Difference Between Microsoft Math Solver and Photomath

Microsoft released a new smart app that will solve math problems. From the initial release, many people are saying that it’s just like Photomath.

The truth is that these apps are different in some ways, and though they both do similar things, there are significant differences between them. Microsoft and Photomath are both apps created for students.

The two apps have many similarities and differences, but one thing they both do well is that they’re great at helping students learn math.

Microsoft Math Solver vs Photomath

The main difference between Microsoft Math Solver and Photmath is Microsoft Math Solver is an online web application, but Photomath is available in both ways. Microsoft Math Solver is used to help with homework, while Photomath is a mathematical calculator. Photmath has millions of problems, but Microsoft Math Solver does not have problems like Photmath.

Microsoft Math Solver and Photomath

The Solver application is a mathematical optimization tool that helps you find the best values for several variables. You can use it to solve problems in many disciplines, including business, finance, physics, and chemistry.

The Microsoft Math Solver is a great way to learn how to apply simple math to real-world problems. Photomath is a free app that recognizes and solves math problems for you.

Simply take a picture of the problem, and Photomath detects it and offers step-by-step solutions. The team behind Photomath believes that technology should make things simpler, not more complicated.

Comparison Table Between Microsoft Math Solver and Photomath

Parameters Of ComparisonMicrosoft Math SolverPhotomath
ApplicationOnline webAndroid
Question solvingHigh gradeSolves with explanation
Camera usageNoYes
Problem understandingLessMore

What is Microsoft Math Solver?

Microsoft Math Solver is a new, free mathematical equation solver that works with Office 365. It can solve equations, inequalities, systems of equations, and derivative problems.

Microsoft has created an online math solver that is available to anyone. The tool can handle equations up to the twelfth degree.

This tool will help you solve all your math problems on your homework, assignments, and tests.

Solving complex math problems shouldn’t be a hassle. Just go ahead and use this free service by Microsoft.

It is quick and easy to use, so you will be able to check the answers to your equations without any problem. The app connects to Excel, Word, and PowerPoint on Mac to provide answers for math equations in an easy-to-use interface within the program.

Solver is a powerful calculator that incorporates multiple algorithms to solve different math problems. It uses linear regression, nonlinear regression, integer programming, and other tools to tackle real-world business issues like predicting demand volumes or optimizing production schedules.

This Microsoft Math Solver will make it easy for anyone to insert a solver into their spreadsheet. The Solver will help users determine the optimal value of an objective function while enforcing specified constraints on the variables.

What is Photomath?

It’s a very simple app that shows the work of solving math problems by just capturing a photo. The way it works is you take a picture of a math problem, and Photomath will give you a step-by-step solution to it.

Also, Photomath has an inbuilt calculator to solve math problems. It recognizes more than 500,000 math terms and symbols and can solve 200+ types of problems, including arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus.

Photomath is a smart mobile app that lets you take photos of math problems and get step-by-step solutions. It’s like having your math tutor!

It currently has 6 million monthly active users, who solve 5 million problems every month through the mobile app alone. Photomath is a revolutionary app that will help you solve math problems by taking a picture of the problem.

It reads and solves your handwriting or printed-out mathematical questions, then gives you detailed step-by-step solutions with a full explanation of every single step. It works offline, so it doesn’t matter if you have an internet connection on your smartphone.

Photomath can be used as an educational tool at school, university, or at home to help children succeed in their studies. It also helps students learn new concepts faster and better as they can instantly see how to solve a problem.

Today there is an app called Photomath that allows students to use their mobile phone camera to scan mathematical problems, and it will solve them on the spot! It’s like having a calculator in your back pocket.

It has already helped millions of people around the world.

Main Differences Between Microsoft Math Solver and Photomath

  1. Microsoft Math Solver is an online application, but Photomath is an android application.
  2. Microsoft math solver can solve high-grade mathematics, but Photomath solves the problem with an explanation.
  3. Microsoft math solver has no use of camera, but Photomath can solve questions when the picture of the question is uploaded.
  4. Microsoft Math Solver was way before Photomath.
  5. Microsoft Math Solver does not explain, but Photomath explains.
  6. Microsoft has fewer problems as compared to Photomath.


Photomath is a free smartphone app that solves math equations. It was created by a team of students from the University of Waterloo in Canada who saw a need for math help on smartphones.

The app has been downloaded over 10 million times worldwide and has an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars on Google Play. Photomath is a free photo-editing app for smartphones and tablets.

It can be used to correct lens distortions, adjust colors, remove unwanted objects or people from photos, and more. The app uses artificial intelligence to analyze the image and provide a solution.

The company was founded in 2013 by Amir Avni and David Nahamoo. Its goal was to create a new type of computational photography that would enable users to interact with their cameras in new ways – beyond just taking pictures.

Since then, it has been downloaded over 10 million times across the globe. Microsoft Math Solver uses the same technology as Excel’s Solver, but it’s simpler and easier to use.

You can create a model of your problem onscreen (in real-time), check its solution, make changes, and check the new solution. Microsoft Math Solver is a free online tool that can help students with their algebra homework.

As most students know, there are many problems that you run into when working with algebraic equations, and the solver can help you quickly solve these equations to discover the answers to your questions.


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