DJI RS2 vs RSC2: Difference and Comparison

Videography has become a significant income source today; videography today is nothing like a joke but more of a severe income source that takes much effort financially and mentally. Videography takes in a lot of expensive equipment.


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Videography is concentrated today on films and movies, but it is a vast topic. Videography comes in different forms, like vlogging, a video version of blogs where the creator shares his or her experience with specific stuff.

Those videos are liked and viewed only because of the quality of the video and sound. Many big companies hire videographers to make short videos of a particular topic, like scenery or a place, recorded and sold for thousands of dollars.

One of the main things while filming is stability, the primary objective that sometimes cannot be fulfilled by a single person. For that reason, Gimbal is used to provide stability to the video.

Without a doubt, DJI is the best company that manufactures quality equipment like drones and gimbals. RS2 and RSC2 are the best-selling gimbals in the market.

Key Takeaways

  1. DJI RS2 is a more advanced gimbal designed for professional filmmakers, while RSC2 is a more lightweight and affordable option for hobbyists and entry-level professionals.
  2. RS2 has a higher payload capacity, longer battery life, and more advanced features such as 3D focus tracking and a built-in color touchscreen.
  3. RSC2 is smaller and more portable, making it easier to transport, and it still offers advanced features such as active track and force mobile.


DJI RS2 is a gimbal made by DJI and is one of their best-selling gimbals due to its payload capacity and lightweight. It has a battery life of 12 hours and a 1.4-inch touchscreen. DJI RSC2 is an advanced gimbal made by DJI, which has a low price and a payload capacity of 6.6 pounds for easy transportation.


The RS2 also provides the latest and more robust motors for easy tilt and shift without any problems.

In contrast, the RSC2 offers the old generation motors that require more manual adjustment from the screen mounted onto the gimbals stem; the manual tilting and shifting increases the work.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonDJI RS2DJI RSC2
MeaningThe RS2 is one of the best-selling gimbals in the market due to its lightweight and payload capacity.The RSC2 has always been the improving gimbal; it improves its motor’s payload capacity yearly. The RSC2 is an excellent budget gimbal.
Payload CapacityIt offers a payload capacity of 10 pounds, which is excellent for heavy camera setups.It offers a payload capacity of 6.6 pounds, which is ideal for standard setups.
Motors CapacityThe RS2 offers a powerful motor setup that makes it ideal to use.The RSC2 offers a satisfactory motor setup that requires a manual form and a lot of setups.
Screen QualityThe RS2 offers a 1.4 inches touchscreen, and all gimbal controls can be controlled via the screen.The RSC2 offers a 1-inch OLED touchscreen, and the screen can control the gimbal.
Weight DistributionThe RS2 offers a weight of 2.8 pounds.The RSC2 offers a weight of 2.4 pounds.
Battery CapacityThe RS2 offers a battery of 12 hours.The RSC2 offers a battery life of 11 hours.

What is DJI RS2?

The DGI RS2 is one of the best-selling gimbals out there in the market because of the stability, the improvement in motors, the touchscreen, the handling, the setup time all the features it provides.

 It makes it the bestselling gimble in the market. The RS2 is a 3 Axis gimbal, providing more stability to video-making.

It also offers 10 pounds of payload weight, making it a better camera for heavy cameras and DSLRs. It also provides 12 hours of battery, which makes it stand its price.

DJI has also added a new technology called the Titan stabilization algorithm that reduces manual operation for tilting and angle movements. It also offers features like tracking subjects’ panoramas’ time lapses.

 It also comes with the latest part called the super smooth mode set to provide another level of stability. The RS2 has made more significant improvements than its previous generation.

It makes it the best gimbal for a beginner in filmmaking as the gimbal offers automatic features and adjusts by itself.

 It also provides the best motors for stability and tilting without losing or shaking the subject.

dji rs2

What is DJI RSC2?

DJI RSC2 is the second best-selling gimbal in the market because of the features that it provides outstanding its price.

 It provides much better and stronger motors that help tilt and shift the gimbal on its Axis without losing the subject. It also offers 6.6 pounds of payload, making it ideal for standard cameras and lenses.

 The battery life is outstanding. The 12 hours battery life speaks for itself with the one-inch OLED screen on the gimbal stem that helps to control all the modes.

DJI keeps adding strong motors, high payload and longer battery life. This gimbal is also known as the improvement gimbal in the market.  It also has a Titan stabilization algorithm to predict the movements and automatically smooth out the shots.

 It also provides new features like the focus wheel, and the 3D focus system keeps changing the subject movement automatically.

The newly developed raven image transmission system, essentially a wireless video transmission system that connects via the app when the gimbal is connected to the app, can share all the footage and signals on the mobile device.

dji rsc2

Main Differences Between DJI RS2 and RSC2

  1. The DJI RS2 offers a payload capacity of 10 pounds, making it an ideal setup for heavy cameras and DSLRs; also, heavy lenses can be attached without causing any problem, whereas the RSC2 offers a standard payload capacity of 6.6 pounds.
  2. The RS2 offers a better and improved motor system for better tilting and shifting without causing disruptions in the footage. In contrast, the RSC2 offers a slightly satisfactory motor system that provides excellent stability but sometimes has to be changed manually.
  3. The RS2 offers a 3-axis gimbal system setup that adds extra stability to the footage and gives stunning results. In contrast, the DJI RSC2 offers a standard axis system, which does not give bad results but satisfactory footage.
  4. The DJI RS2 offers excellent features like Titan Stabilization Feature, which helps lock the gimbal at a particular subject, and many advanced features. In contrast, the DJI RSC2 provides standard features like panorama, time-lapse, and hyper-focus.
  5. The DJI RS2 provides a battery backup for 12 hours, whereas the DJI RSC2 provides a battery backup for 11 hours. Though there’s no difference in battery life, the battery is based on the device’s optimization. If used continuously and harshly, the storm may drain, resulting in less time.
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