Bracelet vs Anklet: Difference and Comparison

Women are fascinated with the charm and beauty of the jewelry, it enhances their beauty and complements their looks. It is one of the most important things that every woman possesses be it a small bracelet or a golden necklace.

Women have worn jewelry from the beginning of time, it has become one of the most important parts of a women’s life which reflect her image. It is more than an accessory it’s the symbol of their culture and dignity.

Key Takeaways

  1. Bracelets are ornamental bands or chains worn around the wrist, while anklets encircle the ankle.
  2. Anklets have a looser fit than bracelets to accommodate the ankle’s larger circumference.
  3. Bracelets serve as a fashion accessory or carry sentimental value, whereas anklets primarily function as a fashion statement.

Bracelet vs Anklet

The difference between a Bracelet and an Anklet is that Bracelets have long been connected with status and money in various cultures. The wearing of a bracelet is considered a sign of wealth in many of the eastern parts of the world. On the other hand, an Anklet is worn on the left ankle is considered a charm or amulet in most religions. These Anklets were worn as amulets to ward against sickness and bad portents.

Bracelet vs Anklet

A Bracelet is a piece of jewelry that wraps around the wrist and highlights the elegance of a slim hand. The term “bracelet” comes from the Latin word “brachile,” which means “arm.”

Bracelets have an exotic aspect to them, and no lady would turn down the opportunity to flaunt this item swinging from her hand.

 Anklets are ornaments that have been used for generations, especially in the East. Anklets, some engraved with wildlife such as an ibex with curved horns, have been discovered in Persia at end of the 2nd century to the 7th century BC.

Anklets are still popular in India, where they’re embellished with gems and bells, and scooped out and packed with a shot to crinkle musically while worn by dancers and performers.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonBraceletAnklet
Wore inArmsAnkle
Made ofMetal, gold, silver, leather, fabric, plastic, beads, and other materialsSilver, gold, and other less precious metals as well as leather, plastic, nylon, and other such materials.
Popularity among genderMore popular among both men and womenPopular among women
Discovered7,000 years agoBetween the 4th and 5th Century BC
LengthSmaller in lengthLonger than a Bracelet

What is a Bracelet?

 Bracelets are one of the popular accessories. It is composed of wood, beads, stones, bone strips, and other materials that were worn in ancient times.

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Metal wrist cuffs were used to secure a circle of bone strips that had been fashioned into rings. Bracelets are related to many beliefs in different parts of the globe.

Some people believe that wearing specific wristbands will protect them from evil, while others claim they will bring them good fortune.

 On March 1st, moms weave bracelets (Martis) out of red and white thread and wrap them around their child’s arms, according to a Greek tradition.

People claim that wearing these wristbands will protect their cheeks from the sun and keep them pink in hue. They are tossed into a bonfire around midnight.

In today’s world, Bracelets are manufactured of a range of materials. They’re made of silver, gold, palladium, etc. among other valuable metals.

Gemstone Bracelets set in precious metals exude grandeur, elegance, and indescribable beauty.  To provide them more accessible to the general public, they are manufactured with less expensive materials like polyester, pearls, glass, etc.

Designers have developed a wide variety o Bracelet to make them more beautiful and demanding, some of the most popular Bracelet designs are listed below:

1) Tennis Bracelets: Tennis bracelets are a classic piece that is both stylish and versatile. These Bracelets can be embellished with any gem or crystal, however, the diamond tennis bracelet is the most popular.

2) Charm bracelet: A charm Bracelet may be the right choice for you if you like jewelry that truly reflects your personality.

3)  Beaded Bracelets: The beaded Bracelet is among the most adaptable styles of Bracelets. It come in a variety of materials, from colorful gems to pure silver, and can be decorated in a variety of ways to fit your style.

4) Bangles Bracelets: When putting together a Bracelet stack, it’s practically difficult not to think of the bangle Bracelet.

Though bangles are renowned for being thin and stacking, the more inflexible Bracelet type that slides around your wrist and is available in a range of alternatives is sure to be a show-stopper.

bracelet 1

What is an Anklet?

An Anklet, also known as an ankle band, ankle bracelet, or ankle thread, is a type of ankle decoration. Since over 8,000 years ago, girls and women in South Asia have worn barefoot anklets and toe rings.

Egyptian females have been wearing them since ancient times. From the 1930s through the late twentieth century, both informal and more ceremonial Anklets became trendy in the United States.

 Some females use formal anklets (made of silver, platinum, gemstones, etc) as fashion accessories. In Indian weddings, Anklets are a must-have item of jewelry.

From ancient times onwards, Egyptian ladies of all socioeconomic groups used Anklets as a daily decoration. Anklets were given the same term as Bracelets, menefret (unfit), with the addition of a word to indicate a link to the feet.

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You can wear an Anklet on either ankle, and there are no hidden meanings about wearing it on the left or right. Ankle bracelets, on the other hand, should never be worn with trousers.

This must always be worn with bare legs. There are two sorts of metal anklets: “elastic” and “rigid.”

In India, elastic anklets are formed by connecting loops in a chain and are known as paayal, jhanjhar, etc. They can be made of various metals, fiber, gemstones, etc.

Various types of Anklet can enhance your beauty and can add to your style, some of the most common Anklets worn today are listed below:

1) Beaded – They are frequently the most vivid Anklets you’ll find, and the amount of beading varies a lot. You can go for this classic Anklet if you enjoy handicrafts.

2) Diamond Anklet: For those who enjoy diamonds floating across the entire surface of the ankle, Diamond Anklet is the best choice for them.

3) Anklets come in a variety of gems and birthstones, such as turquoise, pearl, and others, you can choose among the various variety available.

4) Shell  Anklet- If you appreciate the seaside and informal, easygoing fashion, a shell Anklet may be for you. Small shells are interwoven to create the appearance of a beaded Anklet that looks astonishing.


Main Differences Between Bracelet and Anklet

1. Bracelet comes from the Latin term brachile, which means “of the arm.” An anklet is a term created by putting the suffix Let to the word arm.

2. Bracelets cannot be worn as Anklets, but Anklets can also be worn as Bracelets

3. In comparison to Bracelet, Anklet has more cultural values in India.

4. In some culture Bracelet symbolize a relationship with someone, whereas an Anklet symbolizes that you are engaged or married.

5. Men prefer wearing Bracelets and avoid Anklets.

Difference Between Bracelet and Anklet

Last Updated : 18 July, 2023

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