Difference Between Glowforge and Muse

Glowforge and Muse are two types of laser cutters, used in various industries. It is most commonly used to create parts of electronics, computers, medical, home decor and many other things.


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Both of the laser cutters have the same objectives and functions but some of the features make them different from each other.

Glowforge vs Muse

The difference between Glowforge and Muse is that Glowforge maintains cloud-based software and Muse does not, as a result, Glowforge needs an internet connection to carry out its work unlike Muse, which can work offline. Glowforge also comes with great support options which let a user get help whenever he/she is stuck but Muse on the other hand only offers a basic support system.

Glowforge vs Muse

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Glowforge is a 3D laser printer that works on cloud-based software and has an internal cooling system to run its work without getting heated or without causing any complications.

It is compact and gets the job done as instructed. It is able to work on various operating systems and it can successfully cut several materials.

Muse is also a laser cutter that works on many operating systems and can work on any kind of substance. Its biggest benefit is that it can work offline and it contains many other features such as an LCD screen and a 3D camera.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonGlowforgeMuse
Usage Cooling unit Internet connection Screen SupportGlowforge is used to cut wood, fabric, leather, paper and it can also engrave.It is a desktop laser cutter with the facilities of a 3D camera, autofocus, and LCD touchscreen.
Cooling unitGlowforge includes an in-built internal cooling system.Muse obtains an external water cooling unit.
Internet connectionGlowforge needs an internet connection as it is cloud-based software.Muse laser cutter does not require any internet connection as it can be used offline.
ScreenGlowforge does not have an LCD screen.Muse has an LCD touch screen.
SupportGlowforge has various support options. including a community forum.Muse only possess basic support.

What is Glowforge?

It is a 3D laser printer. It can cut a wide range of materials including fabric, rubber, leather, paper and even wood. It is also capable of engraving on the above-mentioned material and also on glass, marble, aluminium and even coated metal.

Any cutting and engraving project can be done by this printer. It is a great tool to give shape to your creative pursuit. Home decor, jewellery, toys, showpieces, anything can be made and be given a personalised touch with help of this 3D printer.

The main function of this printer is to work as a laser cutter. This cuts various materials according to desired shapes and designs. And while doing this work, it is likely to get very hot.

Due to this, laser cutters require cooling systems to work without any complications. It needs a ventilated area to work properly. Glowforge contains its own internal cooling system and as a result, it does not take up a lot of space.

It works on cloud-based software, so to work it needs an uninterrupted internet connection to perform its assignments. It comes with extraordinary tech support. It has a community forum to help its user out with all the obstacles and doubts.

glowforge 1

What is Muse?

Muse laser cutter is capable to cut into several materials like acrylic, plywood, and leather. It can be used for engraving as well. It is competent enough to engrave on metal. Muse is often regarded as the best desktop laser available on the market.

It works on RetinaEngrave V2 software which is browser-based and self-hosted, and at the same time, it is not very complicated to use.

Another added benefit of this laser cutter is that it can work without an internet connection, it can work offline and its straightforward software gets the job done handily.

As stated before, these laser cutters need a cooling system to keep the work moving without any disruption.

Muse comes with an external cooling system. It is not very compact and takes up extra space and also it can produce fumes so having an exhaust or keeping it close to the windows are the easy solutions for this.

Muse can be used on several operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Muse is comparatively less expensive than Glowforge and it comes with a lot of added advantages such as an LCD touchscreen, 3D camera with the autofocus feature. The camera assists with the alignment of the desired cutting.


Main Differences Between Glowforge and Muse

  1. Internet connection is a must condition to use Glowforge, as it works on cloud-based software. But Muse can be used even when it is offline, so internet connection is not compelled to use it.
  2. Glowforge does not come with an LCD screen whereas Muse does come with an LCD screen.
  3. Glowforge has a community forum to offer any kind of support but Muse only delivers the basic set of support.
  4. Both need a cooling system and Glowforge includes an inbuilt internal cooling system whereas Muse does not have any internal system, it comes with an external water cooling unit.
  5. Glowforge uses native software which is intuitive and straightforward while Muse uses RetinaEngrave V2 software.
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