Difference Between iRobot i7 and i8

In the 21st Century, technology has grown tremendously and has spread itself into various segments of our livelihoods and industries. Over the years people have seen an increase in the number of ‘smart’ devices that occupy their houses.


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Starting from smartphones, smart TVs, smart fridges. These home-based technological advances have also extended to smart vacuum cleaners, which are popularly known as Roombas. 

The Roomba is a robot that functions as a vacuum cleaner and automatically roams about the floor of a house and sucks up the dirt lying on the floor. One can then later empty the dust collected by the Roomba and it will be ready for use again.

Roombas also has an accompanying smartphone app that gives the user various performance insights of the machine as it moves about the house and many Roombas also have a camera, which gives the person a feed of the Roomba’s surroundings too.

The Roomba is manufactured by a company called iRobot, which has produced several models of these, two of them being the iRobot i7 and the i8.

iRobot i7 vs i8

The difference between iRobot i7 and i8 is that the i8 lasts long and thus can cover more surface area than the i7 because the battery of the i8 is 20% larger than the i7. The i7 can run for up to 75 minutes, while the i8 can run for 90 minutes.

iRobot i7 vs i8

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisoniRobot i7iRobot i8
BatteryThe i7 has a smaller battery than the i8.The i8 has a larger battery than the i7.
Availabilityi7 is available across most stores, offline and online.i8 is available at Costco, and one needs a Costco membership to purchase it.
Suction PowerThe i7 has lesser suction power than the i8.i8 has nearly 10 times the suction power of the i7.
Brush TypeThe i7 has a bristle type brush.The i8 has rubber brushes.
PriceThe i7 is cheaper than the i8.The i8 costs more than the i7.

What is iRobot i7?

The iRobot i7 is one of the latest in line Roombas manufactured by the company iRobot. i7 is one of the higher-end Roombas that is present in the market and comes with a fairly reasonable price tag too.

One of the best features of the i7 is its mapping capabilities. It can map entire floors very accurately, and hence deliver good cleaning results that are pretty impressive. 

Another thing that is present in the i7 is its ability to be controlled by using voice commands or via the smartphone app that is accompanied by the Roomba.

This is a step by the company iRobot towards the Internet of Things (IoT) which integrates several devices over the internet and makes them work together simultaneously and in harmony.

Thanks to the mapping structure developed by the i7, a person can now instruct the i7 to clean a particular spot more rigorously, or not clean that spot at all.

These customizable options are of great use, however, they are only available when one pays the hefty price that comes with the machine. The cheaper cleaning robots that are present in the market do not have such characteristics and have basic suction capabilities only.

In order to totally learn the mappings of a room, and know its directionalities, the i7 may take two to three rounds, however, it is worth it, as that helps it proceed in a logical manner rather than just moving randomly about the room.

irobot i7

What is iRobot i8?

The iRobot i8 is a high-end Roomba manufactured by iRobot, which is available only at Costco, to the people who hold an active Costco membership. This makes this device very exclusive, and is clearly a marketing motive, as it promotes Costco with its sales.

The i8 is almost the same in terms of shape and size as the i7, however, it has a battery that is 20% larger in size than the i7, which enables it to cover more area, and also clean for longer durations. The i8 lasts for about 90 minutes, while the i7 lasts for 75 minutes.

The i8 has a recharge and resume feature. When the i8 sees that it has a low charge, it will automatically go to the charging station and charge itself, and once charging is complete.

It will automatically go to the spot where cleaning was stopped, and resume from that location. This is possible due to the excellent floor mapping technology that is provided by iRobot.

The i8 also has better suction power, and hence it can get the dirt out better than its previous models. The suction power of the i8 is nearly 10 times that of its previous models.

Main Differences Between iRobot i7 and i8

  1. The main difference between iRobot i7 and i8 is that the i8 lasts long and thus is able to cover more surface area than the i7 because the battery of the i8 is 20% larger than the i7. The i7 can run for up to 75 minutes, while the i8 can run for 90 minutes.
  2. The i7 is available across most stores, while the i8 is available at Costco only.
  3. The i8 has more suction power than the i7.
  4. The i7 has bristle brushes, while the i8 has rubber brushes.
  5. The i8 is costlier than the i7.


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