs VW Jetta

The difference between Honda Accord and VW Jetta is that Honda Accord is a vehicle from a Japanese automobile manufacturing company, whereas VW Jetta is a vehicle manufactured by German automobile manufacturing company Volkswagen. The engine capacity of the honda accord is 1993cc and gives 21.3 kmpl fuel mileage, whereas VW Jetta’s engine capacity is 1390(P)/ 1968cc(D) with 14. 69(P)/ 19.33 kmpl(D).

Honda Accord vs VW Jetta

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Honda Accord is a sedan car with a petrol or hybrid engine that gives mileage of 21.3 kmpl. The engine has two variants petrol and electric motor. It has multiple driving modes and assists in driving in lanes, monitors.

Some of the safety features include, Lane watches physical stability system and seven supplemental restraint systems.

Volkswagen Jetta is also a luxurious sedan car that has a turbocharged diesel and petrol engine with both manual and automatic transmission.

It has safety features like 6 airbags, fatigue detection, an anti-lock brake system, traction control, and EBD. It has both manual and automatic transmission and runs on petrol and diesel.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonHonda Accord VW Jetta
Country originJapanGermany
Engine capacity1993 cc1390 cc for petrol and 1968 cc for diesel 
Mileage 21.3 kmpl14.9 kmpl for petrol and 19.33 kmpl for diesel
Number of trimsLX, sports, sports special edition,  hybrid sports, EXL, touring, and HybridS,SEL,SEL Premium, SE, and R-Line
Available coloursEightSeven 

What is Honda Accord?

Honda Accord cars are manufactured by the Japanese multinational manufacturing company Honda Motor company established in 1948. It has evolved over the decades, improving its design, reliability, and comfort.

The first generation was launched in 1976. It is a popular car in the United States that gives higher mileage.  It had inspired customers with its impressive sharp handle, steering, and interior.

It had a 1.6 lit CVCC engine.  It then added power steering, air conditioners, and increased engine capacity.

Honda Accord sedan is a four-door car launched in 1980.  The second-generation accord was more efficient with a 1.8-litre fuel engine.

In the third generation, the headlight style was improved, and the engine capacity was 2.0 lit power. Initially, a Japanese company used to import an accord to America, but in 1990, the accord coupe was built in America and exported to Japan.

Every generation has an improvement in terms of size, interior, fuel capacity, engine, and steering power. It competes successfully over Camry, Taurus, and other cars.

There was a manual transmission in every Accord,  but in the latest Honda Accord, there is no manual transmission.

Some of the technologies included in the honda accord are Apple Carplay, android auto, Bluetooth, USB ports, wireless phone charger,  touch screen, navigation systems, auto-locking and unlocking system, remote start button, and head-up display.

What is VW Jetta?

Volkswagen Jetta car is manufactured by a German motor vehicle manufacturing company Volkswagen founded in 1937. It has been manufacturing compact sedan two and four-door electric cars for seven generations.

Jetta is a modified version of the first-generation Golf hatchback, a two-door car. A trunk is attached to the golf tail, and the size is increased by 15 inches.  The VW comes in two-door and four-door models. Each has a 13.3 ft luggage capacity.

The seventh-generation started in 2018 to present in which the car had more interior space with heated front seats, ten colour lighting customization features, Volkswagen digital cockpit, android auto, apple carplay, smart connectivity, touch screen, heated rear seats, heater steerings, cold weather package, wifi hotspot, and other standard features.

The Jetta comes in five trim levels like S, SE, R-Line, SEL premium, and SEL. It has a 1.4-litre four-cylinder gas engine with 147 horsepower.

It also has a six-speed manual transmission. It gives 30 to 40 miles per gallon. It also has safety features like a safety cage, pressure monitoring system, and a post-collision braking system.

The latest model of Jetta is an automatic car that also assists in manual driving with traffic alerts, lane assist, front and light assist, blind-spot monitoring,  and adaptive cruise control.

Main Differences Between Honda Accord and VW Jetta

  1. Honda Accord is a Japanese sedan car manufactured by the Honda motor company, and VW Jetta is a German sedan car manufactured by Volkswagen.
  2. The fuel economy of the Honda Accord is 30 in the city and 38 MPG on the highway, whereas 30 and 41 MPG for VW Jetta.
  3. Honda accord gives mileage of 21.3 kmpl, VW Jetta gives 19.33 kmpl.
  4. Honda accord runs on electric motor and petrol, whereas VW Jetta runs on diesel and petrol.
  5. The Latest Honda Accords car does not have a manual transmission, whereas the VW Jetta has a manual transmission.


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