Difference Between Bracelet and Hand Chain

The charm of jewelry is everlasting for all women. In the beauty industry, jewelry is something that every woman loves to wear.


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Hand jewelry is a must-have for all beauty and jewelry lovers. Many people get confused between bracelet and hand chain as they find it pretty similar.

Hand chain and bracelet are two different types of jewelry that helps in improving the beauty of your hands.

The hand chain is fancier as compared to the bracelet.

Bracelet vs Hand Chain                                             

The difference between bracelet and hand chain is that bracelet is for your wrist. On the other hand, a hand chain covers your wrist and fingers. Both bracelets and hand chains come in the category of hand jewelry. Hand chain works as connecting jewelry that connects your wrist with your finger.

Bracelet vs Hand Chain

People can use bracelets for professional and personal use. The popularity of bracelets is due to their designs and easy-to-wear system.

The designs of bracelets would be either simple or fancy. The most popular bracelets are chain bracelets, slider bracelets, charm bracelets, and bangle bracelets.

Bracelets can have a lock system in them. Some bracelets come without any lock, and the person can directly wear them on the wrist.

Hand chain is available in many types and materials. Hand chains are not for professional use as they are for special occasions.

Hand chains are vital for any Indian wedding as it complements the bridal look.

The hand chain contains a ring for the finger of a person. If you want multipurpose jewelry, then a hand chain is the best for you.

Comparison Table      

Parameters of ComparisonBraceletHand Chain
UseUsed as hand jewelryUsed as 2 in one jewelry for both wrist and finger
Made forWomen and menWomen
PurposeTo increase the beauty of wristTo increase the beauty of the finger and wrist.
PopularityThe popularity of bracelets is moreThe popularity of hand chains is fewer
ComponentsSingle componentMultiple components

What is Bracelet?                                                                                                                     

Bracelet is an updated form of a bangle. Many women use bracelets as a substitute for bangles. Bracelets are curated to give a classy look to the wrist of men and women.

Bracelets are available in many forms, and you can choose the best one for you. Bracelets come in circular form to support the shape of your wrist. Gold bracelets are popular for their metallic shine and finishing.

Bracelets are not multifunctional. If you wear a bracelet, then you may require other jewelry such as rings. The Egyptian people started the tradition of wearing bracelets.

In ancient times, the culture of wearing grass bracelets started.

One of the most renowned bracelets for health benefits is a copper bracelet. Copper bracelets provide anti-aging properties to the person.

Copper bracelets are beneficial for mineral absorption.

Nowadays, diamond and platinum bracelets are popular. There are many customized bracelets available for people. The bracelet styles and designs are unlimited.

What is Hand Chain?

The similarity of hand chains with bracelets is due to the chain system. Many people consider hand chains as the chain form of bracelets, but this is not true.

One of the types of hand chains is hand chain bracelets which are slightly similar to the bracelet. In hand chain bracelets, the chain is used for connecting the ring with the bracelet.

Normal Hand chains are multifunctional as they contain two pieces of jewelry together. In simple terms, a hand chain is a combination of chains and rings.

Hand chain is not for professional use as they are excessively fancy. Just like bracelets, the variety of hand chains is unlimited. People can curate or customize a specific type of hand chain according to their preferences.

The hand chain is not very comfortable due to the presence of a chain in it. The hand chains are different from hand chain bracelets.

In hand chain bracelets, a bracelet is present which is not present in a normal hand chain. In a simple hand chain, a long chain is used to enhance the beauty of your fingers and wrists.

Hand chains are lighter weight than heavy copper or gold bracelets.

The flexibility of the hand chain is less than bracelets, due to its chain designs.

You can’t move your hands freely after wearing a complex designed hand chain.

Main Differences Between Bracelet and Hand Chain           

  1. Bracelet is single-designed jewelry with limited uses. On the other hand, a hand chain is a complex design of jewelry that you can wear in various ways.
  2. A bracelet covers the wrist of the person, whereas a hand chain covers the finger and wrist of a person.
  3. Bracelet is easy to wear while wearing hand chains is time taking.            
  4. Bracelets don’t contain any parts or components, whereas hand chain contains more than one component.
  5. Bracelets are heavy and compact as compared to hand chains.
Difference Between Bracelet and Hand Chain


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