Crew Cab vs Quad Cab: Difference and Comparison

Travel and transportation in recent years have become effortless with the introduction of new models of vehicles by various companies.

Pickup Trucks are the most used and easily accessible vehicles, like the Crew Cab and Quad Cab, although they share many similarities, they are primarily different. Not knowing the differences between them may cause hindrances while buying them. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Crew Cabs have larger rear doors and more rear-seat legroom than Quad Cabs.
  2. Quad Cabs feature smaller rear doors hinged at the rear, while Crew Cabs have conventionally hinged doors.
  3. Crew Cabs prioritize passenger comfort, while Quad Cabs offer a balance between cabin space and bed length.

Crew Cab vs Quad Cab   

Crew cab is a type of pick-up truck with large rear doors that can be used to access the truck bed and back door, and it has a spacious interior despite the truck bed. A Quad cab is a cab with a large truck bed, four full doors, and an extra row of seating. It is also called an extended cab.

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A Crew Cab is a Pickup Truck with large rear doors useful for accessing the back door or truck bed. Although it carries a small truck bed, the interior of a Crew Cab is thoroughly spacious, with enough legroom.

A Crew Cab mainly focuses on the comfort of the passenger by providing a spacious interior, armrests, legroom, etc.  

On the other hand, a Quad Cab is popularly known as Extended Cab and is a cab with superior efficiency, more cargo space, large truck bed.

They have four full doors with an extra row of seating, which is lighter than almost all the cabs. Quad Cabs are cheaper than almost all the cabs available.   

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison    Crew Cab    Quad Cab    
Name Used by    Dodge and other manufacturers  Dodge Ram    
Interior    Spacious    Compact  
Truck Bed    Small    Large    
Facilities    Armrest, Legroom Comfort    Extended Cargo Room    
Rear Doors  Large    Comparatively Small     
Price    Slightly Expensive    Comparatively Cheap  

What is Crew Cab?

As aforementioned, Crew Cab is a type of extended Pickup Truck with a spacious interior design for better passenger accommodation and luxurious facilities not available in other Pickup Trucks.

Crew Cabs have two extra rear doors and a row of seating not seen in a Regular Cab.

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Crew Cab is single-handedly the largest extended cab category with four full-hinged front doors. A Crew Cab has a forward-faced rear setting and can accommodate a maximum of 6 passengers.

Almost every company in almost all countries has introduced their Crew Cabs.

The United States first introduced its Crew Cab in the year 1957 through the International Harvester. Initially, their Crew Cabs had only three doors, eventually, they added a fourth door in the year 1961.

They were followed by Dodge in 1963, Ford in 1965, and General Motors in 1973.

Originally Crew Cabs were introduced with the purpose and motive of commercial transport, but later on, they were modified into lightweight Crew Cabs for personal and family use.

Crew Cabs gained popularity in many other countries before the United States owing to their vast and spacious passenger space; thus were used extensively for family outdoors and excursions.

Crew Cabs acquired their name back in the 1960s due to their passenger space, as they could accommodate the entire gang or crew. The only disadvantage of a Crew Cab is the minimal cargo space.

Owing to their luxurious facilities, and spacious interior, Crew Cabs are slightly more expensive as compared to other Pickup Trucks.

crew cab

What is Quad Cab?  

As mentioned above, Quad Cab is a type of extended version of a Pickup Truck with the largest cargo space, limited passenger space, and no exotic features.

As a Quad Cab has enough cargo space, it is extensively used for transportation and commercial purposes. Also, the rear seat of the Quad Cab is large enough to store cargo during bad weather.

Due to their lightweight and small size, these Quad Cabs have tremendous efficiency and better gas mileage.

Quad translates to four, meaning this particular cab has four doors with an extended row of seating that distinguishes a Quad Cab from a Regular Cab.

A Quad Cab can accommodate at least 5-6 passengers depending on the size of the second-row seating, but features like legroom and armrests are absent. The rear legroom of a Quad Cab is comparatively smaller than other Pickup Trucks.

Earlier, the rear doors of a Quad Cab used to open in the direction opposite to that of the front doors, and with smaller rear doors, it was difficult for adult passengers to get out and huge commodities while unloading, but recently the Quad Cabs are modified as such the rear doors open in the same direction as the front doors. In some Quad Cabs, the rear door is hinged to the front door so they can be opened only when the front door is open, but in recent years, Quad Cab has been modified into their better versions.  

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Owing to their lightweight, small passenger space, and great efficiency, the Quad Cabs are cheaper than any other extended cabs and are extensively used for transportation.

quad cab

Main Differences Between Crew Cab and Quad Cab 

  1. A Crew Cab has a larger passenger room, on the other hand, a Quad Cab has less passenger room/ interior space.   
  2. A Crew Cab has less cargo room, in contrast, a Quad Cab has a larger cargo room.  
  3. A Crew Cab has a shorter truck/ cargo bed, whereas a Quad Cab has a larger truck/ cargo bed.  
  4. A Crew Cab is more expensive than a Quad Cab.  
  5. Crew Cab has less efficiency than a Quad Cab owing to its larger size.  
  6. In a Crew Cab, the rear doors can be opened without the front doors being opened, on the other hand, in some Quad Cabs, the rear door cannot be opened without opening the front door.  
  7. The rear doors in a Crew Cab are larger than the rear doors in a Quad Cab.  
  8. Crew Cabs have exotic features like armrests, larger rear legroom, spacious interior, etc., in contrast, Quad Cab does not carry any such features.   
Difference Between Crew Cab and Quad Cab



Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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