Difference Between Video Doorbell and Security Camera

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Few tools are installed to make sure this, which includes Video Doorbell and Security Camera. Both of them are installed so that every person entering or leaving the house/building should be recorded.

Video Doorbell vs Security Camera

The difference between a video doorbell and a security camera is that a video doorbell is placed at the solid surface and works as a bell and records the video, whereas a security camera is placed at a corner higher and has the only function of recording the video. Both of them are different based on placement, versatility, security, and the quality of video they provide.

Video Doorbell vs Security Camera

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Video Doorbell is a device placed at the door. It sends a notification by using the wifi to the smartphone if a person is near the door.

A security camera is a camera used for security purposes that records the video. This device tends to record high-quality video covering every angle and large area.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonVideo DoorbellSecurity Camera
SecurityLess secureMore secure
FunctionsHave more functionsOnly record the footage
VersatileLess versatileMore versatile
PriceExpensiveMore affordable
QualityLow quality of the video.Provide more quality video

What is Video Doorbell?

It is the device for security that alerts the owner if anyone tries to enter the building/home. This device is being used most recently, and the reason is that you don’t need to go anywhere to find who is trying to enter the home.

Advantages of Video Doorbell

  1. Versatility: Video Doorbells are versatile as it has more than one function.
  2. Security Level: it is much secured as it immediately informs the owner with the picture or video of the visitor.
  3. Easily installed: it can be easily installed by anyone on special equipment, or training is required for the installation process.

Disadvantages of Video Doorbell

  1. Easily accessible: it is placed at the front. Therefore, it can be seen by everyone.
  2. Limited application: its application is very limited as it can only be installed at the front door or near the front door.
  3. Monthly Subscriptions: a monthly subscription has to be paid sometime to maintain the doorbell.
video doorbell

What is Security Camera?

A security camera is a video recording device installed at a height to recording every moment. They are being used for a very long time and are preferred for large buildings mostly.

Advantages of Security Camera

  1. Versatile: they are considered to be more versatile than anyone security device as they can be placed anywhere at a height.
  2. More secure: as it can be installed anywhere, they are mostly installed where none can see them easily. And this makes them a more secure option than any other.
  3. Quality of video: their main function is the record the footage only. Therefore they provide the video footage with the best quality.

Disadvantages of Security Camera

  1. Harder to install: security camera can be a little hard or difficult to install.
  2. Cannot provide immediate information: unlike video doorbells, they do not provide any immediate information.

Installing a security camera is a safer option as if anyone tries to enter the building or house, they will notice the camera and will be caught later on.

security camera

Main Differences Between Video Doorbell and Security Camera

  1. Security Camera provides high quality of footage as its only purpose is to record the video, whereas, in comparison, doorbell provides low-quality video.
  2. Security Cameras can cover large areas with various angles, while video doorbells cannot do this, they are limited to certain angles and areas.
Difference Between Video Doorbell and Security Camera
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