Difference Between Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo and Mark 2

Sony is the most trusted and loved brand when it comes to buying high-quality, reliable memory cards. It has revolutionized this industry by producing Memory cards with larger storage capacity and high file transferring speed.


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Sony memory stick pro duo and Mark 2 are two such evolved products that have many similarities as memory cards but differ on certain factors that need to be explored.

Key Takeaways

  1. Memory Stick Pro Duo is a removable flash memory card format, while Mark 2 is an enhanced version with faster read/write speeds.
  2. Mark 2 cards are more suitable for high-definition video recording than the original Pro Duo cards.
  3. Both card types are compatible with various Sony devices, but Mark 2 cards offer improved performance.

Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo vs Mark 2

The Pro Duo is smaller in size, has a capacity of up to 32GB, and uses the MagicGate encryption technology for added security. The Mark 2 is larger in size, supports capacities up to 128GB with transfer speeds up to 20MB/s, and advanced copyright protection (Content Protection for Recordable Media).

Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo vs Mark 2

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Sony memory stick pro duo is the type of memory card better used to store media in AVCHD video cameras. It has a large storage capacity. But its transferring speed of data is less.

It cannot be used for video cameras of other formats. It is the third evolved product of the memory stick pro venture by Sony.

On the other hand, Mark 2 is the certification given to memory cards. This indicates that this version of memory cards produced by Sony is compatible with video recording cameras with AVCHD format and other formats.

It is mainly used for its high data writing speed.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonSony Memory Stick Pro DuoMark 2
DefinitionIt is a memory card used for data storage.It is a certification given to memory cards.
Launch YearIt was launched in 2007.It was introduced in 2014.
DevicesThis memory card is for video cameras in AVCHD format.It is compatible with AVCHD and non-AVCHD video cameras.
StorageSony Memory Stick Pro Duo is high in storage.Mark 2 certified memory cards may or may not be low in storage.
Data Writing SpeedThe Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo memory card is not so fast in writing and transferring data as Mark 2 memory cards. .But Mark 2 memory cards have high data writing speed.

What is Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo?

Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo is a type of memory card produced and marketed by a company called Sony. This type of memory card is used to store data from video cameras in terms of audio and video.

This data has to be written on a memory card so that no data is lost.

Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo is the third evolved product of the Memory Stick Pro format. It has been upgraded to cope with the increasing demand for more space for storing data and the speed of transferring it.

Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo came into the market in 2007.

Later on, different models of the Memory Stick Pro Duo with different storage capacities have been introduced for use. It is available from 4 GB to 32 GB.

Tho it has a great storage capacity, its speed of transferring data is comparatively less. But the look of the pro duo was more polished and sleeker than the original model.

Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo is thinner and shorter in size than Sony Memory Stick Pro. However, the only drawback it has is that it can be used only with video recording cameras in AVCHD format.

But it is compatible with new Sony products like digital cameras for its high storage capacity.

What is Mark 2?

The logo of Mark 2 on a memory card certifies that it is compatible with high-speed data transferring capacity.

It helps to transfer the data of the video camera in terms of audio and video as fast as possible to the memory card from the device. Thus, it is the writing speed of data that Mark 2 certified memory cards are more sustainable than others. 

Though it is meant for use in devices compatible with high data writing speed, it does not break its ties with devices of other formats that are either old or slow.

But Mark 2 memory cards are indeed best in use to write huge data. It is often used to capture cameras that are used in movies.

The Mark 2 certificate is only issued to those memory cards that can guarantee high speed in data transfer. Since it ensures the speed is high, the data gets written on the memory card within no time.

That’s why the recording of the video will also be stable.  

It is mostly used to store videos of high resolution and photos of HD quality. It first came into the market in 2014. These memory cards are usually light in weight and small in their dimensions.

If you require the fastest data writing speed, you should definitely look for Mark 2 certified memory cards.

Main Differences Between Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo and Mark 2

  1. Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo is a type of memory card, whereas Mark 2 is a certification given to memory cards. 
  2. In 2007, the Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo officially came into use. Mark 2 certified memory cards were in use from 2014. 
  3. Sony’s Memory Stick Pro Duo is compatible with only AVCHD video recording cameras. But Mark 2 memory cards can be used in video cameras in AVCHD and other formats. 
  4. The former has high storage capacity, but the latter may lack a high storage facility. 
  5. Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo has low speed in transferring data. But Mark 2 memory cards are known for high data writing speed. 
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