Difference Between BMP and JPG (With Table)

As there is a lot of confusion between similar terms and items, people often get confused and consider both terms the same. There is a lot of difference between the terms BMP and JPG, but many people don’t know that and consider both the terms the same. So let me clear it both BMP and JPG are very different from each other. 


The difference between BMP and JPG is that both BMP and JPG store digital image format files. BMP stores the files in the bitmap format. On the other JPG stores the file in the JPEG format.

The BMP has an image file in a bitmap format. It is independent of bitmap and bitmap file format. It is a format that stores digital bitmap image files. This format also stores color data with each pixel of the image without any compression. It gives high-quality graphics and produces an image in a large size by storing image information. 

The word JPG stands for the joint photographic group. This format is a raster format that basically comes in use for storing the digital image. This file format has a lower quality of the image and loads faster on a PC. It is a web-friendly file that is typically smaller.


Comparison Table Between BMP and JPG

Parameter of ComparisonBMPJPG
MeaningBMP has the image in the bitmap format. It is a format which stores the digital bitmap image fileJPG stands for the joint photographic group. It is a format that stores the graphic image in a JPEG format.
FormatBMP stores the images in the bitmap format.JPG stores the images in the JPEG format.
ResolutionBMP images have a higher resolution as compared to JPG.JPG images have a lower resolution as compared to BMP.
SizeBMP image file format has a larger size as compared to JPG.JPG images file format is smaller in size as compare to BMP.
DownloadBMP format images do not download easily. This format is not web-friendly.JPG format images are easily downloadable. This format is web-friendly.
QualityBMP images have higher quality as compared to the JPG file imagesThis format images have lower quality as compared to BMP file images.


What is BMP?

BMP is a short form of bitmap. And we can also pronounce it as a bump, BMP, or bitmap image. This format generally used a raster graphic format for saving picture files. We can even recognize this format in both Macs and Pcs, but it first came into play on window platforms.

This format stores color data for every image, excluding any compression. As the method of storing the image, information produces a large file size and gives a high-quality image graphic. The format GIF and JPEG are also bitmaps, but they store image compression algorithms that decrease the image’s file size. Because of this reason, GIF and JPEG generally come in use for web, and BMP format is used for printing the images.

The format BMP extension represents the Bitmap image file. This format has raster graphic data which are free of the screen display. It means that the BMP file can be seen without a graphic adapter. These format images are compressed or uncompressed besides the lossless compression method. BMP files can save two-dimensional digital pictures with color and monochrome. This format also supports various color depth, color profile, alpha channel, and optional data compression. It is basically used in a window platform and have full compatibility on PaintShop pro.


What is JPG?

The word JPG stands for the joint photographic group. It is in a raster format basically used on the web. It is a web-friendly file as the size of the file is small. One of JPEG’s disadvantages is that it decreases the image’s quality as it removes the digital information through compression so that the image size can be small.

It becomes a disadvantage while using JPG for high-quality print as the image will not be sharpened, and the kit will be less defined. This format cannot have a transparent background and have a rectangular or square shape in the background.

 This format mainly used compressed image format for digital pictures. JPG is one of the most common formats used on the internet, in different operating systems, and a digital camera. If the ratio comparison 10:1 in JPG images, this format will not lose any details of the pictures. It affects smaller file sizes and also stores images very easily.

JPG image can be adjustable so the system can save image data with maximum and minimum compression as per the taste. These format images are great for realistic painting, photographs, and also for PaintShop pro.

Main Differences Between BMP and JPG

  1. Both BMP and JPG are format store digital image format styles.
  2. BMP stores the images in the Bitmap format. On the other hand, JPG stores the images in the JPEG format.
  3. BMP format has a higher resolution. On the other hand, JPG images do not have a higher resolution.
  4. BMP format gives a higher quality of images. On the other hand, the JPG format does not provide a higher quality of images as compared to BMP.
  5. BMP format gives larger sizes of images. On the other hand, JPG images do not provide a larger size of images.
  6. BMP format is generally used for printing images. On the other JPG format is used for web display.



As the primary difference between the terms BMP and JPG have been told, it will be easy to differentiate between the two formats, and the user will know which format will be suitable for which purpose. We cannot tell which one is better, as both are the formats that are excellent in different ways.

The format BMP is suitable for printing the images as it takes time to download, but JPG format images that can be easily downloaded, but it is not ideal for printing the images. At last, it will depend upon the user’s taste, which will be better for them.


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