Difference Between Video Doorbell and Intercom

While we reside in a specific place or an area, security is one of the major factors that is considered while we choose an area to live, buy a house, or office. It is important to consider the security of the people, whether it be family or office members. Nowadays modern security system has developed a lot, and new devices based on modern digital technology are available in the market. Some of them include intercom, video doorbell, CCTV camera, biometric access system, etc. 


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Video Doorbell vs Intercom

The difference between video doorbell and intercom is that video doorbell provides both audio and video communication with the visitor while intercom only allows audio communication. Video doorbells are used in buildings, apartments, and houses to provide security and to check the visitor, and grant access to unlock the door. Intercom usually allows only speech conversation between two parties on either side of the intercom. 

Video Doorbell vs Intercom

A video doorbell is a device that is used in the security system of houses, apartments, offices, and other buildings and provides a view of the outside of the house where the device with the camera is placed. You can check who is visiting you through the monitor on your end and can also grant or deny access to the person into your house. 

An intercom (also known as an intercommunication device) is a device used for communication between two parties, each being on one side of the intercommunication device. It is used in offices, buildings, apartments, hotels, and also in vehicles. It can also be connected with walky-talky, public communication systems, or computers. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonVideo DoorbellIntercom
MeaningIt is a communication system used in houses, offices, and buildings to ensure security and check visitors.It is a communication device used for audio communication between two parties.
MediaHas both audio and video communication setup.Facilitates only audio communication.
StorageRequires large space of cloud storage.No storage devices are required.
FunctionAllows the visitor to speak to the person inside the house or leave a video message and grant access to enter the house by unlocking the system. Allows having a conversation with the person at another end of the intercom device. 
SecurityProvides better security function.Security isn’t that efficient as it only allows audio communication.

What is Video Doorbell? 

Video doorbell is the intercom system used to check the person on the door. It is usually used in places like offices, buildings, homes, villas, etc. A video doorbell has both audio and video system inbuilt in it. It allows us to communicate to the person who is on the door by audio as well as visual means. 

Another name for a video doorbell is a video intercom or video door phone. The main aim of the video doorbell is to identify the visitor, communicate with the visitor, or grant access to the visitor or person on the other side of the door. It has two basic elements: an outdoor element and an indoor element. 

The main components of this system are a micro camera, microphones, speakers, push-button, and a video monitor screen. The video doorbell requires a lot of cloud storage as it has to store pictures and videos. Video doorbells can be classified into two major categories: one depending on the security level and the second one depending on the technology involved. Nowadays, many modified systems are incorporated in security systems, and the video doorbell can also be connected to your phone to check who visits you when you are not available. 

video doorbell

What is Intercom? 

Intercom is the short form for intercommunication devices. It can also be called an interphone and is a device that allows voice communication between two different parties present in a building or an area. Intercom works independently of the public telephone network. Intercoms are generally mounted permanently in buildings and homes or any other offices. Intercoms are abled audio devices and do not include video communication. There is also absolutely no requirement for an additional storage location. 

Intercom can also be connected to loudspeakers, walkie-talkies, telephones, and public loudspeaker systems. There are also simple intercoms that are used in houses and apartments. The Modern intercom can also be connected to computers and also involves the use of TCP/IP.

They are used in the security systems of buildings, offices, schools, and residential complexes. Intercoms offer communication with the person who is on the other side of the intercom communication device. Intercoms of different types are also used in different types of vehicles. Different types of intercoms are presently in use. They include a wiring intercom, two wired broadcast intercoms, four wired broadcast intercoms, telephone intercoms, and a wireless intercom. 


Main Differences Between Video Doorbell and Intercom

  1. The video doorbell allows us to see the visitor and talk to them, whereas the intercom only allows audio communication. 
  2. Video doorbell requires a lot of digital storage space whereas intercom does not have any such requirements. 
  3. Video doorbell setup can be easily moved from one place to another, but intercoms are generally mounted permanently. 
  4. A video doorbell can be connected to your computer and mobile. The intercom can be connected to a computer only. 
  5. Video doorbell setup requires screen monitors, whereas intercoms do not. 
Difference Between Video Doorbell and Intercom


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