Difference Between TL and TSX (With Table)

TL and TSX both are manufactured by Acura itself to provide fun and comfort for families while driving. Many times, people conclude that there are minimal differences between TL and TSX.


The difference between TL and TSX is of market value, TL is quite costly compare to TSX. Though there is not much difference in the engine and making, TSX wins over TL in highway MPG.


Comparison Table Between TL and TSX

Parameters of ComparisonTLTSX
CostTL is more expensive than TSX.TSX is less expensive than TL.
Driving MileageTL’s mileage is quite lower than the TSX.TSX has better mileage compare to TL.
SpaceTL has a huge and spacious interior for passengers.TSX is smaller in the space category compare to TL.
AWDTL comprises of the AWD option.TSX lacks the AWD option.
StyleTL has lesser options in style.TSX has more options.
QualityTL is a higher quality car.Compare to TL, TSX car quality is lower.
Resale ValueTL’s resale value is comparatively less.TSX’s resale value is high and fruitful.
ComfortTL is more comfortable.TSX is quite less comfortable compare to TL.
DrivingTL is less flexible compare to TSX.TSX is more flexible in driving.


What is TL?

A compact executive luxury car built up by Acura, namely Acura TL. To replace Acura Vigor, TL was manufactured for the first time in the year 1995. Later on, TL was badged by the Japenese market as Honda Inspire from the year 1996 to the year 2000. And till 2004, TL was badged as Honda Saber.

Until TL was sold out by MDX in the year 2007, it was known to be the best-selling model of Acura, the reason behind it was that every model of Acura TL was known for its sporty experience. The game-changer for Acura TL was its 2004 model, that model grabbed a huge amount of attention. 2004’s model had Brembo brakes and optional sporty suspension. It had a 6-speed manual to wrap it up.

It had a well-equipped interior with Bluetooth connectivity for the music system. It also had freehand mobile connectivity with an 8-inch display with a touch-screen feature. It also was stated as the first car sold in the U.S which had an inbuilt 6 DVD changer board. The instrument cluster was accompanied by the speedometer and tachometer with coolant temperature and fuel level.

The best or controversial about TL 2008 was the massive front shield-grille which was also known as Power Plenum or Gladiator Shield in remembrance of the movie Gladiator which was hit 8 years ago. Even the car rear of TL had the same angled panels just the same as Gladiator Shield. The designer of TL took his/her inspiration from a boat that was off-shore. The boat was the reason behind the shape-building of Grille. The style was aggressive but formed the shape of a balance of TL with a grille that was raked and A-pillars.

Talk of the town was the TL model of the year 1999 which had a navigation system with a touch screen at that era which was mind-bending in the market. In the year of 2000, the CD-based system was replaced with a DVD by the car-maker for cross guiding the U.S. from one coast to another coast. The only engine was available which was under 3500 lbs which had a manual transmission. The only option then was available was of A 5-speed automatic transmission that offered manually change of gears.


What is TSX?

A compact-executive car manufactured by Honda and sold by Acura in the interval from the year 2003 to the year 2014. TSX had two generations built up one from Japanese and another from the European market, both were the updated versions of Accord by Honda.

The first version of TSX was introduced in the year 2004 and the second version of TSX was introduced in the year 2008 and 2009 which was based on JDM of the 8th generation. The new versions of TSX were meant to introduce the V6 feature in the year 2010 and for the year 2011, it was a wagon.

Sayama, Japan, and Saitama are the places where TSXs were built in. In the North American market, Acura TSX was introduced in the year 2003 as the model of 2004 which was quite similar to the 7th generation of Honda Accord 2.4i by the Europeans which was also known as Accord CL9. The Acura TSX was rebadged from best-selling Honda Accord after upgrading it to a premium level in the U.S The 7th generation Honda Accord had engines from the F series whereas TSX was equipped with K-series engines.

On April 11th, 2008, Acura TSX was introduced at New York International Auto Show. That new model was improved in terms of safety, the economy of fuel, and some good interior features. It also had leather seats, dual-zone climate control, driver’s power seat which has memory, sunroof besides, xenon headlights, USB, which made TSX strong as an entry-level luxury car.

Main Differences Between TL and TSX

  1. TL is more expensive than the TSX car.
  2. TL is more spacious than TSX.
  3. TL is flexible in driving than TSX.
  4. TL is more comfortable than TSX.
  5. TSX wins in mileage count and resale value



If we compare TL and TSX’s cubic feet, wheelbase, width, and length than TL win.  Though there are very slight differences in manufacturing and internal features. If we talk about styling and making the car feel like personal vibes, then TSX wins because it has some nice improvements in its body features, sleek, and design.

For the faster rides, suspension extensions, and enhancing steering feature, TSX has beautiful options available for that. The all-wheel-drive option is offered by TL rather than TSX. Additional Cubic Foot for Cargo space is also offered by TL.

The larger TL and TSX were later discontinued by Honda during the year of 2014 where they introduced TLX which replaced both TL and TSX.

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