Canon EOS 1dx vs EOS 70d: Difference and Comparison

Capturing life’s perfect moments is very important. For that, we need wonderful cameras. So, those memories will be in my heart forever. The two famous types of Canon camera brands are Canon EOS 1dx and the other one is Canon EOS 70d.


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They have a difference of two years gap between them since their launch and are used by many people for capturing their life’s perfect moments. 

Key Takeaways

  1. EOS-1DX is a professional-grade camera with a full-frame sensor, while EOS 70D is a mid-range camera with an APS-C sensor.
  2. EOS-1DX has a higher continuous shooting speed and more advanced autofocus system than EOS 70D.
  3. EOS-1DX is more expensive and larger than EOS 70D.

Canon EOS 1dx vs Canon EOS 70d

The difference between Canon EOS 1dx and EOS 70d is on October 18, 2011, Canon EOS 1dx came. But Canon EOS 70d came on October 31, 2013. Canon EOS 1dx has a fixed screen type, and you cannot change them. But the Canon EOS 70d has an articulate screen type. The shooting feature of Canon EOS 1dx varies from Canon EOS 70d by 14.0fpx.

Canon EOS 1dx vs Canon EOS 70d

Canon EOS 1dx is a perfect DSLR camera for capturing images and videos. It can support both JPG and RAW images. You can even combine the JPG and RAW images.

It has got both remote-control type and wireless contact. The computer interface comes with a high-speed USB. It allows the user to use an LCD panel and illumination. The frame rate used here is 30 fps. 

Canon EOS 70d is good for creating videos, and you can post them on YouTube as well, and it will give you better clarity. Many popular YouTubers also used this camera to post YouTube videos on their channel.

It can deliver 14-bit images with good clarity. It has a good lens with a high-performance camera. And also provide low noise imaging sensitivity. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonCanon EOS 1dxCanon EOS 70d
Focus points61 vs 1942
EvolutionOctober 18, 2011October 31, 2013
ScreenFixed typeArticulate
Continuous shooting14.0 fps7.0 fps
Cross-type focus points41 vs 1922

What is Canon EOS 1dx?

It is a full-frame DSLR with 18.1 megapixels. It can continuously shoot 14 frames per second for JPEG images without any time gap between them. For shooting RAW and JPEG, it will shoot 12 frames per second.

Also, it will do autofocus and lens aberration correction by itself. You don’t have to do it every time before taking photos. It uses a lens mount. You can adjust up to 40 lenses individually. But the adjustments should be serial lens numbers.

It has got three display options as the quick control screen, dual-axis electronic level, and camera settings. It has an anti-reflection and soli structure coating.

The brightness in the camera can be adjusted to seven levels. It has got good image processing software. It has a maximum file size of 4GB, and the movie length will be 29min 59sec.

This camera comes with 31 custom functions and also with 99 settings. The best part about this is it is waterproof and dust resistant.

It has a rechargeable battery which accounts for the perfect battery life. The cover materials used on the camera are magnesium and alloy. It can also support wifi connection. Having this camera will be worth it.

You can shoot pictures and videos without any interruption. After all, capturing the moments and saving them is important. All these can be done with this single DSLR camera.

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What is Canon EOS 70d?

It is an SLR camera with 20.20 megapixels. It has both high-speed and high-quality image processing, which makes it unique from other cameras. It has equipped with a CMOS sensor.

Also, it is the least expensive, and the performance is also good. If you can get a good camera at less rate, then you buying it would be a good choice. It is a fantastic camera at this price. It is not waterproof, but it has dust-resistant qualities.

But it is now officially discontinued by the manufacturer. Because it has been replaced by Canon EOS 77d and Canon EOS 80d, this camera will not support the feature of raw recording, 4k video, but it gives a new focus called a dual pixel.

It has wifi enabled in it. With the help of this, you can transfer the images to a wifi-enabled pointer and can easily print them in the comfort of your home if you have a printer available at your place.

In 2016, it got discontinued by the manufacturer because of the new canon models. And the new models got some extra features other than the available ones.

If you are considering upgrading your 70d DSLR to 90d, you can do that, as it has better ISO performance. Also, in live view, it has got excellent face-teaching features. It is good for creating professional videos as well. 

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Main Differences Between Canon EOS 1dx and EOS 70d

  1. The focus point of Canon EOS 1dx is 61 vs. 19. On the other hand, the focus point of Canon EOS 70d is 42.
  2. The evolution of Canon EOS 1dx was on October 18, 2011. On the other hand, the evolution of Canon EOS 70d was October 31, 2013.
  3. The screen type of Canon EOS 1dx is fixed. On the other hand, the screen type of Canon EOS 70d is articulate.
  4. The continuous shooting feature of Canon EOS 1dx is 14.0 fps. On the other hand, the continuous shooting feature of Canon EOS 70d is 7.0 fps.
  5. The cross-type focus point of Canon EOS 1dx is 41 vs. 19. On the other hand, the cross-type focus point of Canon EOS 70d is 22. 
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