Brainly vs Photomath: Difference and Comparison

Students have so many queries related to their homework and assignments, so they take their queries to their respective teachers, but when they did not get satisfied with the answer, they try to google it then there come applications and sites related to education which help them to get their queries solved with clear understanding and different type of teaching.

Brainly and Photomath are educational sites where you can put up or post your questions related to your school or college. Then other people who are more knowledgeable about those things will provide you with clear answers to your questions which can be visible to others also who try to search for the same questions, and if satisfied, you can put up your feedback to that website or application.

Key Takeaways

  1. Brainly is a platform that provides peer-to-peer homework help and academic support, while Photomath is an app that solves math problems using a smartphone camera.
  2. Brainly offers many academic subjects, while Photomath focuses solely on math problems.
  3. Brainly provides a community of users who can help answer questions and provide explanations, while Photomath offers step-by-step solutions to math problems.

Brainly vs Photomath

Brainly is a peer-to-peer social learning platform where students can ask homework questions and receive answers from peers or educators within the community. Photomath is an app that uses a phone’s camera to recognize and solve mathematical problems, providing step-by-step explanations.

Brainly vs Photomath

Brainly is available both as a website and application for mobile users that helps them in solving their assignments and homework in an easy way where they only have to post their queries or questions related to any subject then the knowledgeable people present in that platform resolve the user’s queries in a clear and understanding way.

Photomath is an application that can solve any type of question-related to mathematics. The questions can be of low-level as well as high-level mathematics.

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People only have to search their queries, and they will get the required information related to that query. And if not available, they can ask for help by posting their questions, which experts will answer after a few moments.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonBrainlyPhotomath
DefinitionBrainly is a website that provides solutions to any of your subject queries or your posted questions on their site.Photomath is an application that solves or provides a solution for all the questions related to mathematics.
Subjects involvedThe questions can be relayed to any subject like mathematics, science, history, and civics, etc.It is only used to solve questions that are of mathematics or related to mathematics.
Exam preparationExam preparation can be done but only related to the subjects of your class or college.Several types of exam preparation can be done, which are related to mathematics.
App availabilityBrainly application can be downloaded in android as well as in iOS. Photomath application is also available for both android and apple stores.
Tutor facilityBrainly app provides you tutor facility after buying their monthly package.Photomath app has not yet launched any tutor facility.

What is Brainly?

Brainly was launched in 2009 to help students and teachers in solving assignments or homework. It is available both as a website and an application where user can post their questions or queries for a solution.

Sometimes the solution is available already, but if not, users can post their questions that the experts will answer. Brainly also has a feature where people can scan or snap their questions directly from the notebook or textbook, and step-by-step solutions will be provided instantly.

Brainly is connected to many people worldwide who post questions and solutions which help others with their assignments or homework. The Brainly application can be downloaded for free, but if you need tutors for guidance and want to study deeply, then they have monthly plans, which you can buy accordingly.


What is Photomath?

Photomath is a solution for all your mathematics problems. This application was launched in 2019, where people can scan or snap their mathematics questions which are answered by the app instantly in step by step manner.

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Photomath is only for mathematics-related questions. People can also prepare for other maths-related exams with the Photomath app’s help. This application is free to use for basic maths problems, but for exam preparations and guidance, they have monthly plans, which people can buy according to their affordability.

Photomath has become widely popular because of its wide variety of solutions for mathematics problems. This app is very good at recognizing any handwriting.


Main Differences Between Brainly and Photomath

  1. Brainly is a website as well as an app that provides solutions related to any of your subject queries or your posted questions on their site. On the other hand, Photomath is an application that solves or provides a solution for all mathematics-related questions.
  2. In the Photomath app, several types of exam preparation can be done, which are related to mathematics. While Brainly only helps you in your school or college-related exams.
  3. In the Brainly application, users can put up questions related to any subject, like mathematics, science, history, civics, etc. In contrast, the Photomath app is only used to solve questions that are of mathematics or related to mathematics.
  4. Brainly app also suggests or provides you with tutors for better understanding. While the Photomath app does not provide you with any tutor, it only understandably solves your questions.
  5. Photomath app was launched in 2014, and Java programming language was used in developing the application. While Brainly was founded in 2009, and C++, C and Java were used in developing this application.

Last Updated : 07 July, 2023

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