J Crew vs J Crew Factory: Difference and Comparison

J Crew and J Crew factory are both parts of the J Crew company. J Crew factory is one of the outlet stores of J Crew.

These are a part of the same company that is given different names.

J Crew factory was later launched by J Crew Company to make goods available at affordable prices. These two come are owned by the same people.

Key Takeaways

  1. J.Crew offers higher-quality, trendier clothing at a higher price point.
  2. J.Crew Factory provides more affordable, discounted items focusing on casual and basic wear.
  3. J.Crew Factory items are specifically designed for the outlet store, while J.Crew items are from the main line.

J Crew vs J Crew Factory

J.Crew is a high-end fashion brand that offers a range of clothing, shoes, and accessories for men, women, and children. The brand is known for its preppy, classic styles and quality materials. J.Crew Factory is a more affordable clothing brand that offers similar styles to J.Crew at lower prices.

J Crew vs J Crew Factory

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J Crew is a big multi-brand company in America. It sells clothing for males, females, and children. It sells all kinds of clothes and accessories.

They include fancy dresses, shirts, pants, t-shirts, loungewear, swimwear, bags, etc. It is a garment retailer company. The company was formed in 1947.

The brand made huge profits and gained lots of popularity back then.

J Crew Factory is one among many outlet stores of J Crew Company. It is an initiative of the company to sell clothes at affordable prices.

However, these affordable prices lead to a decrease in the quality of the product. One can find several retail shops of J Crew factory around the cities of the US and Europe.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonJ CrewJ Crew Factory
DefinitionIt is a company.It is an outlet of J Crew company.
RateIts products are expensive. Its products are cheap compared to J Crew.
QualityIt has high-quality products.Its products are of low quality compared to that of J Crew.
FormedIt was established before J Crew Factory.It was formed later.
Designs It has new original designs.Its designs are copied from that of J Crew.

What is J Crew?

J Crew is a famous multi-brand garment retailer company. It was formed in 1947 with the name “Popular Merchandise.” Its founder was Mitchell Cinader It’sSaul Charles.

The company sells its products through retail stores, factories, online, Madewell stores, etc.

Back in 2018, the company owned about 506 retail shops. These shops included J Crew retail stores, J Crew factory (outlet), Madewell stores, etc. The company also works through catalogues.

The very first catalog the company launched was in 1947 after five months of its formation. The company launched both designers wear a”d comfy wear which w”re ideal for working.

The very first international store the company opened was in Toronto. It has operated in Canada, France, UK, Japan, Hong Kong, etc.

Back during its formation, the company was called Popular Merchandise; later, in 1983, it was renamed J Crew.

For a long time, the company was owned by the Cinader family. Today the company belongs to Anchorage Capital and Leonard Green and Partners.

The recent CEO of the company is Libby Wadley, who replaced Jan Singer, who had been a CEO for almost a year or so.

j crew

What is J Crew Factory?

The J-Crew company has several divisions. One of these divisions is the J Crew Factory. The other divisions it includes are J Crew Crewcuts, Madewell, The Ludlow Shop, J Crew Mercantile, etc.

In simple words, J Crew Factory is one of the outlets of J Crew.

Same as J Crew, this outlet keeps men, women, and children’s clothes and accessories. This outlet is a famous outlet of J Crew.

The J crew factory stores do business through both retail stores as well as online websites.

There are about 147 J Crew Factory stores (which also counts J Crew Mercantile) present all around Europe, the US, Japan, Hongkong.

The objective of the J Crew Factory is to provide garments and accessories at reasonable prices.

One can find similar design clothing in J Crew Factory to that of the original J Crew. The plus point is that these pieces are very affordable compared to the actual J Crew ones.

This outlet has clearance sales both in physical stores as well as online stores. It also provides an exchange and returns facility within 30 days of purchase if one has a receipt.

However, many reviews say that the J Crew Factory clothes aren’t of the same quality as that of the J Crew original. This is self-explanatory as the prices of clothes go down, so does their quality.

However, if the quality is not a big issue or not a preference, then the clothes from J Crew Factory are not a bad choice.

j crew factory

Main Differences Between J Crew and J Crew Factory

  1. J Crew is a company, whereas J Crew Factory is a division (outlet) of the company.
  2. J Crew has expensive clothing items, whereas J Crew Factory has affordable clothing items.
  3. J Craren’t high-quality products, whereas J Crew Factory’s products are of cheaper quality.
  4. Clothes for J Crew are originally designed, whereas that from the J Crew factory are copies of the original J Crew ones.
  5. J Crew was formed before the J Crew factory ever existed.
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Last Updated : 30 July, 2023

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