Difference Between Nylon Carpet and Polyester Carpet

You may find yourself in a dilemma when choosing between nylon and polyester carpets as they are the most common carpet materials.  So, one needs to know the factors on basis of which one compares these two materials and makes the right pick. 


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Nylon Carpet vs Polyester Carpet

The difference between nylon carpets and polyester carpets is that nylon carpets are much more durable than polyester carpets but at the same time, they are also expensive. So, if budget is a constraint for you or you are willing to replace it soon, polyester carpet is a much more practical choice. 

Nylon Carpet vs Polyester Carpet

A nylon carpet is very durable and it stands up to abrasion. The longevity of a nylon carpet can be increased if it is steam cleaned after every 12-18 months. 

Polyester carpets are very popular because it is pocket-friendly and shows a high level of stain resistance. These carpets have a very lustrous appearance and can brighten up a dull room with their vibrant appearance.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonNylon CarpetPolyester Carpet
SoftnessNylon is a rougher material as compared to polyester. The softness of polyester carpets is one of the characteristic features that attract customers. 
Stain ResistanceThe stain resistance capability of a nylon carpet is not very strong and also varies from with grades of carpet. Polyester carpets have high stain resistance capability as it is one of the fundamental characteristics of polyester fiber. 
DurabilityNylon carpets are considered the most durable carpeting material and are thus used mostly in high-traffic areas. In terms of durability, polyester carpets are not the first choice of customers because they tend to show wear after few years. 
InvestmentNylon carpets are much expensive as compared to polyester carpets. Polyester carpets are pocket-friendly. 
RecyclingNylon carpets can be recycled easily. Polyester carpets are partially made of recycled materials but cannot be recycled easily. 

What is Nylon Carpet?

One of the reasons why nylon carpets are the first choice of every customer is their high durability. The strong fiber of nylon makes it resistant to abrasion and it can retain its original appearance for a long span. 

For stain-resistant nylon carpets, the solution-dyed nylons are the best choice as the color of the carpet becomes a part of the fiber, and stain cannot adhere to it. 

Nylon 6 and Nylon 6,6 are two types of materials used for carpeting. While both these materials are recycled, it is easier to recycle carpets that are made from Nylon 6 materials. In terms of durability, they are the same.

Due to its high durability and resiliency, the price of nylon carpets goes up. But today, various grades of nylon carpets are readily available in the market and they come at various price ranges.

What is Polyester Carpet?

The use of polyester in the carpeting industry became popular a decade after nylon carpets were introduced. Polyester carpets catch the attention of a buyer at the first sight due to their lustrous appearance.

Polyester carpets are inherently stain-resistant but they are not completely stain-proof. So, the stain should be immediately removed because if the time increases, the stain will settle on the fiber and embed it into the fiber. 

Polyester carpets are recommended for low-traffic areas because they are not durable as nylon carpets.

In terms of eco-friendliness, polyester carpets are produced from partially recycled plastics but the carpets cannot be recycled. But, customers can go for it if they want a low price carpeting.

Main Differences Between Nylon Carpet and Polyester Carpet

  1. Nylon carpets are expensive as compared to polyester carpets. The latter one is pocket-friendly. 
  2. Nylon carpets are recycled very easily but they aren’t made of recycled items whereas polyester carpets are partially made of recycled materials but the carpets are not recyclable. 
Difference Between Nylon Carpet and Polyester Carpet


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