CS4 vs CS4 Extended: Difference and Comparison

Adobe Creative Suite is a group of applications that include video editing, graphic design, and several web development facilities. CS4 and CS4 Extended are part of this system.

They are quite similar to each other since one is an extended version of the other. However, the key differences between them can help us understand the benefits that each of them offers.

Key Takeaways

  1. CS4 is Adobe’s Creative Suite 4, while CS4 Extended is a more advanced version of CS4.
  2. CS4 includes software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, while CS4 Extended includes additional 3D and video editing software.
  3. CS4 Extended is more expensive than CS4 and is geared towards professionals in the design and multimedia industries.

CS4 vs CS4 Extended

The difference between CS4 and CS4 Extended is that CS4 is an older version of the software that allows users to run various adobe applications simultaneously in different tabs on a single window. On the other hand, while CS4 Extended allows users to do the same, it has many additional features and architectural improvements over CS4.

CS4 vs CS4

CS4 is an adobe software that can run on Macintosh and Windows. Apart from a tabbed interface, it has the same design and features that CS3 has.

It was targeted to function under 64-bit and multi-core processors. The software has a well-designed interface as well as high-end content-aware scaling.

As the name suggests, CS4 Extended is an extended version of CS4. It is equipped with additional features that breakthrough tools that make it much easier for users to work on the software.

CS4 Extended offers 3D support that can be used by film, video, engineering, multimedia, and even science professionals. It allows the user to import new 3D image model formats and create exciting animations.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonCS4CS4 Extended
ConceptCS4 is an older adobe systems software that includes various applications for editing and designing.CS4 Extended is a newer version of adobe systems software that offers additional features over CS4.
FeaturesCS4 has a tabbed interface that allows various applications to run simultaneously in a single window.CS4 Extended has fluid canvas rotation, multi-touch support, support for colour-blind users, and work environment enhancements.
3D capabilitiesCS4 does not have 3D capabilities.CS4 Extended includes advanced analysis as well as various 3D capabilities.
PriceCS4 is not as costly as CS4 Extended.CS4 Extended is more expensive due to its advanced features.
Master CollectionCS4 does not have a master collection.CS4 Extended has a master collection.

What is CS4?

CS4 is a software that was developed and launched by Adobe Systems in September 2008. It included various applications such as video editing, web development, graphic design, etc.

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The ‘CS’ in its name stands for ‘Creative Suite.’ This is a line of software applications that are established on various technologies, including PostScript, Flash, and PDF.

Before the launch of CS4, there were a number of predecessors that were quite popular among the masses. However, CS4 offered some additional features that they did not.

One of the most notable features was the tabbed interface. This allowed users to work on several applications by opening them in various tabs in a single window.

The applications would run simultaneously, allowing the user to maximize productivity and minimize any hassle while working.

CS4 was made to be run on Macintosh as well as on Windows. Even though the software was not meant to be run on 64-bit, it performed better under it on MS Windows.

It had been specifically optimized for this purpose. However, on Macintosh, there was no facility for 64-bit versions. A limitation of CS4 was that it did not have all the applications when run on PowerPC.

What is CS4 Extended?

CS4 Extended was an extended version of CS4 that offered additional and advanced features to its users. These features were not available on CS4, which only had 2D capabilities.

CS4 Extended, on the other hand, was capable of manipulating 2D as well as 3D images in an easier and faster way. The software even had an application that allowed users to convert a 2D image into a 3D image.

Some notable improvements that CS4 Extended had included a fluid canvas rotation system, smooth panning, and zooming options, multiple document view, work environment enhancements, and even support for colour-blind people to use the software.

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It also allowed its users to import 3D image model formats, create various animations and even work with medical DICOM images.

This made it perfect to be used by professionals from various fields, such as film, science, multimedia, and even engineering.

The extended version of CS4 follows a strong layer-based approach toward image editing. It allows users to edit one layer of the image without modifying or changing the other layers.

This provides a non-destructive way to make major adjustments to pictures. Moreover, the software enables a user to apply filters to a single layer in the image.

Main Differences Between CS4 and CS4 Extended

  1. CS4 is an old software of Adobe Systems, whereas CS4 Extended is an upgraded version of it.
  2. CS4 has a tabbed interface feature that its predecessors did not have, whereas CS4 Extended has even more features than CS4.
  3. CS4 does not have 3D capabilities, whereas CS4 Extended does.
  4. CS4 is affordable and not that expensive, whereas CS4 Extended is much more expensive than CS4.
  5. CS4 does not have a master collection, whereas CS4 Extended does.
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Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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