Difference Between GIF and JPG

There are diverse types of image formats available. JPG and GIF are two distinct types of image formats. Both are used widely and have different properties.


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By using these formats, you can store pictures in folders. These are the extensions of images.


The difference between GIF and JPG is their algorithm type. The GIF uses a lossless compression algorithm, whereas JPG uses a lossy compression algorithm. GIF has high-quality pictures, and no quality loss occurs while transferring the files. JPG is a low-quality picture, and more quality loss happens during transmission.


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GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format. It is nothing but a bitmap image format. In 1987, the American developer and scientist Steve Wilhite develops the Graphics Interchange Format.

The Graphics Interchange Format supports up to 8 bits pixel images. Graphics Interchange Format supports 250 range of colors. The unique feature about the graphics Interchange Format is it supports animations.

Gif is best suitable for simpler images. Telegram is a social media that convert GIF into MPEG-4 videos to reduce the disk space

JPG stands for Joint Photographic Group. The most popular image extension. It is widely used by many. It is considered the standard digital image format in the world.

Every day millions of photographs are clicked and shared through social media. Digital photography is one of the developing and trending technology. JPG is also called JPEG.

JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group. The proliferation of digital images is done by JPEG. ICC color profile is the standard format used in Joint Photographic Group.

Comparison Table

Parameters of comparisonsGIFJPG
Stands forGIF stands for Graphical Interchange FormatJPG stands for Joint Photographic Group
Color supportGIF support 256 colorsJPG supports 17million colors
TransparencyTransparency is available in GIFTransparency is not available in JPG
Image qualityThe image quality is high in GIFThe image quality is low in JPG
Extensions.gif.jpg, .jpeg

What is GIF?

Graphics Interchange Format can not be affected by decompression. By using Lempel-Ziv-Welch you can compress the Graphics Interchange Format. In 1985, it got its patent.

The previous format of white and black encoding is replaced by the Graphics Interchange Format. 87a is the original version of Graphics Interchange Format. 89a is the enhanced version of graphics Interchange Format.

The enhanced version support text labels and controls font. GIF87a and GIF89a are the two different versions of graphics Interchange Format.

Graphics Interchange Format used in web sites. Netscape Navigator is software that helps with the animation feature of Graphics Interchange Format.

The simple animations is created by storing continuous images of a single picture. Facebook added features of supporting Graphics Interchange Format in 2005.

Instagram added the feature of supporting Graphics Interchange Format in 2018. It has only limited colors and it is called sharp-edged line art.

Graphics Interchange Format is used for small animations and for low- resolutions videos. It is usually used to convey the reactions of specific messages in social media.

It is used instead of texting. Social media like Tumblr, Instagram, and Facebook are popular for the usage of Graphics Interchange Format. It is a palette-based format.

The Graphics Interchange Format is nothing but a moving image of a single picture. The animation delay is one basic disturbance to change the entire picture in Graphics Interchange Format.

What is JPG?

Joint Photographic Image quality is low when compared to Graphics Interchange Format. It has no transparency and is affected by decompression.

The quality loss will be in the ratio of 10:1 during the compression of the image. To transform images, the Joint Photographic Group uses discrete cosine transform.

It predicts many things like entropy coding and scalar quantization. In digital cameras, the JPEG variant is used to capture the images.

It is the most common or general format for storing and transferring images across the world wide web.

The Joint Photographic Group supports up to 4 gigapixels of image. While uploading JPEG images internet users use the MIME type for easy transfer. The file extension for Joint Photographic Group is .jpg and .jpeg.

The standard of JPEG is created in 1992. But the original version remains in its dominance. The standard form is released based on various research papers and patents.

It has the best compression algorithm that works against the photographs. The enhanced version has added several features to state the issues that are compelled during the transferring of images.

The Joint Photographic Group supports over 17 million range of colors. But still now Joint Photographic group is not used in binary images.

The Joint Photographic Group images are used in the websites because they reduce the amount of data and give a responsive presentation.

For line drawings and text images, the Joint Photographic Experts Group is not a suitable one. The lossy compression algorithm is the one that works behind the Joint Photographic Group.

Main Differences Between GIF and JPG

  1. The major use of GIFs is in computer graphics, whereas JPG is used in photographs.
  2. GIF can support animation, whereas JPG can not support animations.
  3. Decompression does not affect GIF, whereas JPG is affected by decompression.
  4. GIF follows a lossless compression algorithm, whereas JPG follows a lossy compression algorithm.
  5. GIF supports only 256 colors, but JPG supports 17 million colors.
Difference Between GIF and JPG
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