Nintendo Switch vs Xbox: Difference and Comparison

The introduction of Nintendo Switch and Xbox into the world of console gaming saw a drastic change in the competition that the PlayStation was receiving.

The Nintendo Switch saw its release as a versatile console that allows gameplay in practically any setting.

Since the Xbox Series X was released in the same year as Nintendo, it will go up against the Japanese console.

This console was made public in 2017.


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Key Takeaways

  1. Nintendo Switch is a hybrid gaming console that allows users to play games on the go, while Xbox is a traditional gaming console that can be played only on a TV or monitor.
  2. Nintendo Switch has a touchscreen display, detachable controllers, and supports motion controls, while Xbox requires a separate controller and does not have a touchscreen or motion controls.
  3. Nintendo Switch has exclusive games like Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda, while Xbox has a wider variety of games and supports backward compatibility with previous Xbox versions.

Nintendo Switch vs Xbox

Nintendo Switch is a portable handheld video gaming device with a detachable controller called joy-cons. It has a storage space of up to 32 GB. It is an affordable gaming console with up to 1080p display quality. Xbox is a video gaming console with a display quality of up to 8k. It has 1TB of internal storage with an extensive number of games compatible with this device.

Nintendo Switch vs

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonNintendo Switch Xbox series X
Display QualityThe Nintendo Switch can display video games at 720p when undocked and 1080p when docked. The Xbox series allows individuals to play games at 4K and can go up to 8K.
Backward Compatibility The Nintendo Switch does not possess this feature. The Xbox Series X can run games taken from the previous Xbox consoles. 
PriceThe Nintendo Switch is cheaper in comparison to the Xbox series.The Xbox series has a comparatively higher price.
GamesThe Nintendo store contains several games that can be downloaded and game cartridges. Once we insert the disc, we can install the games on the Xbox.
GPU The Nintendo Switch possesses the Tegra core processor. The Xbox has the AMD Zen 2 Custom GPU with 12 teraflops and 52 Compute units.

What is Nintendo Switch? 

The Japanese-origin gaming console has been a significant part of a large population of people with their previous consoles. The 2017 release console was meant to provide a hybrid gaming experience.

This was because the console allows an individual to play games while using it as a portable, conventional gamepad console or with remote controls.

The Nintendo Switch also has an NVIDIA Tegra processor, which can run games at 720p when not connected to the dock.

A docked Nintendo allows one to play games at 1080p and a higher frame rate.

The gamepad becomes the controller in this mode, or one can also play along with another person by switching to the remote mode for motion control. 

A few disadvantages involving the Switch is that the remote mode works based on InfraRed radiation.

There have been instances of detection of motion controls that the player did not desire.

Therefore, controlling a game in this mode is slightly hard. 

The other problem is that the Switch requires a micro SD card to increase the storage space.

The console does not have one, so there is an added expense

The Switch has a battery life of around 4-6 hours, depending on the running game.

In addition to this, it also has a durable plastic screen that covers the LCD screen. This can protect the screen against cracking, but it does have a chance of getting scratched. 

nintendo switch

What is Xbox?

The Xbox Series is a creation of Microsoft, which boasts games like Halo Infinite and Senua’s Saga. This console is one of the more recent additions to the Xbox consoles.

It can also run games at 4K and some at even 8K resolution. It can also display games at a relatively higher frame rate, which is possible because of the AMD RNA2 custom GPU.

It also possesses the AMD Zen 2 custom CPU, which helps the console to run smoothly. 

Xbox has a cheaper online store.

This store provides several exclusive games at a comparatively lower price than Nintendo.

This store also sells a Game Pass that allows one to access previous Xbox classics. 

The Xbox controller is wireless and requires Double-A batteries to function. 

Although the console price is quite steep, it provides an excellent gaming experience that compensates for it. 

This console has a 1 TB internal memory, which is better than the Nintendo, but this can fill up quickly. 

Main Differences Between Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series X

  1. The Nintendo Switch is more versatile as a console.
  2. It provides three different modes of gaming.
  3. This durability is not seen with the Xox Series X, as it is a conventional console.
  4. Nintendo cannot run games at a very high resolution due to the inferior processor.
  5. Xbox can run games at a better resolution and a better frame rate.
  6. The Nintendo has only 32 GB of internal memory and will require a Micro SD card to store more games.
  7. The Xbox offers much more storage at 1 TB internal memory and provisions to insert an SD card.
  8. The Nintendo Switch is relatively cheaper in comparison to the Xbox. 
  9. Nintendo has a store, but the price of the game is high. On the other hand, Xbox provides a more extensive collection of games either on Discs or with a Subscription Pass to play their games online.
Difference Between Nintendo Switch and
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