Ring Stick Up Cam vs Blink Outdoor: Difference and Comparison

Security cameras do play a crucial role in this society, especially by preventing any crimes from happening as well as acting as a piece of evidence against occurring crimes.

Starting from ensuring the family and property are safe to prevent malicious activities, surveillance cameras are considered a smart move for a secure home. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Ring Stick Up Cam and Blink Outdoor are popular wireless security cameras that remotely monitor a property’s exterior.
  2. One key difference between the two is their field of view, with the Ring Stick Up Cam having a wider field of view of 130 degrees compared to Blink Outdoor’s 110 degrees.
  3. Another difference is their cloud storage options, with Ring Stick Up Cam offering more options and longer storage durations than Blink Outdoor.

The difference between ring stick up and blink outdoor is that the Ring Stick Up offers AI detection and professional monitoring, whereas Blink Outdoor cameras offer localized video storage options at a discountable purchase. Over and above, the Blink Outdoor camera enables to the storage of footage in the cloud, wherein the Ring Stick Up camera can view the footage from anywhere with the help of the Ring app. Both the security cam can be placed indoors as well as outdoors to detect motion in HD resolution.

Ring Stick Up Cam vs Blink Outdoor

Ring stick-up is espoused by the company Ring, which is owned by Amazon. The company manufactures products related to home security and smart home and was founded in 2013.


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The Ring is prominently acknowledged for its outdoor motion-detecting cameras alongside its app, ned Neighbour, which assists in sharing footage among its users.

On the other hand, Blink Outdoor is from the company Blink Home, which is vitally known for its battery-powered security cameras.

It was founded in 2009, and later, Amazon bought the company in 2017 for the eye of a consumer electronics company. It touts indoor, outdoor, home security cameras and video doorbells as well.

Parameters of ComparisonRing Stick Up Cam Blink Outdoor
Meaning Ring Stick Up Cam is a motion-detecting surveillance HD Wifi camera for indoor or outdoor security. Blink Outdoor is a security camera that bestows cloud-based voice services, stores clips locally while detecting any motion. Moreover, the device adapts third-party devices.  
Features It is a battery-powered connected security camera that comes with motion alerts, night vision, and 1080p HD resolution, Wifi connectivity, recording, a two-way microphone that directly pings your phone or Amazon Echo Show.  Blink Outdoor is a wireless, IP65 weather-resistant security camera, 1080p  live view video quality, wifi network up to 2.4 GHz, and two years of battery life. The device comes with an infrared LED for night vision and a mini USB AC is given for two-way communication.  
OriginatedIn 2015, the ring company introduced a wireless IP camera ‘Ring Stick Up Cam’. Blink Outdoor was manufactured by Blink Home in 2014. 
Mechanism Ring Stick Up Cam is a wireless, rechargeable battery and portable device. The security camera is a potent device where you can speak as well as hear people on Ring Stick Up Cam from your accessible gadgets. Moreover, it can be set indoors and outdoors. Blink Outdoor works for a two years battery span. Where the device stores any motion locally and supports third-party devices as cloud-based voice is supported too. 
AppRing Stick Up cam has an app ‘Neighbors’, where you can access the footage for recording and storing it for later purposes.Blink Home Monitor app is used to supervise your house, while you are out by hosting live videos.

What is Ring Stick Up Cam?

Ring Stick Up camera is one of Ring’s versatile products that pitches in motion-detecting security cameras for both indoor as well as outdoor.

It is a wireless device and portable, as it can be carried anywhere without any subsidiaries required. Ring Stick Up cam’s battery will help the users to view any footage from anywhere.

Moreover, the Ring app, named Neighbours, enables the online sharing of footage among its users. 

Having that said, Ring Stick Up cam features HD Video and two-way talk, along with Indoor or outdoor viewing options, removable battery packs, motion-activated notification, colour night visions, and easy and affordable installations.

Either on a table or mounted on a wall, Ring Stick Up Cam fits well to build an invasive private surveillance environment for the user. 

The standardized Ring Stick-up cam is of size 3.82 in. x 2.36 in. x 2.36 in and is only available in black and white in colour.

The weather-resistant Camera also facilitates a way to customize alerts and minimize interruption while receiving notifications accordingly.  

On the contrary, Blink Outdoor is from Blink Home, a home automation company that sells battery-powered surety cameras.

Soon after, by 2017, it was brought in by Amazon for its consumer electronics sector, which offers indoor and outdoor home security cameras, followed by doorbells. 

Blink Outdoor is featured as a 1080p security camera that delivers motion detection camera, cloud, and local storage preferences. Moreover, it facilitates cloud-based voice service and can be supported by third-party devices too.

Over and above, if you don’t have access to Cloud Storage, never mind, as the Blink Outdoor footage can be stored locally by additional access to monitor videos through USB.

The long-lasting battery-powered Blink Outdoor provides night vision security, too, along with a mini USB adaptor that can connect to any device to store videos locally. 

Similarly, the Blink Home has a Monitor App, which can be operated from Android as well as from iOS. It enables viewing of the footage, battery level, photo capturing mode, temperature level, and microphone, and video-quality settings. 

Furthermore, Blink Outdoor takes only a fraction of a second for its installation. However, it requires a hub to connect to the user’s network for a complete activation. 

  1. Ring Stick Up cam is an indoor and outdoor surveillance camera, whereas Blink Outdoors is a cloud-based voice-supported security camera for outdoors, indoors, doorbells and everywhere. Other than that, Both devices are security cameras, which detect motion and alert your gadgets. 
  2. Ring Stick Up Cam offers AI detection and professional monitoring, whereas Blink Outdoor cameras offer localized video storage options at a discountable purchase. 
  3. Ring Stick Up Cam is a portable camera that comes with a rechargeable battery, while Blink Outdoors comes with 2 years battery span. 
  4. Ring Stick Up Cam stores can be watched from any gadget, but Blink Outdoors stored clips can be seen through USB and also supports third-party devices. 
  5. Ring Stick Up Cam was founded by the Ring company as an indoor and outdoor security camera in 2015. Meanwhile, Blink Outdoor was invented by Blink Company in 2014.
  6. Ring Stick Up Cam is quite expensive compared to Blink Outdoor’s security camera. Besides, Both the surety cameras have an app where users can look into the stored footage. Ring Stick Up Cam has a ‘Neighbors’ app, whereas Blink Outdoor established ‘The Blink Home Monitor app for the storage of recorded videos.
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