Difference Between Blink Mini and Blink Indoor

Blink is an Amazon-owned and executed company that provides good quality security cameras for a relatively lower cost than a lot of other companies.


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Blink Mini or Blink indoor are two such cameras that are apt for CCTV surveillance of your homes from the same company. They both present to you affordable security options for your home.

The difference between Blink Mini and Blink Indoor is that while the Blink Mini is wired, the Blink Indoor is not. While both cameras record 1080 videos and have two way sound chat systems Blink Mini, as both of them come from the same parent company, there are some updates in the higher price Blink Indoor than the Blink Mini.

Blink Mini vs Blink Indoor

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Blink Mini is a wired indoor security camera with a 1080 HD video camera that can effectively record high-quality videos even during the night. It has a two way sound system from the mobile app to the camera.

It lets you record, hear and view a live stream of what’s happening in your home. It has free cloud storage for 30 days, after which the storage can be accessed for a small fee monthly.

Blink Indoor is a later modification of the Blink Mini. It is a completely wireless security camera that records 1080 HD videos even during the night. It also has two way an audio system like its sister Blink Mini.

It lets you live stream, record and hear what’s happening in your homes even when you are not at home. It also has both local and clouds storage options.

Parameters of ComparisonBlink MiniBlink Indoor
Video qualityThe video quality seems to be a little less clear than Blink Indoor.Video quality seems to be better than the Blink Mini.
AppearanceIt has a round flat appearance with a  white exterior.It has a more sleek edged appearance with a black exterior.
Sound qualityThe sound quality was comparable in both as they have the same systems.The sound quality was comparable in both as they have the same systems.            
Nighttime visionBlink mini has too high infrared exposure, due to which any person near the camera is washed out by high brightness.Blink Indoor has better infrared control giving better-detailed videos even at night, although the same problem may arise and can be adjusted manually.
StorageIt comes with free storage for 30 days in the cloud server, but after which, it requires an annual or monthly subscription plan.It has local storage options using their Sync Module 2. You can attach a thumb drive device you want and cloud storage as well that comes with the subscription fee.
Compatible WithIt is compatible with other devices like Alexa, Amazon Assistant and IFTTT.It is compatible with other devices like Alexa, Amazon Assistant and IFTTT, as well as Echo devices.
MountingThe mount of Blink Mini is plastic made and needs a stand to be put on the wall.It is a wireless camera and has no mount; however, it has to be fixed upon an external separately provided base.
Local StorageIt does not come with any local storage options. External USB can be purchased.It comes with a built-in MicroSD card slot as well as USB cable options for local storage.
Notification SpeedBlink Mini has a faster notification speed when motion is detected immediately, giving live footage of the camera.It is very sensible and has a high notification speed. It also records up to 20s of videos from the time of motion detection.
Battery LifeNo battery life as it is a plug-in device and works only when plugged in.It comes with a battery life of two years and has changeable batteries.

Blink Mini is a budget-friendly plug video camera that can be used as an effective security or surveillance camera for our households. It has the following features:

  • 1080HD video resolution
  • Two-way audio chat between camera and user through their mobile app
  • The app can be used to arm and disarm the camera in fixed schedules.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Camera with 110° wide vision
  • Infrared night vision with adjustable infrared exposure.
  • Free cloud storage is accessible to already Blink Users.
  • Subscription of Online Cloud Storage Available
  • Compatible to work with Alexa and Amazon Assistant, making it accessible from a distance and even without its app

However, the Blink Mini comes with the following disadvantages :

  • New Users do not free storage cloud storage
  • The price of the device is comparatively high compared to devices of the same specifications
  • Mounting and Connectivity Issues have been registered for some users.
  • Mount is plastic and flimsy.
  • Video and audio quality are not very clear
  • Infrared exposure is too high, making the picture become whitewashed during night recordings.

Thus this tiny camera comes with enough specifications to be used effectively in case pets, family, burglary alerts are needed. It has a quick alerting notification of almost around 10s in case motion is detected. It takes you to the live stream of what’s happening at that moment.

Blink Indoor is another budget-friendly (friendlier than Blink Mini) wired video camera that can be effectively used as a home security camera or even for monitoring the knick-knack of the house. It comes with the following features:

  • 1080HD video resolution
  • Wireless connection
  • Two-way audio chat between camera and user through the phone app
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Camera with 110° wide vision
  • Infrared night vision
  • Local storage options in their Sync Module are available.
  • Micro SD slot and USB cable to connect to storage devices locally.
  • Compatible to work with Alexa, Amazon Assistant and Echo devices.
  • 20s recording from the time of motion detection

However, the Blink Indoor comes with the following disadvantages:

  • It is not water-resistant.
  • Infrared exposure from its sister model has not been fixed in this model as well.
  • Due to high sensitivity, it even gives notification if there is high wind and the notification cones every 30s and hence can be annoying.
  • There is no free cloud storage. A subscription is necessary for storage access.
  • The device loses connectivity in place more than 100m away from the Wi-Fi device.

Thus it is understood that Blink Indoor is a slightly upgraded version of the Blink Mini. Its wireless options make its setting up easier, and the app is intuitive is very helpful as well. With a slight change in price range, this stands out from the previous one.

  1. The Blink Mini is more lightweight (only 1.7 oz) than the heavier Blink Indoor (4 oz).
  2. The Blink Mini does not have local storage options for new users, while Blink Indoor does provide Sync Module as their new update for local storage.
  3. The Blink Mini has a lower price than the costlier Blink Indoor.
  4. The Blink Mini is compatible with only select devices like Alexa, Amazon Assistant etc. Additionally, Blink Indoor also works with Echo devices.
  5. The Blink Mini comes with a 9 ft plug cable while the Blink Indoor is wireless making it more secure as it works even during a power cut with its lithium batteries provided with the pack that can be changed.
  6. The Blink Mini has free cloud storage for 14 days from purchase, while the Blink Indoor camera does not have free local storage.
  7. Blink Mini comes in a cheaper looking plastic base, while Blink Indoor is a compact stronger looking device.
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