Difference Between Vacuum Cleaner and Carpet Cleaner

Thinking of getting started with the cleaning for this season? Or did you get a new carpet recently? Anyways, what you need to get started is a cleaner.


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But aren’t you wondering what you need? Should you use a vacuum cleaner or a carpet cleaner? The answer lies right here.

Vacuum Cleaner vs Carpet Cleaner

The difference between a vacuum cleaner and a carpet cleaner is that carpet cleaners can clean deep stains whereas vacuum cleaners can only clean the surface of the carpets. Depending on the type of surface of the area to be cleaned, the differences between these two cleaners vary.

Vacuum Cleaner vs Carpet Cleaner

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A vacuum cleaner can be thought of as a go-to type of cleaner for everyday use. It is a standard appliance used to succumb the dirt, strands of hair, and little loose particles from the carpet.

It is rare to find a household without a vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaners suction the dust and many tiny particles from floors, carpets, and even walls.

On the other hand, a carpet cleaner is a type of carpet cleaning household appliance that does not have a water tank. It uses a cleaner in conjunction with brush action to clean the carpet thoroughly.

Some cleaners also have a suction mechanism to remove the cleaning fluid after the cleaning.

Comparison Table

Parameters of comparisonVacuum cleanerCarpet cleaner
DefinitionA vacuum cleaner is a common household cleaning appliance used to suction the dirt from the floors.A carpet cleaner is an occasional use cleaning appliance used to remove deep stains from carpets.
UseSuitable for everyday useUsed only occasionally mostly for stain removal
MechanismSuctions dirt particles, hair strands, and loose particles to remove themCleans the area using a cleaner in conjunction with brush action
SpecialtyQuickly removes dirt without the use of any cleaning fluid or waterHas an installed suction mechanism to remove the cleaning fluid from the cleaned area
ManagementEasy to use and set upNot as easy to set up

What is Vacuum Cleaner?

A vacuum cleaner is a familiar household cleaning appliance found easily in many different sizes and styles according to the consumer’s use.

They are used to clean the surfaces such as floors, walls, carpets with the help of the suction mechanism inbuilt in them. A vacuum cleaner just succumbs dirt and loose particles from the surfaces without the use of any cleaning fluid or water.

Regularly vacuuming the floors keeps them clean and fresh-looking. But some spill stains or pet stains on the carpet are just too much to handle for the vacuum cleaner.

For this, you don’t need to worry. Just replace the vacuum cleaner with the carpet cleaners for such situations. A good thing about vacuum cleaners is that they don’t use water or any type of cleaning liquid to operate.

So there is no need for post-cleaning of the floors.

Vacuum cleaners are also used to clean small stairs, tiny hidden corners, and even between cushions. This is made possible by the various different attachments to the vacuum cleaner.

After just a few swipes on the floors with the appliance, you can get a fresh clean floor without a single speck of dirt.

What is Carpet Cleaner?

A carpet cleaner is a cleaning appliance to clean carpets. It is a type of cleaner that is not occasionally in use.

When a vacuum cleaner can not get the job done well, it is time to bring out your carpet cleaner or maybe rent one. The carpet cleaner will remove all the stains or liquid spills from your beautiful carpet.

Carpet cleaners have had their name changes many times. The terms ‘carpet cleaner’ and ‘carpet shampooer’ are rather old terms used to refer to a household cleaning appliance that did not use a water tank.

Those types of carpet cleaners used a cleaner in conjunction with brush action. Now, the preferred term is ‘carpet steamer’. Carpet steamer is a term for carpet cleaning appliances including those with water tanks.

Most modern carpet cleaners are sold under the name of carpet steamers.

In the old types of carpet cleaners, the ones with a water tank, the cleaning fluid stayed inside the carpet after cleaning, to protect the fibers. It wasn’t removed nor any water was used to cleanse the carpet after that.

But thanks to modern technology, carpet cleaners have become carpet steamers, and now after cleaning the carpet, cleaning fluid is removed by the machine itself, and the carpet is dried smoothly.

The new inbuilt suction mechanism in the carpet steamers removes the cleaning fluid and water from the carpet after cleaning.

Main Differences Between Vacuum Cleaner and Carpet Cleaner

  1. A vaccum cleaner is able to scuumb the surfaces only, whereas a carpet cleaner cleans deep stains on the carpet and refreshes it from the roots.
  2. A carpet cleaner uses a cleaning fuild to operate effectively but on the other hand a vacuum cleaner needs only a suction mechanism to remove dirt particles and give the place a pleasant look.
  3. Vacuum cleaners are a must-have essential household cleaning appliance, whereas carpet cleaners are only for occasional use in case of emergency such as deep stains or spill spots on your carpets.
  4. Vacuum cleaners are easy to use, only a button away whereas carpet cleaners are not the easy to set up and operate.
  5. Vacuum cleaners suction out the dirt particles from the surface thoroughly with the help of its inbuilt suction mechanism whereas carpet cleaners remove deep seated stains and liquid stains from the carpet.
Difference Between Vacuum Cleaner and Carpet Cleaner
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