Difference Between Canon Eos 200D and 200D Mark II

Ever since the invention of the camera, humankind has always been very keen on capturing their favorite moments.

Though previously it was something only the rich and influential could attain, now with relatively cheaper technology and mass production, a camera is accessible to most people.

There are very fine phone cameras and professional cameras like the DSLR and SLR.

When it comes to these Canon has made quite the rapport for itself in the market. Two of its most popular series of cameras include the Canon Eos 200 D and 200D Mark II.

The Mark II released two years later than the original Eos 200D is intended towards the novice photographers, who are trying their hands at photography, but are more serious than just mobile photography. 

Canon Eos 200D vs 200D Mark II

The difference between Canon EOS 200D and 200D Mark II is that the sensor the Canon Eos 200D Mark II is not the same as the original Eos 200D, which has a better sensor.

However, that does not affect the resolution as much either. 

Canon Eos 200D vs 200D Mark II

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonCanon EOS 200D Canon EOS 200D  Mark II
Battery Capacity650 shots/charge1070 shots/charge
Image ProcessorDIGIC 7DIGIC 8
PriceAffordableMore pricey..
Movie Quality1920 x 1080 at 50p3840 x 2160 at 25p

What is Canon EOS 200D?

The Canon Eos 200D released in 2017, was an instant hit with the photography community. There are a myriad of features and also customizable filters and more, offered in this DSLR.

It has a resolution of 24.2 megapixels and a live view focusing feature of Dual Pixel CMOS AF.

It helps the user capture imagines in live view mode, which is especially handy when it comes to wildlife image capture. 

It has three variants which are black, white, and silver in color. The optical viewfinder comes with 9-point autofocus, the autofocus has three modes which are AI focus, One-Shot, and AI Servo.

The exposure control is also on-point with features like ISO sensitivity which can be both automatic and manually customized.  

The shooting modes are quite extravagant as well and they include a myriad of options like Scene Intelligent Auto (Stills and Movie), Creative Auto, SCN(Portrait, Landscape, Close-up, Sports, Group Photo, Night Portrait, Handheld Night Scene, HDR Backlight Control, Food, Kids, Candlelight), Creative filters, Program AE, Shutter-priority AE, Aperture-priority AE, Manual (Stills and Movie), Self Portrait, No Flash. 

The image processing comes in handy to reduce noise both in single and multiple shots, chromatic aberration correction, distortion and diffraction correction, and much more.

There are also a ton of filters like HDR art standard, HDR art vivid, HDR art bold, HDR art embossed, Grainy black and white, fish-eye effect, etc to accentuate the pictures further.

The live view mode helps while shooting movies which can be stored in both MP4 and MOV formats. The still images can be stored in JPEG, RAW, and Digital Print Format.

With the easy WIFI pairing, it helps the user effortlessly take upload the pictures to cloud services or social media.

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What is Canon EOS 200D Mark II?

This camera is made for the ones venturing into the photography genre and wants something lighter and better than the standard mobile camera. It has a megapixel of 24.1 and a DIGIC 8 processor.

The still image formats include JPEG, RAW, C-RAW, RAW + JPEG, C-RAW + JPEG.

The white balance is also immaculate given the price point, it includes custom white correction, white balance bracketing, and flash color temperature control as well. 

This camera comes with a unique feature which is the smooth skin feature and creative assist that helps the user to take the perfect high-quality selfies.

The shooting modes include Scene Intelligent Auto, Special scene modes (Portrait, Smooth Skin, Group Photo, Landscape, Sports, Kids, Close-up, Food, Candlelight, Night Portrait, Handheld Night Scene, HDR Backlight Control). 

The AF modes are also more compared to the Canon Eos 200D which include AI Focus, AI Servo, Servo AF, and One-shot AF.  The video mode has 4K capabilities even though they are pretty basic, it gets the job done.

canon eos 200d mark ii

Main Difference Between Canon EOS 200D and 200D Mark II 

  1. Resolution is higher in the Mark II as compared to the EOS 200D due to the DIGIC 8 instead of the DIGIC 7.
  2. The image storing format is more elaborate in Mark II than the EOS 200D. 
  3. The battery capacity is 650 shots/charge in the Canon Eos 200D while it is 1070 shots/charge in the Mark II. Thus the battery is better in the latter camera.
  4. The Live View focus is the third generation, that is, Dual Pixel CMOS AF3 in Mark II, while it is only Dual Pixel CMOS AF in Eos 200D.
  5. The movie quality is better in the Mark II as compared to the Eos 200D.
Difference Between Canon Eos 200D and 200D Mark II


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