Glowforge vs Epilog: Difference and Comparison

Laser cutting is a procedure that has been in use since the 1960s when it was used only in big industries. It was then and now when people can buy small compact laser cutters for themselves. They can be used in the workplace or even as a hobby.

Glowforge and Epilog are both popular laser-cutting companies. It totally depends on the person’s requirements for the laser size, its capacity, and the wattage rate of the laser to select the ideal laser machine for them.

Since both of the laser machines by the companies have different features to provide, it is important to get information about them before buying the right option.

Key Takeaways

  1. Glowforge uses a laser cutter and engraver to create designs on various materials, while Epilog uses a CO2 laser to cut and engrave materials such as wood, acrylic, and metal.
  2. Glowforge is designed for home and smaller projects, while Epilog is better suited for industrial and large-scale projects.
  3. Glowforge is more affordable, while Epilog is more expensive but offers higher precision and more advanced features, such as a rotary attachment for cylindrical objects.

Glowforge vs Epilog

The difference between Glowforge and Epilog is that they have different techniques for using laser machines. For cutting or engraving in Glowforge, one has to have an internet connection, but it is not required in Epilog machines. Also, the mechanics of cooling the laser machines are different as well in the models of the companies.

Glowforge vs Epilog

Glowforge is a company that produces a series of laser cutters. Their versatility in the products like wood, paper, and fabric material is quite high. They call their products 3D laser printers when, in fact, they are CNC laser cutter engravers.

Epilog is a company that manufactures laser engraving and cutting systems. They have products for people ranging from beginners to ones used for industrial work. The bigger the range of the product, the more functions it will have, which include a larger engraving area, more laser options, etc.

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Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonGlowforgeEpilog
DefinitionGlowforge is a company that produces a line of laser cutter/engravers. Epilog is a laser machine system manufacturer that has been in the business since 1988.
Year of discovery  20141988 
Product lines The company currently has three laser machine lines: Glowforge Basic, Glowforge Plus, and Glowforge Pro.They have three lines of series: Zing Laser, Fusion Edge, and Fusion Pro.
Laser wattThe products have a maximum of 45w laser.There are more options for laser watt by Epilog. Starting from 30 watts for the Zing laser to 50 watts for the Fusion Pro.
Internet connectivityUsing Glowforge’s products, one has to have internet connectivity to cut or engrave their particular material.There is no mandatory use of internet connection in Epilog machines. They can either choose to use it or not.

What is Glowforge?

Glowforge is a 3D laser machine company that manufactures various laser machines used for cutting, engraving, and marking different materials. They have installed live cameras in the laser machines that help preview the material’s design.

The company currently has three types of laser cutters: Glowforge Basic, Glowforge Plus, and Glowforge Pro. Laser cutting, at a minimum, would take a couple of hours. A simple or basic design, on average, would take just a couple of minutes to engrave.

The software used for laser cutting or engraving is regularly updated with numerous changes and updations that make it easier. It can be used from almost any internet browser.

The browser just needs to be updated to the latest version. They even have their own Glowforge App that users can download to control the machine.

glowforge 1

What is Epilog?

Epilog is a company that produces a series of laser machines that engrave, cut, and mark products. The company was in 1988 and is based in the United States, and the products are also manufactured there. The product range has different features like different engraving areas, internet connectivity, etc.

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The company has three lines of laser machines: Zing Laser for starters, Fusion Edge for businesses, and Fusion Pro for industrial usage. In three types, the lasers are of series. For example, Zing Laser has Zing 16 and Zing 24. 16 and 24, respectively, state the size of the engraving area of the laser machine.

People can customize their engravings and cuttings according to their choices. The Zing Laser line was the USA’s first low-cost laser that was released in 2008. If one wants a higher speed for their engraving, they would need to choose the costlier option from their product line.


Main Differences Between Glowforge and Epilog

  1. Glowforge and Epilog have different ways of going through the procedure of laser cutting/engravings. Glowforge needs an internet connection for its usage, while Epilog’s laser machines do not need any internet.
  2. The technique of cooling down the laser machine is different in the models of the two companies. Glowforge looks less complex and more sophisticated in comparison to Epilog machines since the machine cools down the system internally. Epilog has extra cool fans and tubes to cool the system.
  3. Glowforge laser machines are simpler to set up and look more compact in comparison to the product line by Epilog.
  4. Glowforge is a rather new company in comparison to Epilog. Epilogue is way older than the former. It has been around since 1988, while Glowforge was launched in the year 2014.
  5. The models of laser machines that have the option of internet connectivity by Epilog only support Windows. While all the products by Glowforge support more amount of internet browsers.



Last Updated : 07 July, 2023

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