Nintendo Switch vs PS4: Difference and Comparison

The world of console gaming has been experiencing some fantastic developments in the past few years.

Although Sony was one of the significant contributors to console gaming, Nintendo and Microsoft have also been making headway.

The PlayStation 4 saw its release in 2013. The Nintendo Switch was opened to the public in 2017. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console that allows users to play handheld and on a TV, while PS4 is a traditional console designed for TV gaming.
  2. Nintendo Switch offers exclusive games like Mario and Zelda, while PS4 has a larger selection of games and exclusive titles like God of War and The Last of Us.
  3. Nintendo Switch is more portable and can be used on the go, while PS4 is larger and needs to be connected to a TV to play.

Nintendo Switch vs. PS4

The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console released by Nintendo in 2017 and can be used as a traditional home console when connected to a television. The PS4, or PlayStation 4, is a home video game console released by Sony in 2013 and competes with the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch rivals.

Nintendo Switch vs PS4

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonNintendo SwitchPS4
GraphicsThe quality of graphics is comparatively low.PS-4 provides a great graphics experience.
GamesThe number of games provided by Nintendo Switch is less as it is comparatively new in the market.PS-4 provides more games.
Game CaptureNintendo Switch has a button for screenshots and video clips, but this button is comparatively less operational.You can record 15 mins of play, stream a live video, or take a screenshot on PS-4.
ControllerNintendo Switch uses Joy-Con or a pro controller. It can work as a handheld as well as a home console.PS-4 uses Dualshock-4 or Playstation move controllers. It does not offer this feature.
Media FeaturesNintendo Switch is far behind in media features as it only provides Hulu.PS-4 provides online streaming services like Netflix and Hulu Plus.

What is Nintendo Switch?

Innovated by Nintendo, Nintendo Switch is one of the famous gaming consoles that finds its uses both as a handheld and home gaming console. It comes with wireless Joycon controllers.

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\ These controllers have directional control sticks and standard buttons for motion sensing, user input, and feedback. It also includes a dock with the help of which you can connect to your TV for playing.

We can fetch the games for Nintendo Switch either from Nintendo eShop or retail channels. The games provided at the retail channels are stored in cartridges. Cartridges are nothing but thinner and smaller game cards.

We can avail the ability to download and purchase software and the online features from Nintendo eShop just by linking our Switch user profiles to a Nintendo account.

We can create a Nintendo Account from Nintendo Network ID or any third-party social networking service.

The operating system that is in use in Nintendo Switch is Horizon.

It is a customized operating system that is built on a microkernel architecture. Nintendo Switch also has great user interface features.

The Nintendo Switch provides two types of controllers- Joycon and Pro Controller. Joy-Con controllers are individually called Joy-con-L and Joy-con-R.

It is attached to the side rails using a locking mechanism. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is a wireless controller. It is more of a traditional type.

Some Specifications of the Nintendo Switch are:

  1. RAM: 4GB
  2. Storage: 32 GB of flash storage
  3. A/V Output: HDMI out
  4. I/O Output: 1 USB-c, USB 3.0, USB 2.0 X2
  5. Communication: Wifi, Bluetooth 4.0
  6. Controller: Joy-Con and Pro Controller
  7. Physical Media: Proprietary Cartridge
nintendo switch

What is PS-4?

Play Station 4 is one of the leading home video game consoles.

It is a product of Sony Computer Entertainment. PlayStation-4 comes with a DualShock controller.

In addition to all previous properties, some exciting features and design enhancements are refined, like the shape of the triggers and shoulder points.

Orbis OS is the operating system of the PlayStation-4.

The best part of this OS is that the console does not require an internet connection though more features are available while connected to the internet.

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It is the first gaming control to have a Web-Kit-based web browser.

PS-4 provides high-quality graphics, which takes the gaming experience to another level. The media features supported by PlayStation 4 are Blu-ray and DVD playback however, it does not support CD.

We can also use USB devices for playing music and videos. PS-4 also provides online streaming of Netflix and Hulu-Plus.

PS-4 provides a virtual reality system, the Play Station VR, consisting of a headset.

This headset consists of a 1080p display panel and LED lights that act as motion sensors. For 3D audio effects, it features a control box.

Some of the specifications of the PS-4 are:

  1. RAM: 8GB GDDR5
  2. Storage: 500GB removable hard drive.
  3. A/V Output: HDMI out
  4. I/O Output: 2 Super-Speed USB 3.1
  5. Communication: Wifi, Bluetooth 4.0
  6. Controller: DualShock 4
  7. Physical Media: Blu-Ray
ps 4

Main Differences Between Nintendo Switch and PS-4

  1. Nintendo Switch has Joy-Con or Pro Controller. On the other hand, the Controller used by PS-4 is a DualShock controller.
  2. Nintendo Switch can be a handheld and home console, whereas PS-4 can only play a home console role.
  3. The number of games that Nintendo Switch provides is comparatively less than that provided by PS-4, as Nintendo Switch is newer in the market.
  4. Nintendo Switch only provides Hulu regarding media features, but PS-4 provides Netflix and Hulu Plus as media features and thus is ahead in the race.
  5. The button in Nintendo Switch for screenshots and video clips has much fewer operational capabilities than the PS-4. PS-4 also allows us
Difference Between Nintendo Switch and PS4

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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