Wristlet vs Bracelet: Difference and Comparison

We love wearing multiple accessories for flaunting different parts of the body. The items may consist of distinct materials such as metal (gold, silver, iron, stainless steel), rubber, and plastic.

All the materials are popular among people as per their taste, status, and choice. Wristlet and bracelet are two wrist flaunting accessories that can be ethnic or funky depending on the fashionista.

Key Takeaways

  1. Wristlets are small, functional bags with a loop or strap for wearing on the wrist, while bracelets are decorative jewelry worn around the wrist.
  2. Wristlets are designed to carry essential items like keys, money, and cards, whereas bracelets serve as fashion accessories.
  3. Wristlets come in various materials and styles, while bracelets can be made from metals, beads, leather, or other materials.

Wristlet vs Bracelet

A wristlet is designed to be practical and functional, while a bracelet is designed to be decorative and stylish. Wristlets are made from fabric or leather, with a small pocket or pouch attached to the band. Bracelets are made from various materials and worn independently or as part of a jewellery set.

Wristlet vs Bracelet

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A wristlet is an accessory made for the wrist. Wristlets are mostly colorful silicon wrist bands. Moreover, wristlets are also known as rubber wristbands.

Furthermore, the wristlets were designed to promote a social cause that Lance Armstrong founded to battle cancer. Livestrong is a message featured in the bands launched by Lance Armstrong.

A bracelet is an ornament worn on the wrist. Earlier the ages ago, people made bracelets with grass and shells. After that, people started making copper and bronze.

It comes in different designs that enhance the beauty of our wrist. Moreover, the bracelet is made from precious metals like gold and diamond in the modern era.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonWristletBracelet
PurposeA wristlet is multipurpose (supporting movements, a token of friendship, etcetera).A bracelet is worn to enhance the beauty of the wrist.
MaterialA wristlet is made from rubber or silicon.A bracelet is made from either metal or non-metal.
Affordability A wristlet is an affordable wristband.A bracelet can be cheap or expensive, depending on the material.
WornA wristlet is an accessory that is worn daily.A bracelet is used primarily on special occasions.
DesignA wrist is a plain band with a one-liner quote.A bracelet can be ethical and funky.

What is Wristlet?

A wristlet is a piece of accessories that are worn on the wrist. It comes in multiple styles, including wristbands, bands consisting of beads, or edible candy.

Wristlet used as an accessory is available in different hues, shapes, and patterns. These can be used for multiple reasons, including as a friendship band or a love symbol. Some wear it as a fashion symbol.

Aside from silicon wristlets, bead wristlets, which are made up of colorful beads, are also popular. Some of the people match their wristlets with their clothes.

Some candy makers make edible wristlets in different flavors and colors. This wristlet serves a dual purpose. One can wear it around the wrist and then chew when they want to eat something sweet and chewy.

Furthermore, several organizations launch wristlets to showcase the purpose of the organization. Wristlets imprinted with the slogan, “LiveStrong” were also worn to support the cancer-fighting initiative.

This initiative was launched by Lance Armstrong (an American).

When we go to a theme park or a water amusement park, the authorities provide us with a waterproof wristlet as part of our ticket.

Moreover, the handle of the carrying purse, bags which wear on our wrist is also known as a wristlet. The band around the gloves reaching the wrist is also a wristlet.

bracelet 1

What is Bracelet?

Bracelet is a type of jewelry piece that people wear around their wrist. These have been around for about 7000 years, when people, particularly women, wore grass or shell bracelets to show off their lovely wrists.

The bracelet comes in multiple designs and is made from different materials. It is like a chain around the wrist which is either of single or multiple strands. It is worn with other pieces of jewelry on special occasions (parties and get-togethers).

The bracelet can be ethnic or western in style, depending on the dress and the function. The non-precious bracelets are made of stainless steel, copper, or iron.

The costly bracelets are made of silver, gold, and diamonds, and they are shiny and appear luxurious on the wrist. Bracelets are gender-specific. A different set of bracelets are designed for men and differently for women.

Bracelets can be bought from jewelry stores, fashion stores, or online stores, depending on your needs, preferences, and taste.

Moreover, people can purchase the readymade bracelets from the store or select the customization option according to the requirement.

Watchmakers incorporate the watch dial into the bracelet, which serves as a functional component of the watch and adds a touch of elegance to the wrist.

Many gifting brands launch couple-oriented bracelets that couples love to wear on their wrist by twinning.

bracelet 2

Main Differences Between Wristlet and Bracelet

  1. A wristlet is worn casually. On the other hand, people wear bracelets on special occasions.
  2. A wristlet comes in limited design and variety. On the other side, people get umpteen designs in the bracelets.
  3. A wristlet is made from silicone or plastic. On the contrary, a bracelet is made from metal (stainless steel or iron).
  4. A wristlet is available at fashion stores (online and offline). However, bracelets can be purchased from a jewelry store or a fashion store.
  5. A wristlet is cheap and more affordable than a bracelet.
  6. A wristlet is worn around the wrist due to multiple reasons. On the other hand, a bracelet is a symbol of fashion.
Difference Between Wristlet and Bracelet
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Last Updated : 14 July, 2023

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