Difference Between Extended Reality and Internet of Things

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Extended Reality vs Internet of Things

The difference between the extended reality and internet of things is that the applications based on extended realities are in departments such as the training sector, real estate sector, remote work sector, marketing, and the entertainment sector, and on the other hand, the application based on internet of things is in departments such as smart city, smart grids, smart retail, supply chain, etc.

Extended Reality vs Internet of Things

A summed-up term for a group of immersive technologies is said to be known as extended reality. There are 3 categories under extended reality, namely the argument add reality, virtual reality, mixed reality.

The concept which helps to switch on and off with another device to connect it with the Internet is known as the Internet of Things.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonExtended RealityInternet of Things
Number of wordsThis term contains two words.This term contains three words.
Main functionThe main function of this is to pause on computer information onto the real world.The main function of this is to configure, secure and manage the Internet of things using devices.
ApplicationManufacturing sectors, and engineering sectors, etc., are where this term is applied.Agricultural sectors, hospitality sectors, building a smart city and also in fleet management are where this term is implied.
TypesAR, VR, and MR are the types of this term.WAN, Bluetooth, etc., are some types of this term.
Short formXR is the short form.It is the short form.

What is Extended Reality?

There are many practical Locations where extended reality is used by a person in day-to-day life. This is mostly seen in retail marketing, where a customer has the ability to try before they buy something.

The Extended Reality gives realistic training to help soldiers and healthcare professionals to figure out their solutions in the most systematic manner when there arises a risk.

The exact technologies help in processing huge amounts of personal data about what a person does to watch a person searches in his search history.

extended reality

What is Internet of Things?

In IoT, the new rule which would be invented for the future would be anything that can be connected will be connected. And to make this thing possible, the IoT was released.

This is how the internet of things will be used in the future to make. This not only makes things easier but also saves time, and this time can be used in doing something efficiently.

The Internet of Things allows us by giving an endless amount of opportunities and connections which would take hours from place to place.

internet of things

Main Differences Between Extended Reality and Internet of Things

  1. The term extended reality has 2 words in it, and on the other hand, the term Internet of Things has 3 words consisting in it.
  2. There are 3 types of extended reality which are virtual reality, augmented reality and merged reality; and on the other hand, there are a lot of types of bio protocols such as Bluetooth, WiFi, 3G, 4G, etc.
Difference Between Extended Reality and Internet of Things


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