Toyota IQ vs Aygo: Difference and Comparison

The two Toyota models, IQ and Aygo, are always in the comparison field when it comes to buying a Toyota four-wheeler vehicle.

Both models have a high demand in the marketplace and are equally the best choices that put the buyer into a dilemma.

Toyota’s IQ excels in the fields of acceleration and speed, and on the other hand, in terms of fuel efficiency Aygo model is the best choice.

There are many comparison parameters where one surpasses the other and, thus, creates a topic of discussion.

Key Takeaways

  1. Toyota iQ is a premium compact car, while Toyota Aygo is a budget city car.
  2. Toyota iQ has a more spacious interior and advanced features such as touchscreen infotainment and automatic climate control, while Toyota Aygo has a more basic interior and fewer features.
  3. Toyota iQ is more expensive than Toyota Aygo and is designed for drivers who prioritize comfort and luxury, while Toyota Aygo is designed for drivers who prioritize affordability and practicality.

Toyota IQ vs Aygo

The Toyota iQ was produced from 2008 to 2015, while the Aygo has been in production since 2005. The IQ is a stylish and innovative small car with a distinctive design that maximizes interior space. The iQ is larger and more spacious than the Aygo and comes with a wider range of engine options.

Toyota IQ vs Aygo

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Toyota IQ is a comfortable four-wheeler car with a front traverse engine and highly accurate features produced by Toyota. It has three doors and one extra cylinder.

It has a noticeably high performance in terms of speed and acceleration. It possesses a high engine capacity of 1329 cc.

Toyota Aygo is a very rear and fuel-efficient car with a noticeable front and rear end. Its highly efficient fuel mechanism is one of the major reasons why it is so popular.

It consists of 3 cylinders, 2 doors, and a 1430 mm Front tire. A higher emission standard also helps in reducing the environmental pollution rate.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonToyota IQAygo
Fuel tank capacity32 litres35 litres
Weight930 kg / 2048 lbs860 kg / 1894 lbs
Acceleration (0 to 60mph)11.6 sec15.26 sec
Top speed170 km/h / 106 mph160 km/h / 99 mph  

What is Toyota IQ?

Toyota IQ is a very comfortable, high feature possessing ultra-compact, 2985 mm long and 1680 mm wide car which is designed and manufactured by the Toyota Company.

It is marketed in the countries, namely Japan, North America, and Europe, in a single generation. This four-wheeler has a high rate of acceleration and a top speed of 170 km/h/106 mph on the highways.

It has an extra cylinder means four in total which majorly enhances the engine stability with lesser vibration. This leads to better engine efficiency as it increases due to shorter pauses between strokes.

It is known that power cars go faster, and the Toyota IQ model excels in this field with a high engine power of 98 hp/ 78 kW. It has a high torque of about 123 Nm at 4400 rpm, which helps in speeding the acceleration.

Talking about acceleration, the acceleration rate in the Toyota IQ model is 11.6 sec which contributes majorly to reaching the optimal speed quickly in a shorter time.

This model was ranked as the year’s car in Japan in 2008. The driving range enhances with wheelbase width, and Toyota IQ has a shorter wheelbase of 2000 mm, which helps avoid skidding.

toyota iq

What is Aygo?

Toyota Aygo is a 3465 mm long, 1615 mm wide, and 1460 mm high compact city four-wheeler vehicle designed and manufactured by Toyota in the cities of Europe since 2005.

The first generation models of this car are AB10, AB20, and AB30, despite this, the Aygo model differs in the architecture like badges, steering wheel, rear side window, etc.

The most enticing front and rear-end architecture gives an edge to the fondness of this car.

This model of car was used in a grand football match which was showcased on BBC’s Top Gear. Aygo beats all other models of Toyota in the field of fuel consumption.

An engine’s efficiency highly depends on the amount of fuel consumed by the vehicle, and Toyota Aygo has a higher compression ratio which is 11.8.

This, in turn, also helps reduce the exhaust emitted into the surroundings and, thus, lowers pollution than it normally would have been.

Numerically the fuel consumption is 4.2 L/100 km/ 56 mpg at the normal speed, whereas on the highways, it lowers to 3.8 L/100 km/ 61.9 mpg. It is lighter in weight in comparison to the other models weighing 860 kg or 1894 lbs.

All these features highly affect fuel consumption and, eventually, make this model more economical to drive. Toyota’s Aygo model is more spacious than its siblings.

It is a cheaper choice than the other models.

toyota aygo

Main Differences Between Toyota IQ and Aygo

  1. Compression ratio plays a major role in estimating the fuel required, and for that, Toyota IQ has a lesser compression ratio in comparison to Toyota Aygo. The former has a compression ratio of 11.5, whereas the latter one has a compression ratio of 11.8.
  2. The fuel tank capacity in the Toyota IQ model is 32 litres, whereas the fuel tank in the Toyota Aygo model is 35 litres.
  3. The weight of a vehicle affects several factors, like fuel consumption, acceleration, braking distance, and many more. The Toyota Aygo has an advantage as it is lighter than Toyota IQ by a margin of 70 kg.
  4. The acceleration rate is faster of the Toyota IQ model than the Toyota Aygo model, which is 11.6 sec and 15.26 sec from 0 to 60 mph, respectively.
  5. The top speed of Toyota is higher than Toyota Aygo, which is 170 km/h/106 mph for the former and 160 km/h/99 mph for the latter.

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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