Difference Between Honda Jazz and Toyota Yaris

Honda Jazz and Toyota Yaris both have been extremely popular cars ever since their long run in the global market.


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Toyota Yaris is another excellent product of the Japanese giant, has garnered rave reviews from both buyers and critics alike throughout its presence in market timelines.

Honda Jazz vs Toyota Yaris

The difference between Honda Jazz and Toyota Yaris is that Honda Jazz has a mileage (ARAI) of up to 17.1 kmpl whereas Toyota Yaris has a mileage of up to 17.8 kmpl. Both Honda Jazz and Toyota Yaris have been deemed to be extremely popular.

Honda Jazz vs Toyota Yaris

Honda Jazz boasts power steering, automatic climate control, alloy wheels, and more as its key features. The hatchback is available in both manual and automatic transmissions with a seating capacity of 5 people.

It has an (approximate) engine displacement of 1199 cc.

Toyota Yaris counts 60:40 split-folding rear seats, infotainment system (with gesture control), and rear wheel disc brakes among its several standout features.

The 5-seater sedan has an engine capacity of (up to) 1498 cc. It is available in both manual and automatic transmission across all variants.

Comparison Table

Parameters Of ComparisonHonda JazzToyota Yaris
MileageThe mileage of Honda jazz varies from 16.6 to 17.1 kmplThe mileage of Toyota Yaris varies from 17.1 – 17.8 kmpl
Fuel Tank CapacityThe fuel tank capacity is 40.0 literThe fuel tank capacity is 42.0 liter
Body TypeHonda Jazz is a Hatchback carToyota Yaris is a Sedan car
Seating CapacityThe seating capacity of the car is 5We can adjust 6 people in the car
Brake Horsepower (BHP)It has an 88.5 Bhp engineIt has a 105.94 bhp engine

What is Honda Jazz?

First launched in 2009 in India, the ‘Honda Jazz’ is globally known as ‘Honda Fit’.

Competing against well-received hatchbacks like Hyundai Santro and Maruti Suzuki Alto, Honda Jazz emerged as a fresh face, thanks to its sleek design which inhabited sported headlamps providing it a distinct edginess.

Despite its well-defined design, it was welcomed by a price-sensitive market and thus survived tumultuous phases before it earned the status of a popular hatchback.

Honda Jazz houses an efficient anti-lock braking system, front fog lights, and power windows. The 4-cylinder car has a wheelbase of 2530mm along with a length and width of 3989mm and 1694mm respectively.

Its mileage ranges from 16.6 to 17.1 kmpl across the base to top variants. The car has an extremely powerful engine that produces about 88.5 Brake horsepower.

The revamped ‘New Jazz’ launched in 2020 has improved aerodynamic efficiency, super spacious enriched interiors, and covers a full range of safety features.

Some notable technical specifications include a maximum engine power of 90PS @6 000 rpm.

Its advanced manual transmission system offers impressive fuel efficiency and alternatively, the integration of DIGIPAD 2.0 (a futuristic infotainment system) ensures seamless connectivity by offering several advanced functionalities.

What is Toyota Yaris?

Toyota Yaris was launched in 2018 in India as a competitor in the midsize sedan segment. Its long list of safety features included a prompt central locking system, seat belt warning, child safety locks, and engine check warning, and a crash sensor.

Toyota Yaris exhibits a boot space of 476 liters, engine displacement of (up to) 1496cc, and both manual and automatic transmission.

Its mileage (which varies across variants) ranges from 17.1-17.8 kmpl. It has a fuel tank capacity of 42.0 liters, the fuel type being petrol. 

The vehicle has a wheelbase of 2550mm and an overall length and width of 4425mm and 1730mm respectively. Qualifying as a sedan, Yaris houses efficient driver and passenger airbags.

Some notable key features include acoustic and vibration control glass and roof-mounted rear AC vents with ensured optimum lighting. Its solar energy-absorbing windshield is a distinctive feature as it is paired with an infrared cut-off.

Its solid build, refined engine, powerful AC, and advanced gearbox attributes to the rave reviews it has gained over time. Buyers have praised the car for its comfort quality, smooth pick up and seamless steering response.

The Japanese brand has been appreciated the time and again for designing and bringing this gem to reality.

Main Differences Between Honda Jazz and Toyota Yaris

  1. Honda Jazz falls under the category of hatchbacks whereas Toyota Yaris qualifies as a sedan, being specifically a part of the midsize sedan segment. 
  2. Honda Jazz provides a mileage range of 16.6 – 17.1 kmpl, whereas Toyota Yaris offers a mileage in the range of 17.1 -17.8 kmpl.
  3. Honda Jazz has a fuel capacity of 40.0 litres whereas Toyota Yaris has a fuel tank of 42.0 litres.
  4. Honda Jazz inhabits a boot space of 354 litres whereas Toyota Yaris boasts a boot space of 476 litres.
  5. Honda Jazz has not been tested by Euro NCAP, Toyota Yaris has been awarded a 5-star rating in Euro NCAP Tests. 


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