Difference Between Google Assistant and Bixby

As days pass and everything is getting more technologically advanced each day, we human beings are getting more dependent on technological assistance for the simplest of the works.


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Google Assistant vs Bixby

The difference between google assistant and bixby is that google assistant is associated with the google home ecosystem whereas bixby is associated and restricted to Samsung smart devices. While google assistant excels at internet search queries bixby has an understanding of the function of other applications.

Google assistant vs

Google assistant is the application of google’s AI-powered voice or text service that is available over smartphones and smart home devices.


Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonGoogle AssistantBixby
Parent CompanyIt is developed by googleIt is developed by samsung
IntegrationIt is linked with google home ecosystemIt is liked with galaxy home speaker
AvailabilityIt is available in all android and ios devicesIt is available in only samsung smart devices
SpecialtyIt is good with solving internet queriesIt is good with controlling and commanding over the phone and the applications in it
CustomizationIt cannot be customized according to the userIt can be customized according to the user
Wake up callThe wake-up call for google assistant is “ok google” and “hey google”The wake-up call for bixby is “hi bixby”


What is Google Assistant?

Google assistant is an application of google’s AI-powered voice or text service that is widely available on all smartphones and smart home devices.

It was first brought out during the google I/O developer conference in May 2016 along with google messaging app allo. Google assistant is one of the most dynamic and advanced virtual smart assistance out there since 2016.

Google assistants wake commands are “ok google” and “hey google” these two words are going to make your life easier as it offers a variety of services such as voice commands, voice search, voice-acted device control, etc. google assistant helps with the internet search optimization.

google assistant

What is Bixby?

Bixby is an application developed by samsung electronics for its own AI system for easier device interaction and to avoid complexities. Bixby is a samsung application as a new effort to compete with other virtual assistance such as google assistant, alexa, siri.

Bixby is already installed on all the samsung devices. It was first brought out on the samsung galaxy s8 and eventually samsung designed bixby to work across various samsung devices like fridge and television.

Bixby wake commands are “hi bixby”. Bixby can also customize itself and further learn the individual voices of users and personalize its response according to the user.

Main Differences Between Google Assistant and Bixby

  1. Google assistant is not customizable it is the same for all the users. Bixby is customizable for all users, it’s customizable according to the voices of the users.  
  2. The wake-up call for google assistant is “ok google” and “hey google”. By saying these two phrases one can make google assistant work as per their convenience.



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