Samsung Gear VR vs Oculus Go: Difference and Comparison

Some several virtual devices or gadgets are used for entertainment purposes as well as for pleasure.

Such types of gadgets have been produced and manufactured by several famous and popular companies. These technologically advanced companies could either be large-scale or small-scale companies.

Two of the famous virtual gadgets are Samsung Gear Vr and Oculus Go.

Key Takeaways

  1. Samsung Gear VR requires a compatible Samsung smartphone, while Oculus Go is a standalone device with built-in hardware.
  2. Oculus Go offers a higher-resolution display than Samsung Gear VR, resulting in better image quality.
  3. Samsung Gear VR relies on a smartphone’s processing power, whereas Oculus Go has a dedicated processor for smoother performance.

Samsung Gear Vr vs Oculus Go

The difference between Samsung Gear Vr and Oculus Go is that the former works with the software of Android 12 while, on the other hand, the latter works with the software of Android 7. The virtual gadgets are manufactured and produced by different companies and have various storage capacities.

Samsung Gear Vr vs Oculus Go

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Samsung Gear Vr is a virtual reality headset that helps its users moments and travel videos virtually. This headset is a product of Samsung company. They originated and were released in the year 2015.

It helps one experience several digital moments and memories through virtual methods.

Oculus Go was originated, launched, and released by the Facebook company. It was found initially in the year 2018 on 1st May.

These virtual digital gadgets are widely used in several countries and are quite famous among teenagers. These gadgets have a battery life of 2 hours or more.

Comparison Table

Parameters Of ComparisonSamsung Gear VrOculus Go
SignificanceIt is a virtual reality headset that Facebook manufactured.It is a virtual reality headset that was manufactured by Facebook.
Battery LifeThe battery life of the Samsung Gear Vr is more than 1 hour.The battery life of Oculus Go is more than or equal to 2 hours.
DeveloperIt was developed and launched by Samsung, Oculus Vr.It was developed by Facebook Technologies, Qualcomm, Xiaomi.
Year Of ReleaseSamsung Gear Vr was initially released on 27th November in the year 2015.Samsung Gear Vr was initially released on 27th November in the year 2015.
Storage CapacityIts storage strength is definitely more than 8 GB.Its storage capacity ranges approximately between 32 GB and 64 GB.

What is Samsung Gear Vr?

The Samsung company innovated Samsung Gear Vr. It has an exceptional storage capacity or space and works efficiently. It was originally launched in the year 2015 on 27th November.

Samsung Gear Vr is also known as Gear Vr. Its developers are Oculus Vr and Samsung. The gadget’s product family includes Samsung Gear and Samsung Galaxy.

This digital gadget has to be connected with an Android phone in order to function, and its Gear help control its view.

The Samsung Gear Vr has a total weight or mass of 345 grams (without a smartphone). The Samsung company launched two innovative versions of the Gear Vr on 3rd September in the year 2014.

After the launch of the innovator versions, the original consumer edition of the Gear Vr was launched.

Galaxy Note S10 and Note 10+ do not support Gear Vr. Samsung Gear Vr is supported by several Android software. Some of these Android types are:

  • Galaxy S6
  • Galaxy S6 edge +
  • Galaxy S6 edge
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 5
  • Galaxy S7
  • Galaxy S7 edge +
  • Galaxy S7 edge
  • Samsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 +
  • Samsung Galaxy S9
  • Samsung Galaxy A8
  • Samsung Galaxy A8 +
samsung gear vr

What is Oculus Go?

Oculus Go was launched and released by Facebook, and this company joined hands with Xiaomi and Qualcomm to promote the virtual gadget.

Later Xiaomi launched its version or edition of the Oculus Go that was sold and found in China. The headset was established on 1st May in the year 2018.

One needs to know a lot of information before purchasing an Oculus Go. Some of these informational details are:

  • Developer – Facebook, Xiaomi, Qualcomm
  • Lifespan – 2018-2016
  • Type – Virtual Reality Headset
  • Manufacturer – Facebook Technologies
  • Generation – First Generation
  • Memory – 3 GB
  • Storage capacity – 32 GB to 64 GB
  • Battery Life – Around 2 hours
  • Mass – 468 grams

Oculus Go has several features:

  • Sound and audio boxes are present in the Oculus Go.
  • Oculus Go has an ergonomic design.
  • It has several advantages and is quite efficient.
  • The screens of Oculus Go are very innovative and are big screen.
  • The lenses of an Oculus Go are very effective and big.

An Oculus Go has a battery life of approximately 2 hours. The battery life of an Oculus Go reduced pretty fast compared to other gadgets. The Oculus Go can be fully charged within 3 hours.

oculus go scaled

Main Differences Between Samsung Gear Vr and Oculus Go

  1. Samsung Gear Vr was manufactured by Samsung while on the other hand. Facebook manufactured Oculus Go.
  2. Samsung Gear Vr was released on 27th November while on the other hand, while Oculus Go was released on the 1st May.
  3. Android 12 is compatible with a Samsung Gear Vr; on the other hand, Android 7 is compatible with an Oculus Go.
  4. A Samsung Gear Vr has a battery life ranging between 1 hour or less than 1 hour; on the other hand, an Oculus Go has a battery life of 2 hours.
  5. Samsung Gear Vr has a storage space of more than 8 GB, while the other hand, Oculus Go has a storage space of more than 32 GB.

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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