Difference Between Google Nest Mini and Alexa

With the advancement of technology and how most things in life are automated, artificial intelligence and smart speakers are becoming the new normal.


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From playing your favourite song to turning up the lights and setting reminders, these are just a few everyday examples of what these amazing artificial intelligence devices can do.

Many well-known tech giants are bringing these amazing inventions to the masses, and it is not just for the rich and elite. Two are the Google Nest Mini and Alexa(Amazon Echo). 

Key Takeaways

  1. The Google Nest Mini offers better sound quality and a wider range of compatible devices than Alexa.
  2. Alexa offers more customizable voice commands and integrates better with Amazon’s suite of services.
  3. The Nest Mini has a physical switch to turn off its microphone, providing better privacy control than Alexa’s software-based options.

Google Nest Mini vs Alexa

Google Nest Mini is a small speaker that can connect to WiFi and Bluetooth and perform simple voice commands. It offers access to all apps under Google. Alexa is a cloud-based voice service made by Amazon and is available in different smart speakers. Amazon Alexa also makes it.

Google Nest Mini vs

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Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonGoogle Nest MiniAlexa
Third-party skillsAbout 1,800 third-party skillsAbout 24,000.
ColourThe colour it comes in are chalk, charcoal, coral, and sky,Neutrals like grey and white, while some have a wooden finish
User ExperienceIt is more fluid, can follow the user’s commands, and gives helpful feedback.The keywords are important, and the follow-up is not as good as in its competition.
Uniqueness Find your phone. It helps the user locate their misplaced phone.Alexa Guard notifies users of break-ins or fires when connected to security systems.

What is Google Nest Mini?

In the most simple term, it is a speaker that can connect to the WIFI and Bluetooth, take in simple voice commands, and carry them out, as instructed.

There are three colour variants: chalk, charcoal, coral, and sky, which make the Mini aesthetic different from being smart.

You can access all the apps under Google, like Youtube, Gmail, etc. One can give voice commands like “Play Music” or “Suggest me a horror movie”, etc.

These are mostly entertainment-centric, while many features make your day easier, like setting a reminder, making calls, asking a question, and, most importantly, finding your phone feature, which helps the user. 

One needs to download the Home app and set up a few things like their taste in music, movies, etc. More importantly, it allows permission to control other smart home devices.

The former helps Artificial Intelligence form algorithms for future reference, and the latter is important to control a few selected features of other smart home devices.

These include controlling the temperature of the AC, drawing the blinds, or dining the lights as commanded.

This device makes one’s day easier by helping them plan their day, remember important days, help them explore new areas, recipes, hobbies, and many more.

One can also use IFTTT, which helps them integrate third-party apps not included under the Google partner policies.

google nest mini

What is Alexa?

This smart feature has similar features as its counterpart, like entertainment, communication, productivity, smart home, shopping, and more. 

A few of its salient features include the Alexa Guard, which gathers information from security systems and other such apps and notifies the owner in case of break-ins or fires.

The “Send a Hug” feature sends a virtual hug to one’s loved ones, and the make-a-call feature is also a basic feature.  People can change their thermostats, get the latest news, and list.

One can avail of exclusive Amazon deals and even voice shops without lifting a finger. Amazon Alexa has a multilingual mode where users can talk to Alexa in various languages.

One can even make calls on other Amazon devices, like calling the Echo of other family members.

Another amazing feature is “Explain itself,” via which the user can ask Alexa for an explanation as to why it did what it did, which improves the connection between the user and the machine.

One can even teach Alexa anecdotes, personal DIY stories, and more, which improves the individual experience and helps crowd-sourcing data.

The partner apps one can use with Alexa include Fitbit, Roomba i7+, Ask My Buddy, Mayo Clinic skill, Hyundai Blue Link, MyFord Mobile, and many more, undoubtedly making life easier.

For example, one can dim the lights with Philips Hue lights to set the mode or end the endless “who will turn the lights off” dialogue during nighttime.

Main Differences Between Google Nest Mini and Alexa

  1. The basic feature of artificial intelligence is that Alexa is better when there are many smart devices, while Google Assistant is more fluid and has a better learning algorithm.
  2. The Google Assistant has a wider variety of voices than Alexa. And though it may not be a key difference at first, it makes the gadget more fun and practical.
  3. Based on user experience, Google Assistant has a better follow-up record than Alexa, as one can ask a string of questions relating to one another. At the same time, with Alexa, the keyword is really important.
  4. Based on design and colours, the Amazon smart speakers have a wood finish(some) and are mostly neutral, while the Google smart ones have up to seven colours, including pink and blue.
  5. The “Find my phone” feature on Google is really handy, while the Alexa Guard is equally helpful in a different tandem. 
Difference Between Google Nest Mini and
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