Polyester vs Polyamide: Difference and Comparison

Wearing good quality clothes is very good. Having a good quality of the material is also very good, choosing good materials is very helpful and also lasts long in your life.

In the case of clothes choosing high-quality materials makes them more usable and lasts long. You can wear clothes for a very long time if the material and clothing are good.

Polyester and polyamide are both fiber which is very good material and also has a different meaning.

Key Takeaways

  1. Both polyester and polyamide are synthetic fibers, but polyester is derived from petroleum, and polyamide originates from the reaction of an amine with a carboxylic acid.
  2. Polyamide has better moisture-wicking properties and is more breathable than polyester.
  3. Polyester is more resistant to UV radiation and is more hydrophobic than polyamide.

Polyester vs Polyamide

Polyester is a synthetic fibre made from petrochemicals known for its durability, resistance to wrinkles, and ease of care. Polyester is also resistant to stains and mildew. Polyamide, also known as nylon, is another synthetic fibre that is more lightweight has a better elasticity than polyester.

Polyester vs Polyamide

Polyester is a fabric material that consists of ester in every part of its chain which makes it more unique and also it is from a variety of plants. Polyester is also made up of all the synthetic materials and small details available from plants.

The natural substance is also added to the polyester material. Some insects are also used for making polyester fabric.

Polyamide is obtained from natural sources. It is a chained process and it is connected in a line called amid bones. The bond is repeated and there are different types of polyamide.

There are proteins, silks, and also wool. This polyamide is made of natural substances. The artificially made substances include nylon and also sodium polymeric.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonPolyesterPolyamide
Chemical Name Polyethylene is the chemical name for polyesterNylon is the chemical name for polyamide
ManufactureIt is directly created and spun from a chemical solutionIt is created as a liquid form to spun and then dried to fiber
UsesCarpets, drapes, and beddingRaincoats, swimwear, and sportswear
WearabilityIt is wrinkle resistance It has low moisture absorbing tendency
Flammability It melts and burns at the same timeIt melts and burns quickly

What is Polyester?

Synthetic fiber is also known as polyester. It is made from petroleum. This fabric is the most and highly demanded fabric in the entire world. People, businessmen, and also the world’s textile industry use this fabric for producing clothes and other materials.

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This fabric is used to make colorful and variety of clothes and materials. There are thousands of customers and people ready to buy this material from any market.

Polyester is a polymer that is mostly made up of molecules with the esters substituents. Ethylene, a component of petrochemical that could also be produced from several other sources, is used to make most artificial and some tree polyester fibers.

Although certain types of polyester are disposable, the majority aren’t, and polyester is manufactured and affects global contamination.

Polyester will be the only component of textiles in rare cases, but polyester is more commonly combined alongside cotton or perhaps another natural fiber.

The use of polyester in clothing cuts the cost of production, but it reduces comfort and satisfaction. When polyester is mixed with cotton, it enhances the organic fiber’s evaporation, resilience, and creasing properties.

Polyester is extremely resistant to the elements, making it excellent for long-term usage in outdoor environments.


What is Polyamide?

Polyamide is a name for several fabric groups and it is also made by many joints of polymer units. So in the market, the famous polyamide is nylon and it is used highly in some textile industries.

There are many other polyamide varieties other than nylon. These polyamide verities are made artificially which is carbon content molecules. They also have originated from the different artificial links.

The polyamide material was first introduced at the worlds fair in America and then it was the strongest marketing material than steel. The introduction of polyamide gave a huge impact in the time of world war 2.

The nylon was highly used for parachute materials and also dress which was suitable for the war. After that, polyamide fabrics were mostly used in women’s clothes and then they became slowly famous.

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The pure quality of polyamide was rarely used in clothes. The demand for this fabric was highly increased and also it is very easy to get damaged. If it is exposed to heat or other substances it can react rapidly.

The fabric can rapidly catch fire and melt instantly. Later on, the polyamide fabrics were mixed with other textile materials which made it softer, silk, and smooth.

Polyamide is a high-quality fabric that is carefully used in textile industries and also in sportswear in the market.


Main Differences Between Polyester and Polyamide

  1. The main difference between polyester and polyamide is that polyester is a little bit breathable and it is normal. But in the case of polyamide, it is not at all breathable.
  2. Another difference is the colorfastness of the fabric. Polyester has a high amount of colorfastness, but polyamide is not much. Polyamide has less capacity of having colorfastness.
  3. It also has a difference in softness. Polyester is sometimes soft and also it sometimes stiff to use. But polyamide is very soft to use as fabric and also in textiles.
  4. The other difference is that polyester is not easy to stretch and polyamide is very easy to stretch. The clothes we chose to wear should be stretchable and also easy to wear.
  5. Another difference is that polyester gives you so much warmth that it can be worn inside your inner layer. But polyamide is not warm and insulating as it is used to wear outside as an outer layer.
Difference Between Polyester and Polyamide
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Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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