Luck vs Fortune Minecraft: Difference and Comparison

Key Takeaways

  1. Application: “Luck” is primarily associated with fishing, increasing the odds of receiving better loot. In contrast, “Fortune” is linked with mining tools, enhancing the drop rate of high-value blocks such as diamonds and emeralds.
  2. Enchantability: You can apply the “Luck” enchantment to fishing rods to enhance your fishing experience. On the other hand, “Fortune” is an enchantment for tools, amplifying the yield when mining certain blocks.
  3. Game Mechanics: The level of “Luck” affects potential fishing loot, leading to more valuable catches as the luck level increases. With “Fortune”, as the enchantment level rises (from Fortune I to Fortune III), so does the maximum number of drops you can get from a single block.

What is Luck Minecraft?

Luck is a status effect in the Minecraft game series. It is the opposite of Bad Luck and therefore offers the players better loot from specific loot tables. It also increases the occurrences of bonus rolls.

The negative levels decrease luck. However, the potions of Luck cannot be crafted in Minecraft. Players need to find it inside a chest. From there, they have to add it to their inventory through the creative menu or command.

The command to get a potion of luck would be “/give @p minecraft luck.” Players are allowed to create potions of Luck. They last for five minutes, but some specific lingering potions can last for a minute and fifteen seconds.

This better loot occurs when fishing or looting naturally generates chests around Minecraft. The higher the level of potion that the player devours, the more likely they will find better loot in the game.

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If the players are looking for a specific piece of loot, however rare it might be, Luck is the best effect to use to increase their chances of finding it. The players must drink milk in the game to remove the Luck effect.

What is Fortune Minecraft?

Fortune is an enchantment in the Minecraft game series. It is involved in mining and digging tools. It is regarded as one of the most profitable enchantments in Minecraft.

It will improve a player’s capacity to harvest materials. It can increase the number and chances of specific item drops when mining or digging. But, it is not capable of growing experience drops.

Fortune is an enchantment introduced in Minecraft v1.0.0. With the help of Fortune enchantment, the player could get an apple from a tree or a flint from gravel.

Specific items drop and are wondrous enchantment picks when the players attain rare items. If you apply this enchantment to your tools, you will profit more from diamonds or crops from a field.

Difference Between Luck and Fortune Minecraft

  1. Luck is applied to fishing rods and affects fishing loot, while Fortune can not be applied to fishing rods. It is applied to tools like pickaxes, shovels, and axes. It influences the drop rates of particular resources during mining or gathering.
  2. Luck is very beneficial for getting rare loot from fishing activities. On the other hand, Fortune is worthwhile for acquiring more resources from mining.
  3. Luck can be combined with the Lure enchantment; on the other hand, Fortune could be combined with the Silk Touch enchantment.
  4. Luck is the best option for players who focus on fishing and treasure hunting, whereas Fortune is given priority by players who concentrate on picking valuable resources.
  5. Luck is limited to fishing rods Tool only, while Fortune is much more flexible as it can be applied to multiple tools.
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Comparison Between Luck and Fortune Minecraft

Parameter of ComparisonLuck MinecraftFortune Minecraft
Applicable itemsIt has only Fishing rods as its enchantment type.It has Pickaxe, Shovel and Axe for its enchantment type.
Enchantment LevelsLuck of the Sea I, II, and III are its levels.Fortune I, II, and III are its levels.
EffectsIt increases opportunities for advantageous fishing loot.It increases the drop rate of some resources.
Usefulness in Fishing It is very useful for getting rare loot.It is not applicable for fishing and, therefore, not helpful.
Compatible Enchantments    It is compatible with Lure and Unbreaking.It is compatible with Silk Touch.

Last Updated : 14 October, 2023

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