Carpet Cleaner vs Steam Cleaner: Difference and Comparison

Newly introduced floor coverings in your home bring style and comfort. Yet, when they become messy and dirty, simply vacuuming them isn’t to the point of keeping them looking new and clean.

This is the point where you will need either a floor covering cleaner or a steam cleaner. This will be to end the dirt, stains, and other oily things that have gathered in and on your floor or carpets.

Key Takeaways

  1. Carpet cleaners use water, detergent, and suction to clean carpets deeply.
  2. Steam cleaners rely on hot water vapor to sanitize surfaces and remove dirt.
  3. Carpet cleaners are better for carpet-specific cleaning, whereas steam cleaners have more versatile applications.

Carpet Cleaner vs Steam Cleaner

Carpet cleaners inject a mixture of cleaning solution which is a combination of detergent and water into the carpet fibers and use powerful scrubbing brushes and vacuum suctions to deeply clean the carpets. A steam cleaner works by injecting hot, vaporized water into your carpets for cleaning.

Carpet Cleaner vs Steam Cleaner

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Normal techniques use extraction, dry-cleaning, and vacuuming. Carpet cleaners use the technique of applying a cleaning foam cover to the surface of a carpet.

The foam is left on to cover for 10 minutes to allow the synthetics to influence the rug. This technique is used to remove oil from the surface

Steam cleaners include involving steam for cleaning applications like cleaning deck and dirt removal and are currently used in taking out oil from engines and decks.

Steam cleaners work with a blend of hot steam and pressure, due to its high temperature, the oily substance attached to the fibers of the carpet gets removed.

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison Carpet CleanerSteam Cleaner
DefinitionCarpet cleaner utilizes solutions or cleaning compounds that are applied on the carpet to frame froth thus removing dirt. Steam cleaner, otherwise called the heated water extraction technique, is a floor cleaning method that utilizes warm to high temp water for cleaning.
Use of ChemicalsSoap is one of the chemicals that is used for this method.It does not use any type of chemicals.
Drying TimeIt takes 3-24 hr It only takes 15 Minutes
CostCheaper Costly 
Time for the ProcessIt takes 24hrs or more to complete it It only takes 6hrs to complete it.

What are Carpet Cleaners?

A Carpet cleaner is mostly referred to as a cleanser that has the approach to washing, eliminating stains, soil, and allergens from your carpet.

The shampoo utilizes warm water and a cleaning cleanser. With this, it makes a froth layer arrangement when the shampoo or cleanser comes in contact with the carpet.

The cleaning brushes under the machine then, at that point, start to make a froth into the strands of the carpet thus removing the dirt or oil stains.

Carpet shampoo uses chemicals or cleaning synthetics that are applied on the carpet to form a froth. Froth is produced by the spinning or rotational brush to draw in dirt and different dust particles from the carpet.

The carpet is then passed on to dry. The shampoo is a powerful agent for eliminating profound grounded dirt and dust particles from the carpet.

There’s another method for carpet cleaning which is called Vacuum cleaning which utilizes a suction instead of water to remove the dust particles.

The dust particles are stored in a bag that is attached to the vacuum machine.

This technique is preferable for middle and normal household cleaning. Since it doesn’t need cleaning items, it leaves no cleanser buildup.

The benefit of Vacuum cleaning is that this framework works without brushes or cushions so there is no scraped spot on the carpet or floor.

carpet cleaner

What are Steam Cleaners?

Steam cleaning also called as heated water extraction technique is a carpet cleaning method as it utilizes steam water to clean the carpet.

A steam cleaner utilizes steam from boiling water to release oil from the fibers of the carpet. It shoots the steam through your floor coverings and the water and oil are then vacuumed up into the holding tank.

Utilizing a steam cleaner is an extraordinary method for eliminating stains, sanitizing, and leaving your floor coverings new and clean.

Heated water with high temperature going from 110 to 150 degrees Celcius pressures with high strain into the floor covering to break the difficult holding of fiber, and thus to disintegrate the dirt and oil from the carpet.

Steam cleaning can kill germs, infections, microbes, dust bugs, and some other living life forms in floor coverings.

Steam cleaning is the best and most productive method for removing the oil and dirt from the carpet fibers. At any point when all the cleaning methods fail, then steam cleaner is employed to remove those oily substances and dirt. 

The machines used for the process are very complicated which automatically increases the price for this process. When this process is employed a technician fills the machine with the water which is heated with the heater inside the machine, once the water converts into steam the machine is hovered over the floor or carpet to perform its operations.

This takes less time as compared to the other cleaners.

Main Differences Between Carpet Cleaner and Steam Cleaner

  1. The steam cleaning technique doesn’t need any cleaning substances as compared to carpet cleaners which use chemicals and cleansers.
  2. Steam cleaning machine is more complicated when compared with carpet cleaning machine which includes only the brushes at the bottom.
  3. The expense of steam cleaning is more costly as it additionally utilizes more costly hardware compared with carpet cleaners.
  4. It needs 24 hours (or more) to cleanse and complete the process as in this process the whole area is wet and it takes time to get dry. Whereas, the whole process of steam cleaning just needs 6 hours (or less) since steam evaporates all.
  5. For operating the steam cleaners one needs a technician who has a good understanding and experience, whereas carpet cleaners can be done without any technician.
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Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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