Difference Between Cisco Duo and Microsoft MFA

Hackers are watching out for application weaknesses which are for the most part found in feeble or taken certifications. Organizations are executing a few layers of safety to ensure their touchy information.


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Cisco Duo and Microsoft MFA are among the main security that includes a shield to clients from a wide scope of assaults.

Key Takeaways

  1. Cisco Duo is a multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution that supports various devices and applications.
  2. Microsoft MFA is an MFA feature integrated with Azure Active Directory and Microsoft 365 services.
  3. Organizations should consider their existing infrastructure, security requirements, and user experience when choosing between Cisco Duo and Microsoft MFA.

Cisco Duo vs Microsoft MFA

Cisco Duo is a two-factor authentication solution that includes a multi-factor authentication, single sign-on, remote access and access control product from Cisco. Microsoft MFA is a multifactor authentication system that adds a layer of protection to a sign up process, when accessing accounts or aps.

Cisco Duo vs Microsoft MFA

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Cisco, an overall forerunner in IT and systems administration, and Duo accomplice to bring zero-trust security answers for joint clients. Duo and Cisco team up on the scope of utilization cases to bring solid client and gadget checks and common trade of safety settings.

The Cisco-Duo joint arrangement empowers clients to send zero-trust safety efforts both inside and outside the corporate organization.

Microsoft MFA  adds a layer of insurance to the sign-in measure. When getting to accounts or applications, clients give extra character checks, for example, filtering a unique mark or entering a code got by telephone.

Azure AD offers a wide scope of adaptable MFA strategies to meet the exceptional necessities of your association and assist with keeping your clients secured.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonCisco DuoMicrosoft MFA
Platforms SupportedCisco Duo is supported by SaaS making it flexible to use.Microsoft MFA is not supported by Saas.
AudienceCisco Duo’s target audience is all big-sized companies.Microsoft MFA’s target audience is any individual who needs to set up a secure two-factor verification.
SupportCisco Duo’s support offers online, business hours, and 24/7 live support.Microsoft MFA’s support package does not have any such features.
Free TrialCisco Duo provides the buyer with a free trial before the purchase.Microsoft MFA does not provide the buyer with a free trial before the purchase.
TrainingCisco Duo training package includes documentation, in-person training, live online training, and webinars.Microsoft MFA training package includes only documentation.

What is Cisco Duo?

Cisco Duo security gives remote access arrangements and ensures existing IT foundation, making it simple for representatives and workers for hire to acquire remote access when remote working.

It’s versatile security that is not difficult to utilize, simple to convey, and simple to deal with whatever the size of construction of your association. Give clientless remote admittance to multi-cloud conditions and telecommuters. 

It reviews all gadgets used to get to corporate applications and assets continuously. Gain visibility into all gadgets oversaw and unmanaged to guarantee they satisfy your security guidelines, before allowing them access.

Couple’s multifaceted validation and gadget trust is an extraordinary beginning for undertakings to get the labor force on their zero-trust venture. Pair is an advanced security arrangement that supports developing undertaking needs. 

Customary security depends on the spot-based trust. A zero-trust model implements versatile controls, and constantly confirms trust.

By utilizing a zero-trust stage like Cisco Duo, you can assist with forestalling unapproved access, information breaks and decrease the danger of assaults.

The advantage to clients is that Duo gives a solid single sign-on – a smoothed-out login experience that is supported via water/airproof data security.

The enchantment of Cisco Duo is the absolute control you have over what gadgets associate with your organization. If you don’t approve of an association, there is no association.

What is Microsoft MFA?

Two-factor verification is simple, advantageous, and secure when you use Microsoft MFA. Utilize your telephone, not your secret phrase, to sign in to your Microsoft account.

Simply enter your username, then, at that point, support the notice shipped off your telephone. Your unique finger impression, face ID, or PIN will give a second layer of safety in this two-stage confirmation measure.

After you’ve endorsed in with two-factor confirmation, you’ll approach all your Microsoft items and administrations, like Outlook, OneDrive, Office, and then some. 

Microsoft MFA additionally upholds multifaceted validation regardless of whether you utilize a secret word, by giving a second layer of safety after you type your secret key.

When signing in with two-factor verification, you’ll enter your secret key, and afterward, you’ll be requested an extra method to demonstrate it’s truly you.

Either support the notice shipped off the Microsoft MFA or enter the one-time secret word created by the app. The one-time passwords have a 30-second clock counting down.

This clock is so you never need to utilize a similar time-based one-time secret phrase twice and you don’t need to recall the number. The one-time secret key doesn’t expect you to be associated with an organization, and it will not deplete your battery. 

Main Differences Between Cisco Duo and Microsoft MFA

  1. Cisco Duo supports SaaS while Microsoft MFA does not support SaaS.
  2. Cisco Duo targets only big firms as customers whereas Microsoft MFA targets people who wish to use it at a personal level also.
  3. Cisco Duo provides various such as online, business hours, and 24/7 live support options in their package while Microsoft MFA does not provide any support with their package.
  4. Cisco Duo has an option of free trial before purchase for better understanding while Microsoft MFA does not any such feature.
  5. Cisco Duo provides 4 kinds of training programs which are live online training, documentation, in-person training, and webinars while Microsoft MFA provides only one kind of training program which is documentation.
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