Difference Between Glowforge and Cricut

In the world of design, art, and craft, cutting machines are crucial for making a unique design of your own. Glowforge and Cricut machines are famous names in this industry and are known to take your designs to another new level.


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Though both of the machines are efficient, there are some differences that one needs to look for while stepping into this world of crafting.

Glowforge vs Cricut

The difference between the Glowforge and Cricut machines is that the Glowforge machine is heavier than the Cricut one. Apart from portability, the main criteria that make all the difference are that Glowforge machines use lasers to perform all their functions, whereas Cricut machines still utilize blades to cut the materials.  

Glowforge vs Cricut

Glowforge machines are is a type of mechanism that is used in the crafting world to cut, score or engrave various materials. This machine can be used easily by anyone and even offers its design programs to its users.

It also enables the selection of any type of image file such as pdf, png, jpg and allows the user to choose files from different design programmes as well. 

Cricut machines are a kind of tool that is also used in the world of crafting to cut, score or engrave various materials.

These machines are suitable to put into professional use and can also be used for small business purposes. The precision with which it performs its functions is remarkable.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonGlowforgeCricut
TransportabilityGlowforge machines are huge. So it is difficult to carry them wherever you go.  Cricut machines are transportable. They can be put into a carrying case and can be travelled with.  
SubstancesThe Glowforge machines can cut hardy substances like wood, leather, glass etc.   Cricut machines are compatible with materials like paper, vinyl, cardstock that are thin.  
Business purposeThese machines are meant for usage by small businesses. It has unique features that are suitable to perform and make designs of the user’s choice.  On the other hand, Cricut machines are handy with low scale materials.  
Finishing of productsGlowforge is good at making a product look perfect with its precise cutting feature.  With Cricut, sometimes the cutting of designs can go wrong.  
ProgrammesGlowforge has its design programme that is the Glowforge Web App but can perform other programmes too.  Design Space, Circuit’s designing app come with a bit of shortcoming.    

What is Glowforge?

The Glowforge machine is an efficient cutting tool that can be both used by small business owners and for personal work.

They use two mediums to execute the cutting and other functions. One is a blade, and the other is a laser. With the laser, the work becomes smoother, less time consuming and more precise.

When it comes to the size, it is too heavy and bulky. It cannot be carried with at every place and requires a sturdy table upon which it can be placed. This machine works perfectly when it comes to detailing and precise cuts.

It is also compatible with all types of files such as pdf, jpg, png and many more. However, this machine is not suitable for a consumer who wants a noise-free atmosphere as its sound might across very annoying.

The users will find no difficulty while using this machine to cut, score or engrave their materials. It has its design programme, and an app called the Glowforge app where one can make their designs.

Glowforge machines are best for thick substances. However, one can utilize these machines for their work. It is most suitable for heavy and professional work. 

What is Cricut?

The Cricut machine is an instrument used by both professionals and commoners to cut, score or engrave materials in the crafting industry. These machines use blades to execute all the relevant tasks.

The feature that makes it appealing to its users is that it can be easily carried to wherever one goes and occupies a negligible area of one’s room. 

Due to its lightness, the user can easily handle the detailing of his or her work and achieve perfection. It uses the Cricut Design Space app to run all the design programmes.

This machine is ideal for users who want to use this cutting tool for personal use. It can also work with many types of image files such as png, jpg, gif etc.

Thinner materials go well with Cricut machines, and they are suitable for cutting fabrics, paper etc.

If someone stays in an apartment and is annoyed with the neighbour’s complaint about the machine’s sound, the Cricut machine is the best choice for them. Since it uses blades, one needs to be more cautious not to cut himself.

Main Differences Between Glowforge and Cricut

  1. Glowforge machines are heavier than Cricut cutting machines and occupy more space than the latter. 
  2. Glowforge machines use both blades and lasers. On the other hand, Cricut machines only use blades to cut their materials and execute their other functions. 
  3. Glowforge machines achieve more perfection in cutting than Cricut machines.
  4. Glowforge machines are safer than Cricut machines as it uses lasers. 
  5. Thicker materials should be cut, scored or engraved with Glowforge machines, whereas Cricut only goes with thinner substances.


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