Steam Mop vs Crosswave: Difference and Comparison

Traditional vacuum cleaners are found in almost every household and have been popular for years. The reason behind that is because they are easy to use, convenient, saving time and effort as well.

However, many advancements have been made in the traditional vacuum cleaners, and now several different variants and technologies are available.

Steam mop and cross wave are two such types of vacuum cleaners that use new technology.

Key Takeaways

  1. Steam mops are cleaning devices that use heated water to generate steam for sanitizing and loosening dirt from floors. At the same time, CrossWave is a brand of multi-surface cleaner combining vacuuming, mopping, and drying in one device.
  2. Steam mops are suitable for hard floor surfaces, such as tile, laminate, or sealed wood, while CrossWave can handle hard floors and area rugs and carpets.
  3. Both steam mops and CrossWave devices are designed for efficient and convenient floor cleaning, but CrossWave offers additional versatility with its vacuum and drying features.

Steam Mop vs Crosswave

The difference between a steam mop and cross wave is that the steam mop can easily and efficiently work on almost all types of surfaces, such as indoor floors, outdoor floors, hard floors and more. On the other hand, the cross wave is specifically designed to work on a particular type of floor.

Steam Mop vs Crosswave

A steam mop is a type of vacuum cleaner that cleans the floor without using any floor cleaning agent such as detergent, floor cleaning solutions, bleaches, and more.

The steam mop is most popularly sold by the Bissell symphony company. The steam mop can easily work on all types of floors, however, it is majorly designed to work on hard floors.

A crosswave can be called an advanced version of a steam mop, as it, not just vacuums the floor, but also washes and dries it as well.

The crosswave vacuum cleaner works efficiently and is most suitable for people who not just want to save time, but also not waste a lot of energy on cleaning the floor every day.

Comparison Table

Parameters of comparisonSteam mopCrosswave
RequirementsThe steam mop does not require any floor cleaning solution to clean the floors. The crosswave needs a floor cleaner solution to clean the floor.
ControlsThe steam mop has push-button controls. The crosswave has digital fingertip controls.
Efficiency rateThe steam mop has a lower efficiency rate. The crosswave has a higher efficiency rate.
Cleaning trayThe steam mop does not include a cleaning tray. Crosswave includes a washing tray.
SanitizationThe steam mop naturally sanitize the floor.The crosswave does not naturally sanitize the floor.

What is a Steam Mop?

A steam mop, as the name suggests, creates steam to clean the floor. In simpler words, it can be said that the steam mop requires water to be filled. Once the water is filled, the temperature of the steam mop rises to a certain degree.

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In most of the steam mops, the temperature of the water up to which it is heated is equal to a maximum of 120 Degrees celsius or equal to 248 degrees Fahrenheit.

As the water gets heated, it consequently results in evaporation of the water filled inside the reservoir of the steam mop. Simultaneously, after reaching a certain point of temperature, the water starts getting evaporated.

Due to the evaporation of water, steam is created which is released out of the steam mop through the escape point. The released steam out of the steam mop is responsible for cleaning the floors. 

As the steam is released onto the pad which is attached to the steam mop, the steam gets condensed, and as a result, the pad of the steam mop becomes damp.

The damp pad when is rubbed against the dirty floor, all the dust and dirt gets drawn off from the floor. The Steam Mop is a very convenient substitute for a traditional vacuum cleaner as it cleans the ground effectively without making it a hassle.

steam mop scaled

What is a Crosswave?

The crosswave vacuum cleaner is most suitable to work on hard floors, however, there are several different variants of the crosswave vacuum cleaner which are designed to work on several other specific floors such as on rugs and uneven surfaces. 

The crosswave has many benefits such as it can vacuum, wash and dry the floor as well, all in one go only without moving the vacuum over the floor multiple times.

Moreover, it can work on any type of hard floor, be it tiles, wooden floor, or area rugs as well.

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Apart from that, the crosswave has two separate compartments for clean water and dirty water, because of this feature, one can clean the floor using the clean water without getting the dirty water mixed into the clean water or without changing the water again and again.

The crosswave has several different cleaning modes which can be chosen depending upon the needs through the digital fingertip control feature.

The complete package of the crosswave vacuum cleaner contains the vacuum cleaner, a storage tray, a brush roll, and a complimentary Bissell cleaning formula that is suitable for any surface.

Main Differences Between Steam Mop and Crosswave

  1. The steam mop has 3 different cleaning modes which can be used depending upon the type of floor. On the other hand, the crosswave can only be used on hard indoor floors and area rugs.
  2. The weight of the steam mop is lighter as compared to the weight of crosswave, which is equal to about 10 lbs. Whereas the weight of the crosswave is heavier as compared to the weight of the steam mop, which is equal to about 11 lbs. 
  3. The maintenance of the steam mop is less expensive as compared to the crosswave. On the contrary, the maintenance of the crosswave is more expensive as compared to the steam mop. 
  4. The steam mop has push-button controls. Whereas, the crosswave has digital fingertip controls.
  5. The steam mop also naturally sanitizes the floor without using any sanitizer. On the other hand, the crosswave does not sanitize the floor naturally, instead, it requires additional sanitizer to be added along the water to sanitize the floor.
Difference Between Steam Mop and Crosswave



Last Updated : 22 July, 2023

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