Difference Between Socket and Port

There are different kinds of securities required in protecting the internet protocol. Or else it will get hacked by hackers or scammers.


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The socket is used for protecting them, and the port is where the socket is located at. These are very useful when it comes to protecting, and the socket is available in the market as well. 

Socket vs Port

The difference between Socket and Port is that the work of a socket is to take care of the internet protocol, and it will be responsible for its security. The port is the software that is used in the operating systems. They are dependent on each other when it comes to the protection of the TCP/ IP. 

Socket vs Port

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The socket is an IP address, and it contains transmission control protocol and internet protocol.

These kinds of sockets are available in the market with different ones, and we can check our system configuration before buying them so that we are required to change it after a long time.

Otherwise, we are required to change it often, which will cost us and will give us a headache as well.

Port is software that uses an operating system. It acts as an additional layer in the internet protocol. It works with the help of that internet protocol’s address which will then deal with many IP addresses and so on.

These ports won’t come with any sort of security. To make it secure, you have to add some additional layers called TCP/ IP in them to make them secure. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonSocketPort
Derived FromMiddle English SocketLatin
UsageIt is used in port as well as internet protocol addressIt is used by some software
WorkIt is used for the machine and also the server inside that machineIt can be used on different kinds of software

What is Socket?

A socket is a device that is used for running programs on a network. It is usually like two-way communication.

It contains both the IP address and an address of that IP address. This socket will contain access to the transmission control protocol and internet protocol.

This is a concept that comes in computer science. You will learn more about this in the electronics lab.

Because that is where they will teach more about this concept in detail.

They are just called sockets, and they have no new name attached to them. Many different types of sockets are available in the market.

You can choose the one that will occupy your computer or system requirements. Only then will it work for a long time. Or else it will lose its stability within some usage.

And you have to buy a new socket again. 

Inside the socket, you will be able to find a protocol, a local address, and a local port. In this, the protocol will contain some set of rules that are used for transferring the data.

This protocol will differ in different types of sockets. Socket also comes under the collection of APIs.

Sometimes people can create their socket as well, and they can even listen to that as well. These are done by people who are very much interested in developing new things on their own.

What is Port?

A port is called a computer port. It is the place where two connections are connected, and it will give an end to that connection.

It is a place where we give connections to the two networks, and at the same time, we can end those two connections as well.

These are not based on hardware, and they are controlled with the help of software, and the software that is used for controlling them is the operating system.

These are used for finding the transactions that are happening on the web. Many types of web addresses are available in the network, and these are used for finding the difference between them.

They also serve as an address of internet protocol. These internet protocols are used for finding the host that is provided by the system.

These ports also come with a number. To learn more about them in detail, we can learn them in computer science.

Again, in computer science, it will not come in the programming part since these deal with software and other internet protocols.

You will be able to learn them on Operating systems because that is where they will go in-depth about this topic which will give you some ideas on how they are working and what are the components that are used in them. 

Main Differences Between Socket and Port

  1. A Socket is used in the internet protocol and also in a port to protect them. A port is used by software with the help of an operating system.
  2. The socket is a word that is derived from Middle English. On the other hand, the port is a word that is derived from Latin.
  3. The work of a socket is inside the machine and also the server attached to it. But the work of a port is to work on different kinds of software.
  4. The network that is used in Socket is Computer. On the other hand, the network that is used in Port is Computer as well.
  5. The layer that is supported in Socket is Application. On the other hand, the layer that is supported in Port is Transport.
Difference Between Socket and Port
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