Video Doorbell vs Peephole: Difference and Comparison

In these times when the world is in a rush and is constantly meeting requirements, it’s important to secure your assets from thefts and crimes.

Like we wear a helmet while driving, similarly, the security aspects can’t be ignored. Indeed it’s the foremost part and has to be taken on a serious note. Well, doorbells and peepholes are some of the front door securities that we install on our Front doors. However, these two aren’t the same thing.

Key Takeaways

  1. A video doorbell provides a real-time video feed of the person at the door, whereas a peephole only offers a limited view of the person.
  2. A video doorbell can be accessed remotely through smartphones, whereas a peephole requires the person to be physically present to see.
  3. A video doorbell can be expensive and requires an internet connection, whereas a peephole is more affordable and straightforward.

Video Doorbell vs Peephole

The difference between a video Doorbell and a peephole is that a video Doorbell needs an external cable to function, while the ring peepholes will work on battery and don’t need any form of electricity to function. The peepholes conserve energy in some way or another, while the video Doorbell needs an electric connection.

Video Doorbell vs Peephole

The Video Doorbell has lots of benefits when placed on the front of the doors. The Video Doorbell comes with noise cancellation, allowing smooth, seamless video and graphics.

Also, it allows communication with the visitor through the mobile device. They record like CCTV footage and let you know the happenings at your door at a specific moment.

Peepholes are common in many countries. Peepholes support Alexa and can function by voice commands. A peephole can be sought in situations where there’s dark or after sunset.

The infrared vision allows the user to see who’s on the other side. Well, these come with recording functions. They can make sure that whosoever passes from your door, they record for safety and security purposes.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonVideo DoorbellPeephole
DefinitionVideo doorbells are devices installed on doors to watch out for people on the other side of the door.The peephole is an instrument that allows visual and communication with the visitor without much distortion.
PowerThe video doorbells derive power from an external cable attached to the electricity section.Peepholes can work on the battery easily and eventually conserve energy.
Knock detectionVideo Doorbell doesn’t have a knock detection mechanism.Well, if someone knocks on the door, a peephole comes with knock detection and lets you check who’s knocking.
View and horizonVideo doorbells have a wider view: 180 ° horizontal and 110° vertical.Peephole has fewer wide angles: 160 ° horizontal and 90° vertical.
Pricing and budgetWell, video doorbells come in many versions. However, the Doorbell pro is quite expensive.Peepholes are comparatively less.

What is Video Doorbell?

Well, it’s important to know who’s on the other side without many opening gates. It’s important to remain always on the safe side because of criminal activities.

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Indeed the securities aspect has to be tight without any loose ends. Your assets, family, lives inside that house, And the main door acts as a separator between the world and your home.

Many instruments are available to know who’s on the other side of the door. Some install CCTV cameras to record footage in case of robbery and any crime.

However, many people install video doorbells to ensure the visitor is someone you were expecting or someone you know before allowing him to enter your home.

Video doorbells are essential items as it encompasses several mind-blowing features. Well, it comes with infrared night vision that helps in identifying the person standing right in front of the door.

Also, it works on electricity. So it’s important to connect to an external cable with one end attached to the switch and one to the system.

It allows interaction with the person on the other side without opening gates. The resolution isn’t much of a problem since the brands make sure that the product has everything a user wants.

It comes with a 1080p high-quality premium camera and 720p high definition. Well, the significance is indeed much. From recording the footage to providing seamless communication, a video Doorbell has everything you need.

video doorbell

What is Peephole?

The world is rushing at a higher pace. It’s necessary to look after your possessions when you’re out. Also, when you’re inside your home, looking after who’s at the door or crossing your way from a security aspect becomes important.

Peepholes are devices or door cams, in simple words, that allow you to communicate with Someone right outside your door and wish to talk to you.

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It comes with a resolution of 160 degrees horizontal and 90 degrees vertical to make sure you can see his face crystal clear. Peephole works on batteries, so there’s no issue with light cuts and electricity.

Peepholes allow High definition video and audio recording management in case you’re not at home. Also, these are available in the market at different prices and brands, but these can be bought under budget.

These aren’t expensive much. These also have a knock-detection feature that will send motion-activated alerts to your mobile device, laptop, or device.

Peepholes also work with Alexa, echo, etc. They can announce that a visitor is here to see you in case you’re far inside your home and close your door. These AI-based machines also allow you to connect with strangers and can communicate without moving from your place.


Main Differences Between Video Doorbell and Peephole

  1. Video Doorbell has a wider angle, while the Peephole has less angle vision.
  2. Video doorbells are slightly more expensive than peepholes.
  3. Video Doorbell works on electricity while the peepholes work on battery.
  4. Video Doorbell has no such feature of knock detection, while the peepholes are equipped with knock detection.
  5. Video Doorbell has a lower resolution, while the peepholes have a higher resolution and better clarity.
Difference Between Video Doorbell and Peephole

Last Updated : 08 July, 2023

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