Bracelet vs Bangle: Difference and Comparison

Women’s and fashion accessories are inseparable. From a little girl to a grown-up woman, fashion accessories and wearing them according to trends and occasion are a perfect match.

The fashion item list extends to infinity. But bracelets and bangles are girls’ favorite accessories. These days, men too like these items.

Key Takeaways

  1. Bracelets are flexible and adjustable, while bangles are rigid and come in a fixed size.
  2. Bangles are worn in multiples and make a distinctive sound, whereas bracelets are quieter and can be worn individually or stacked.
  3. Bracelets feature clasps or closures, while bangles are slipped over the hand or wrist.

Bracelet Vs Bangle

The difference between bracelet and bangle is that the bracelet is a type of accessory worn on the wrist and is either in the form of a chain, strap, or belt. On the other hand, bangles are worn on the hands that are round and made of different materials.

Bracelet Vs Bangle

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Bracelets are beautiful to wear on the wrist. They are worn to increase the beauty of the hands. They are widely used by women, men, and kids.

It comes in a variety of sizes. Baby-sized bracelets are available in jewelry shops. No matter the age, bracelets are loved by everyone.

Bangles are worn as a decorating accessory on the hands. Women normally like bangles to wear on different occasions. It’s one of the oldest forms of jewelry worn in ancient days as well as modern ones like the one we are living in.

It comes in a variety of materials.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonBraceletBangle
AppearanceBracelets are less rigid than bangles and can be opened quickly using a lock or buckle.The nature of bangles is that they are rigid and are worn around the wrists without being opened.
FittingOnly with the correct size, bangles can be fitted into the hands. Multi-size bracelets are available that can be fitted onto any wrist without any difficulty.
Suitable ForBracelets are suitable for both men and women.Women are the only ones who wear bangles regularly.
Worn On Bracelets are plain and simply studded and can be worn on formal and informal occasions.Bangles are decorative as well as simple, but need to be worn separately on formal and informal occasions for looks.
RitualIn foreign countries, there is no ritual of wearing bracelets or bangles on the wedding day.Typically, only Indian women wear a dozen bangles on their wedding day as a part of the ritual.

What is Bracelet?

Bracelets can be used to hold a watch or other pieces of apparel, such as religious charms. Some are used to find patient identification tags and are marked with medical and identity information.

Sometimes bracelets are used to support certain causes related to an issue, create awareness or fight against a disease like cancer, AIDS, breast cancer, etc.

A bracelet has a flexible loop and can be adjusted too. Bracelets come in different varieties, like pearl bracelets, beaded, glass beaded, paper, thread, plastic, etc.,

Recycled bracelets are made with plastic bottles too. Some types of models of the bracelet include cuff type, clasp type, and chain type.

Seasonal bracelets are popular and, according to the trends, manufacturers make these kinds of bracelets. Seasonal bracelets are friendship day friendship bracelets, Valentine’s Day couple bracelets, and national festival flag bands.

They create an elegant look for any outfit. Smart bracelets are available on the market to track GPS, fitness tracking, and step counting.

Men’s bracelets are silver or leather and are worn daily with jeans and t-shirts. Some people wear bracelets as lucky charms and have an emotional attachment to them. They are cute, beautiful, and also create a feminine look.

bracelet 1

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What is Bangle?

Bangles are traditional jewelry used primarily by women from South Asia. Bangles are loud and tinkling and are worn in pairs, but at special events, multiple pairs are worn, sometimes on dozens of wedding functions.

In some cultures, they are worn on the elbow and ankle too. Metals, acrylic, plastics, or other substances are used to create them. There are origins of states that are called by different names, like Bungri Bangles, Chodi, and Valayal, etc.

There are traditional, wedding, party wear, and temple bangles also available. Usually, bangles came in gold or silver in ancient times. But these days, there are varieties of design, color, models, and even trends that have come now.

Hyderabadi bangles are the most famous bangles, and they have a special street for bangles. Silk thread bangles are at their peak these days, as people have started to make and wear them for matching dresses and sarees.

Bangles are also available in square and triangular shapes. The attraction drags women to buy more bangles, which are important fashion statements to wear. Even quilling bangles and terracotta bangles are in style.

Women believe bangles are spirituous to wear and they even worship goddesses with bangles.


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Main Differences Between Bracelet and Bangle

  1. Bangles are worn on the upper arm. On the other hand, bracelets are worn on the wrist by women.
  2. Bracelets are worn as a single piece, whereas bangles are worn in pairs or sets by ladies and girls.
  3. Bracelets can not be slid over the hand. Bangles, on the other hand, can be slid all over the hand.
  4. Bracelets can be adjusted and bent according to size, whereas bangles can be adjusted or bent but have to be worn based on size.
  5. Bracelets are flexible with their strap chains, while bangles do not have a chain-like thing in their appearance.
Difference Between Bracelet and Bangle

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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